4 tommer, android tablet from alduque known as the k pad. One of the big reasons i wanted to take a look at this was price. This is coming in at around 130 dollars and with the specs. Dette har. This will definitely compete with the new 2021 amazon fire 10 hd and with something like this. Instead of getting fire os pre installed, like you would with those amazon tablets, we do have full android 11 with access to google play, but there are some drawbacks when it comes to these inexpensive tablets. Ive had a few days to mess around with this tablet when it comes to performance. This is dead. On with that new amazon fire 10., it is using a different chip. We have four gigs of ram in here, but they do perform very. Tilsvarende, når det kommer til spil, video, playback and emulation when it comes to the design, its a basic 10.4 inch tablet design around back, vi har en 5 megapixel shooter around front. We also have a five megapixel selfie, and i can tell you that the front and rear cameras are much better than the ones that come in the amazon fire 10.. So for 130 dollars. What kind of specs are we looking at with the k pad? Godt, when it comes down to it, the cpu is a unisock tiger, 610. ive not tested the cpu, yet ive tested the unisoc tiger 618 and its actually a really good performer.

We have eight cores with the 610 two cortex a75 cores running at 1.8 gigahertz and six a55 cores running at 1.8. For the gpu we have the mali g52 mp2, four gigabytes of lp ddr4 ram in the 130 dollar model; 64 gigabytes of internal storage, plus a micro sd card slot and its good up to two terabytes. The display is a 10.4 tommer, fully laminated ips at 2000. Af 1200, its got dual speakers built in ac wi, fi, Bluetooth, 5.0, a 6000mah battery and theyre claiming up to 10 hours of video, playback or 7 hours of web browsing and when it comes to the operating system, this is running a super clean version of android 11. actually theres only one non google app pre installed on this tablet when you boot it up and thats, rent faktisk, just all due cubes wireless update applications. So id say this is pretty much bloat free, Theres, no extra games, Theres, no anti virus software or anything like that. Pre installed and we do have access to google play when it comes to overall ui performance. The cpu they chose to use in here can definitely truck through android 11.. Like i mentioned, google play is ready to go. You dont have to do any extra steps. Just sign in with your google account you can download all of your favorite applications when it comes to an android tablet. I would much rather have a stock version of android over something like fire os that comes pre installed on amazon tablets, but with fire os.

We do get regular updates and thats something you definitely need to look out for with these cheaper android tablets. Sometimes youll get. You know one two, maybe even three updates but thats about it. Amazon has been throwing out regular updates for fire os, but uh. Virkelig. The next thing you need to look out for when youre picking up a cheaper tablet is the widevine version, if youre not familiar with widevine, basically its a certification process that allows these android tablets to get hd content from your favorite streaming. Apps, like netflix hbo, go hulu, disney plus and unfortunately, a lot of these inexpensive tablets. Dont have the correct, wide vine level. This one here happens to have level three, which is basically the lowest we have. So when it comes to netflix, hulu hbo go all of your favorite streaming apps like that that require widevine youre only going to get standard definition, content and thats really unfortunate for a tablet like this, because the screen looks absolutely amazing. I mean its a 10.4 tommer. Ips fully laminated at 1200 ved 2000, so it would be theoretically possible to watch netflix in 2k, men desværre, with the widevine level. Here were gon na, be stuck on standard definition and when it comes to something like the amazon fire tablets, they do have wide vine level ones. So we can get hd content from our favorite apps, especially on the new amazon fire 10. So watching netflix and 1080p is totally possible on the fire tablets, but not this one here now, when it comes to the stock youtube app, we can go up to 1080p no problem at all, and this little unisoc 610 definitely has enough power to push through 1080p Content at 60fps and by the end of this video here i only had 10 drop frames.

I do have stats for nerds on screen, but 1080p playback is totally possible and i really do think that this little chip could do 2k. You can install a third party youtube application that allows us to do that, but i just stuck with the stock app and its working out pretty well. So the next thing i wanted to do is run a few benchmarks. Først op, vi har geekbench, on the left hand side, while the k pad, on the right hand, side the 2021 fire 10 plus single core on the k pad 343 Multi 1106, som du kan se, were real close with that fire 10 and to tell you the Truth, if i ran these several times, i might be able to match them up. Næste op. We have slingshot xtreme this test, the gpu opengl performance on the k pad 1094 on the fire hd 10 1147. So the hd10 did nudge out the k pad by a little bit in this opengl gpu test, but the final one i ran was antutu, and this was a bit odd because the k pad did come ahead by quite a bit. We got a 183 3051 on the kpad and when it comes to the 2021 fire 10 163 606. now im actually really not sure why we scored so much higher here. But if we take a look at the individual scores, you can see that that fire beat out the k pad, but in ux the k pad came way ahead of the fire.

