I play 7t tablet well folks, Jeg er, very proud to say i’m, one of the very first people in the world. Probably, to get my hands on the brand new 8 inch aldo cube, i play 8 t tablet. It’S literally only been released in the last couple of weeks. I placed one of the very very first orders on. I think it was the 27th of december and today, on the 9th of january i have received here in the united kingdom the new 8 tommer. Although cube, i play 8 T, and here will be a short unboxing video just to let you see how it comes and what you get and what it looks like and, Selvfølgelig, Meget, very shortly. In the next day, when i’ve got my hands on it and in a position to really tell you how it shapes up i’m going to do a full review, so that’s something you know, i hope you’ll be looking out for in the very near future. On my channel and just before, we get started and have a look and see what’s in the box and what it looks like. Please remember social distancing, wear your mask if you’re out anywhere, you know around other people, keep washing your hands and take extra careful because the situation here in the uk, particularly in england, it’s very, very bleak at the moment, folks it’s very bad. So please please. Please do everything you can to stay safe now, here’s, what we’ve got a big package there.

I had a little bit of a hold up. It actually would have been delivered to me two days ago here in england, but unfortunately the customs people got their paws on it and there was a little customs fee that i had to pay before they deliver it to me. Just so. You know you know i paid around about 80 pounds for this great deal. I think great deal and i had to pay altogether a total of around about 16 Det er, one six 16 british pounds in sort of import duty customs charge whatever you want to call it v80. I don’t know. Alligevel, it came to 16 pounds which, for you guys over in the states, i suppose that’s the equivalent of a probably about 20 us dollars, and you know euros i’m, not too sure about the euros. But i don’t know what is it one to one? Is it not sure but 16 british pounds i had to pay on top? You know in the customs duty i don’t know. If i was unluckyand i just picked this one out or whether they’re really getting hot on this now i don’t know so. I paid a total of, jeg tror, it’s about 80 Pounds, måske 81 and i’ve had to pay 16 on top, but it’s still coming at under 100 Pounds. Even with thatand you know, if it’s any goodyou can’t go wrong anyway, let’s get started and what i’ve got to do.

Først og fremmest, is uh unpack it. Så, oh there’s, a bit of a split here, that’s helpful, let’s, get started. Let’S give it a rip: oh okay! Godt, first of all there it is i’m going to discard that, because we don’t want that now and here’s what we’ve got it’s wrapped in. Can you see that it’s wrapped in this? You know spongy plastic, so that’s very good. Now what we’ve got to do is uh let’s see if we can open it. I do like it when they package it well because it’s very difficult to open, but you know you’re not going to get. You know wrist damage, so i i think i’ve got to give it full marks for the packaging side of things. I’Ve got to give it 10 ud af 10. For that let’s have a look a lot of sellotape there we’ll get that off. Don’T worry about that! Whoops careful with it there we go yeah, oh ah, now what have we got here now? Oh, it did say i was giving some free gifts with this a little case or something so you know what i think this is. Jeg tror, it’s a little case. A little carrying pouch, so i’ve not got that before with a tablet. So i must say yes there’s a little thing you need there, you can put it in there there. It is if you want to put it in your bag, that’s going to protect it and that’s very nice they’ve thrown that in from the aldo cube official store thrown it in so, first and foremost, we’ve got a nice little carrying pouch there.

So that looks good. Nu, let’s get this at all now inside this plastic, this is polystyrene, Jeg ved, we’ll get rid of that we’ll get rid of, and now we’ve got polystyrene. This is like one of those have you seen those? What do they call russian dolls? Yeah you open them and there’s another one inside, and then you open that and there’s another one inside it’s. What it’s like remarkable packaging now we’ve now got it’s completely enclosed in polystyrene quite extraordinary. So you know, 10 ud af 10 for the packaging and i’ll put a link in the description to the to the item on the autocube store. So you, if you want you, can get it from the same place because you’ll get all this sort of packaging and i want to make it clear. I’M. You know i don’t make a commission i’m not set up for all that affiliates business too complicated for me. Så, just to lay that on the line, it’s i’m, not profiting it’s, not an advertisement. If you, i i’ll, put the link there just for your convenience, not to line my pocket now. Then now then, now they’re, now there, oh yeah a lot of sellotape around this i’ve not had this sort of packaging before i’ve got it off. Can you see that folks, tremendous and what’s this it looks like a carrier bag? Se lige her? Ja, det er! A carrier bag i’ve got an aldo cue carrier bag.

Can you see that, where i’m? Godt, i never isn’t that fantastic? You know i wouldn’t be surprised. If i’m, the first person in the united kingdom to have an aldo cube carrier bag could be wrong, could be wrong folks, but look at that. They didn’t put that in the description didn’t tell me, i was going to get a carrier bag so that’s a real bonus, so i’ve already got a pouch and a carrier bag smashing. Nu, what we’ve got now we’ve got a little yes there’s, a little user manual here tells you all the you know, all the controls and knobs and how what it all does well. I’Ll have a look at that later, but i don’t think you know you’ll be very interested in that now. What have we got here? A little usb, usb type c cable. This is type c, first class, usb type c cable. So you can use that to charge it up lovely now. What have we got? Godt, you can see these are little earphones. Can you see those folks earphones, they’ve thrown in some earphones, that’s that’s smashing that’s, the fifth item i’ve got and i haven’t got to the tablet yet remarkable now, oh now, what have we got here? We’Ve got a little usb adapter. Can you see that folks, yep it’s got the usb type c on one end, so you put that in the tablet and it’s an ordinary usb on the other.

