A prime example is the studio book 16 oled, h, 5600 laptop tempting artists with an amd nvidia performance punch 4k oled display asus dial for video or photo editing and more unlike last years, pro art studio book, one its more modestly specked and priced. But can this take the place of a higher priced content, creation laptop or even a gaming pc with similar parts to find out? I got a hold of one and put it to work on some photo and video editing jobs with a little bit of gaming on the side. Musik. The pro art studio book has an attractive basic black square edge body, with the only noticeable feature being the subtle pro art logo. On top its certainly not the smallest 16 inch laptop out there, but with a 0.77 inch thickness and 5.28 pound heft, its relatively slim and light asus says its icecool. Pro thermal solution boosts airflow by up to 16 procent, keeping noise levels below 40 dba in normal mode, if needed, for rendering or other chores performance mode boosts, cpu power up to 95 Watt, with a commensurate increase in fan noise. The most attention grabbing feature is the 3840×2400 16×10 oled display the first 16 inch 4k oled laptop display asus claims, as with other oled pc displays, ive seen the specs hardly do it justice, its sharp, vibrant and beautiful. In person. The panel is factory calibrated to both pantone and kalman color accuracy standards. It offers 100 dci p3 color coverage, allowing for precise color correction in adobe, lightroom, davinci, resolve and other similar programs.

The million to one contrast, ratio with inky oled blacks, makes it a joy for content, whether youre, creating it or consuming it with 550 nits af lysstyrke. It conforms to visas, display hdr. True black 500 standard for oled displays thats slightly short of the top true black 600 standard and well below the thousand nit plus panels on the new macbook pros, but i think its about as bright as youd need a laptop display to be. The other headline feature is the pro art dial. I wouldnt blame you for thinking that this is a gimmick as control surfaces often look cool but end up, never being used. This one has a few things in its favor, though it feels nice thanks to the textured grip, smooth rotation and clicky detents, mainly though its just easy to find, without moving your hand very far as its located just below and to the left of the keyboard, and That way, it makes more sense than something like microsofts surface style, which is usually placed outside easy grabbing distance with no app open. You can use it to turn up the sound or increase monitor brightness. You really need adobes creative cloud suite to make the most of it, selvom, with photoshop open, pressing the dial launches, a dedicated menu with brush options, layer, zoom and so on. Pressing the brush menu option opens sub options for hardness flow opacity and more premiere and after effects have similar custom menus.

Ive used control surfaces in the past as part of my former video editing career, but i havent been a big fan of them on pcs. Imidlertid, after trying the asa style with photoshop and premiere pro, i got used to it pretty fast. It was natural to keep one hand on the keyboard and the other on the dial to jog video swap tools and so on. Before long, it was second nature and sped up. My workflow moving to the front of the laptop the trackpad is smooth, responsive and has not just two but three buttons. Taking me back to the 2000s, when all pc mice had this, the third one adds an extra control that could be useful for 3d or cad apps, editing and so on. Its also the first laptop touchpad from asus that supports styluses, including its own, that allows artists to use the touchpad as a precise, tegneplade. The keyboard has decent travel and a nice amount of spring back. Imidlertid, the entire keyboard is shifted upwards, more than usual and the keys are a touch small thats, because the asus dial takes up a fair amount of space as for ports, its fairly well equipped with two usbc 3.2 gen2 10 gigabit per second connections, two usb a 3.2 General 2 Porte, Hdmi 2.1, an audio jack and rj45 ethernet its nice that asus incorporated a bleeding edge, sd express card slot that can read data from supported cars at an awesome, 985 megabytes per second theres, a rather huge problem, selvom, if you insert an sd Uhs2 card used by tons of cameras, the studio book will only read it at uhs1 speeds 100 megabytes per second instead of 300 megabyte pr. sekund, since no cameras, support sd express yet id have rather seen a standard.

Uhs 2 slot for sound asus, incorporated an audiophile grade ess saber dac promising lower distortion and expanded dynamic range. The speakers are well above average for a laptop like this with decent mid range, sound and acceptable bottom end. Other features include a fingerprint reader on the power button, along with a top mounted ir webcam with windows, hello support and a privacy. Shutter now lets talk about performance, the top end pro art studio book, oled 16. Im testing uses the rtx 3070 mobile gpu, rather than the top end rtx 3080.. I dont have a problem with that. As an rtx, 3080 wouldnt speed up creative apps that much and adds cost and heat, and i hate hot laptops. All the other parts are high end: its got amds top mobile 8 car ryzen 5900 hx chip, 32 gigabyte ram og 2 terabytes of nvme storage. In raid 0., i ran the pro art studio book through our usual battery of performance tests. It performed near the top in all of them, and a few things stood out to me with the raid 0 nvme storage. Disk speeds are stupendously fast at up to 5.6 gigabytes per second read speeds. It cant be overstated. How much that helps disk intensive apps like premiere pro gaming? Is not this laptops raised on deck, but i did some anyway and it acquitted itself beautifully with cyberpunk destiny, 2 and other titles frame rates were near the top weve seen for 4k gaming.

I also rant tests more geared to content creation like maxons cinebench, r23 geekbench 5.4, pro puget systems, puja bench for photoshop, premiere, pro and davinci resolve and handbrake 1.4 en gang til. I saw top notch results compared to other recent creative and gaming laptops tests are fine, but creativity, laptops need to prove themselves at work too. To that end, i edited a camera review video with this laptop using davinci resolve 17.2 and this video with the latest version of premiere pro. I also dipped into photoshop after effects and lightroom again, the pro art studio book, acquitted itself with honors offering fluid 4k editing. Even with gpu intensive camera codecs, i was able to export 4k videos at about 200 speed with color correction text and other effects on nearly every shot for a desktop replacement laptop that will often run off of wall power. The studio book has surprisingly good battery life. It ran for six hours in our 1080p video loop, rundown test and even longer for normal browsing and work chores. The amd ryzen 9s efficiency likely helps a lot here. It was relatively quiet during all these chores, as well with the fan only kicking in on complex scenes or exports in the end is the asus pro art studio, book 16 oled laptop worth getting over rival creative models or a comparably equipped gaming laptop without a doubt, Its not just fast but smooth and reliable across creative chores it handles 4k editing and large photos without getting overly hot and noisy its, not even a bad gaming machine, though the 60hz 4k screen isnt ideal, for that we dont have exact pricing yet, but the model Im testing here is gon na cost around three thousand dollars and offers a better spec list than any rival.

Creative laptops in that range and dont forget that this studio book has features not found on any laptop, creative or otherwise, like the 16 inch 4k oled display and pro art dial.