Its a little weirdand i did run this a couple times just to make sure now its time to move over to some native android gaming, with the k pad first up, we have minecraft and with this one here i did take the chunks down from 14 That was the stock setting down to 10, just to get it to run as well as youre, seeing here and at 10 Bidder. It does run very, very well by the way im using an xbox one controller connected over bluetooth and any game that supports controllers from google play will work out that way. Næste op, we have asphalt. 9.. I know this is an older game, its been on the market for a while, but on lower end android devices. I always like to test it because it does struggle when you got a lower end cpu, but with this setup here on the k pad, som du kan se, its running at full speed had a really enjoyable experience with this game here, taking it up a bit To call of duty mobile now, i actually forgot to go into the settings and turn this up to medium. I got a good feeling that it would run pretty well at medium with the frame rate set to high, but this is low frame rate set to high and its really playable, especially with a controller. You could always grab this tablet and use the built in touchscreen controls, but i would prefer using a controller as long as the game supports it and the final game i wanted to test here was gentian impact.

If youve ever tried to run this on your android device, you know how hard it can be to run at 60. So were not at 60. Here this is low 30 fps, but im really surprised to see it running this. Godt, you do see some dips every once in a while, but that kind of comes with the territory with these lower and mid range chips, especially with this game here. So it looks like the k pad can decently handle native android gaming, but what about emulation? Først op, we have n64 im using the standalone version of moo pin 64 plus fz were at 600 ved 800, a little over native. This is f zero and its running great. Going into this. I really didnt have any doubt that this thing wouldnt play in 64. and even when it comes to games like double 07, we have plenty of power here. So lets move over to dreamcast using the redream emulator were at 1280×960. Its running great fps is up in the top left hand corner. This is sega rally championship. I tested a couple other games like doa2, which is a harder one to run with this emulator, and this little k pad can definitely handle it. Does an amazing job with dreamcast even upscaled a little bit? I think we could go a bit higher because i havent noticed any issues at 1280 ved 960.. Moving up to psp. We have tekken 6, not a super hard game to emulate, but it does give these lower end chips.

A run for its money were at 2x resolution, vulcan back in standalone version of ppsspp running at full speed, really great performance here with this one. So lets move over to something a bit harder to emulate for psp and thats going to be chains of olympus. I did take this down to 1x were still using the vulcan back end, but i got ta say this is really great performance. Given the price point of this tablet, this game is just a harder one to emulate on an arm device and at 1x its looking really good. I dont even have any hacks on in the background were running at 60., and the final thing i wanted to test out was some gamecube emulation using dolphin. Now i have no doubt that some easier to run games might run at full speed using something like dolphin mmj. One that comes to mind is wind, waker and im pretty sure wed get some really good performance with it at 30 fps. But this little tablet shouldnt be bought specifically for gamecube emulation, Så, overall its actually really not a bad tablet. That 130 dollar price point. We got four gigs of ram. A beautiful 10.4 inch ips display dual stereo speakers up to 10 hours of video playback from that 6 000 milliamp hour battery and real android 11.. It handles native android gaming really well and emulation up to psp, as you saw in this video. But there are those downsides like no widevine support, so were gon na be stuck with standard definition, video from our favorite streaming apps besides youtube, and the fact that software wont be supported for long on this tablet.

I mean thats, just really how it is. I cant say a hundred percent that well never get any more updates for this, but you kind of got to be ready to be stuck on what you have now, which is android 11, with a security patch from august 5th 2021. You know we may never get another android security patch on this tablet and, efter min mening, thats one of the main downsides to getting these inexpensive tablets, men i sidste ende, its really up to you, if i knew they were going to support this tablet. I tell you to go out and buy it, but really in the end, its up to you. If you like, the performance you saw with native android gaming emulation and video playback with this thing, then ill leave a link for this in the description, but thats going to wrap it up for this one.