Now you can use that. I guess to connect it up to other things. So one of those as well tremendous now this looks like a charger wrapped up in a bit of plastic to protect it. Let’S get this out. I don’t actually use these because i’ve got you know: i’ve got the old official, usb sockets on the wall, but you know a lot of you. Folks use these and there you go they’ve sent the right one it’s. Can you see that’s a three pin for the united kingdom with your little usb on the side, so you just plug that into the wall, plug this cable in and charge it up fantastic. Now now what’s this and now oh i’ve got a stylus pen. Look at that they’ve sent me a little pen as well, so i can use it on the tablet. You can’t, you can’t argue with this. This is this. Is this is tremendous? What would you pay for all of this in in england i’d? I shut it to think so. They they’ve even give me a little stylus pen, absolutely amazing and uh right. The box is now empty folks, so let’s get into that. Should we get rid of that yeah get it out of the way here? Is the tablet now it’s wrapped again in even more of this bubbly stuff to protect it? So i’ve got to give 10 ud af 10 for the packaging. You really got to say that’s tremendous now, first impressions it’s a decent weight, actually it’s a bit heavier than i thought, det er, not heavy.

But when you pick it up, you know you’re picking it up. It doesn’t feel like a bit of you know like a toy. So feels weighty and sturdy, so that’s good that’s, a good sign, let’s see if we can get it out there. We go lovely lovely, so that’s that gone and i’m going to keep that just so i don’t don’t damage it only on here now, it’s in this little, you know protective sleeve, and here it is here. It is folks the aldo cube i play 8t 8 inch tablet with android 10 mikro, usb it’s, a 4g lte tablet. You can put a sim card in it apparently and use your data and or even make phone calls three gigabytes of ram 32 gigabyte lagerplads, which you can expand. Apparently, with an sd card. You know it’s looking good let’s, just say it’s looking good and there it is feels like the back is a sort of new textured plastic. Perhaps i can see we got the rear camera there. You’Ve got all that that little front camera, i guess, is up there somewhere. I can’t see it. You know at the moment this protective sleeve. Oh yes, Der, it is we’ve got a front business up there camera and what have you it’s? The protective thing i’ll peel that off in a minute, but you’ve, got that you just want to peel that off we’ve got uh yeah we’ve got a double rocker there, which will be the volume up and down and you’ve got a power on off there.

That’S on the top right on the oh here we go. Let me have a look at this. Let me have a look at this yeah on the top. We’Ve got a micro usb, no usbc on the top and there’s slots for the sim card, two sim card slots and an earphone socket. Can you see that i don’t know if you can see that that’s, what you’ve got there on the top, so our charging port there, mikro, Uh, usbc and then we’ve got two sim card slots. It looks like you just push them in and i guess they sort of click into place. I’Ll. Try that later on my review and then you’ve got a headphone socket there, also on the top. Så, on the side, we’ve got a volume up and down and power button let’s have a look on the left, there’s anything on the left there on the bottom. What have we got on? The bottom should be some speakers there. If we’re lucky one one speaker, not two yeah one speaker single speaker, there bottom left there. It is speaker grill. I must say first impressions. Tremendous are quite apart from the packaging first class, all the accessories they’ve. Given me it, it feel it’s plastic, but it feels good it’s, not look at that i’m it’s, not bending or creaking at all, feels nicely made, and you know the bed. The side bezels are quite nice and slim. This is something that was very important to me when i looked at the details of, can you see i’m holding that in one hand, can you see thatand i tell you i’mnot i’m, not you know straining my fingers i’m, ikke gon na, be you know.

I’M, that uncomfortable, i can sort of rest it i mean. I know if you’ve got small hands, it’s gon na be a bit big for that, but you know i’m just resting that that’s that’s going to be quite comfortable just to sit there and you know use it in one hand. I’Ve got to say if this performs, if this is a good performer based on what i’ve paid for it, the accessories that the feel the look it’s a great deal. But you know this is an unboxing video. So you know the proof of the pudding it’s in the eating. We can’t give it a good rating until we’ve tried it out so, but you know step one great packaging it’s got to be from china in what two weeks i’ve got a lot they’ve. Given me a stylus pen, earphones your charger, a carrier, bag and a case, you know tremendous packaging, it looks good, no damage. So you know you’ve got to say at this point stage one. You know it’s a winner, but please hold your fire because over the next day, i’m gon na get this. This baby fired up, set up and i’m gon na start using it and then in the next day or two i’m, going to do a full review of the brand new aldo cube 8 tommer tablet. It’S called the iplay 8t decent spec for the money decent spec. Jeg ved 3 gigabytes of ram 4g. This is a 4g lte tablet.

You can use it on the wi fi. Naturligvis, but you know you can bang a sim card in there and you know use it on your data plan, so you can use it anyway. You can outside you want to worry about wi fi that’s, a real bonus to me, although of course, at the moment with you know the lock down, og alt sådan. You know i’m not going to be going out with a tablet here there and everywhere, but you know it’s nice to have that facility available to you. You know if you need it, so thank you very much for watching i’m very proud to have brought you this video and i’m going to bring you a review of this tablet very very soon.