The zenbook flip s is one of the best ultra thin and light laptops to feature intel’s tiger lake cpus with xd, graphics and don’t. Let the size deceive you, this convertible, two in one laptop, is fast now in this video i’ll be letting you know what i think about the build quality, the display, the performance and battery life of this ultra portable ultra thin convertible beast of a machine, but first Let me show you what you get in the box of this laptop in the box. You get the laptop, and the first thing you will notice is just how lightweight it is. It weighs in at 1.2 kg and has a thickness of 13.9 mm. This makes the asus zenbook flip as the world’s thinnest and lightest oled, comfortable, laptop and boy. Does it feel premium for the build quality? This device is an mil std810g device. What that means is it’s a us military specification that guarantees a level of durability. Specifically, it means this device has gone through a series of 29 tests, ranging from sand dust exposure to gunfire vibration. In a nutshell, this device is tough back to what’s in the box. It comes with a sleeve that looks well made and smells very good as well. It comes with a stylus mondata calm. You get a usb type, a to rj45 gigabyte ethernet adapter. It comes with a usb type c to 3.5 mm audio jack adapter and a 65 watts type c adapter which adjusts this device from 0 til 60 i 54 minutter.

Nu, moving back to this laptop, the asus zenbook flip s is a 13.3 tommer. Convertible laptop and here are some of the specs of this device. You need to sit down for this one. The specs are heavy. It comes with the latest intel core. I7: 1165 gt processor, four cores: otte tråde 16 gigabytes of high speed, 42 66 megahertz lp ddr4 x, ram one terabyte, nvme ssd and a 13.3 inch 4k oled display with touch support. I mean reading out. The specs of this laptop is making me dizzy, det er. Just incredible how asus money to put all this in this small form factor asus has been searching for incredible. I think they just found it for the parts. This laptop comes with an hdmi 1.4 Port, two usb type c thunderbolt 4 Porte, and you can use any of them to charge this device there’s. Also a battery charging indicator light over there and a usb 3.2 gen one ports. Desværre, this laptop doesn’t come with a 3.5 mm audio jack, but you do get an adapter if you want to use your wired, headsets and there’s no sd card support bummer, if you haven’t noticed it already. This laptop and fingerprints go hand in hand. The good thing is the jade color somehow hides some of the smudges. Now opening the laptop the keyboard has an edge to edge design and is backlit with different brightness level. The keys feel nice to type on and they give good feedback.

The only issue i have with it is it takes a bit to get used to it but i’m sure over time you adjust to it now moving down to the trackpad. The trackpad is large and it has a glass surface, making navigation smooth and accurate. With the top of this button, the trackpad doubles as a number pad, and it comes in handy when you want to type a lot of numbers on a spreadsheet document or do a quick calculation. You can also increase or decrease the brightness of the trackpad. With this button, the left and right clickable buttons at the bottom are also tactile. Now for the display, the asus zenbook flip s comes with a 13.3 inch oled touchscreen with a resolution of 3840×2160 that’s 4k, and it looks very good. It offers 100 dci p3 color gamut, it is pantone calibrated and the result. Godt, the result is a display that is vibrant, contrasty and bright. It gives you lifelike colors and it reproduces colors accurately. This is especially good for creatives who color grade now. The display has tiny bezels at the side. The top bezel looks okay, but the lower part looks, i mean just look at it. It would have been nice if the screen extended down a bit but there’s a reason. The big bezels are there. The big bezels allows you to hold a laptop comfortably when you use it in tablet mode now remember this laptop comes with the stylus.

The battery inside the stylus is turned upside down to prevent the battery from draining while it’s in the package. You would have to open up the stylus and put the battery in the correct position for you to use it in tablet mode. The keyboard won’t work, so you can rest your hand comfortably and have a good grip on the laptop using the stylus. There is no lag: it supports 496 pressure levels and 10 til 30 gram pen tip force, making it perfect for drawing and after using it for a while. It almost feels as natural as using a pen and paper now in tablet mode. The fan doesn’t come on the laptop doesn’t get hurt, making it comfortable for you to hold during prolonged usage. Performance is one area where the asus zenbook flip s shines. I mean just look at the specs for casual use like typing browsing working on a spreadsheet. This laptop is an overkill. This laptop can do more and to demonstrate this, i opened adobe premiere pro on the laptop i use for video editing and on the asus zenbookflip s. I imported the same 4k footage on both laptops and the asus zenbook flip s, didn’t. Just finish: Første, it destroyed my laptop and mind you. My current laptop is an i7 7th gen with 16 gigabytes of ram for the gamers out there. You can play games on the asus zenbook flip s, although at the lower settings for demanding games but for casual games like asphalt 9, it ran at the highest graphics settings with no lag.

The laptop did get warm when gaming. Thankfully, the way it’s designed it helps dissipate heat so guys if you’re into video or photo editing, and you want an ultra portable laptop that you can use while you’re on the move and you’re not into the apple echo system, the asus zenbook flip s should be On your radar it’s, a perfect laptop for that now, due to the pandemic, that forced everyone to work from home using this laptop with a video conferencing app like zoom meetings is incredible. With the stylus, you can use the pen to really explain what you mean. This is especially useful for teachers. Some laptops can run virtual backgrounds, but the processor on both this laptop can and for working from home. This is one of my favorite feature: the asus zenbook flip s comes with an ai noise, cancelling microphone that does an excellent job. In reducing background noise, now for the battery life, the asus zenbook flip s comes with a 67 watts hour battery and charging this device from zero to 60 took 54 minutes which isn’t bad and how long will the battery lasts? Godt, it depends on your usage. You should expect to get around four to six hours if you’re, using adobe premiere pro to edit and render a video and between 6 til 10 timer, if you’re, just using this laptop to watch your movie or type. In a document like i said, the battery life depends on your usage, but overall it’s pretty good.

Nu, in conclusion, the asus zenbook flip s is an incredible laptop in a small form factor as an online content creator. It has everything i need. It has a stylus check. Color accurate 4k display check large, fast storage check, fast processor, on ram check. Ærligt, i love this laptop it’s, a versatile portable machine, so we’ve come to the end of this video. Tak for at se.