. Du kan tilpasse den, når du bestiller og kontrollerer opdaterede priser med linkene i beskrivelsen.. Byggekvaliteten føles dejlig, dens fik en sort magnesiumlegering finish på både låget og interiøret og ingen skarpe hjørner eller kanter.. Vægten er angivet til 2 kg, men minen var tættere på £ 2,3 kg eller £ 5, then under 3.2kg or 7lb, med de 230 watt magt mursten. Its on the thinner side for a 17 gaming laptop with these specs coming in at 2cm thick., Its got a 17.3 1080p 240Hz Display no G, Sync or FreeSync though. Theres an option in the BIOS to enable or disable optimus, and this will give a performance boost in games. Ive, measured the average grey to grey response time at 7ms theres. A link in the description. Hvis du har brug for en forklaring på disse tal., Its not too bad compared to others, but definitely below the 4.16ms needed for a 240Hz panel. Ive testet skærmen med Spyder 5 og fik 96 af sRGB 74 af NTSC 78 af AdobeRGB og 78 af DCI P3. Decent results for a gaming laptop.. My panel was 332 nits at 100 Lysstyrke, med en 9801 contrast ratio so again pretty decent and better than the 15 model. I recently reviewed in all areas except response. Time. Baggrundsbelysning bløder var ikke så slemt. I never noticed it when viewing darker content, but this will vary between panels. Theres, a 720p camera below the display in the middle and its got IR for Windows, Hej, but you have to tilt the screen back.

So it can see you to unlock., As the camera is down the bottom. Your fingers do kind of get in the way, while typing youve got to put the screen a fair bit back to actually get yourself properly in frame and heres what it sounds like with the fan at full speed. So its not doing a great job of isolating. My voice over the fans., The keyboard, har 4 zones of RGB backlighting, which lights up all keys and secondary functions. Theres 4 niveauer af vigtig lysstyrke, which can be controlled using the keyboard, shortcuts or software.. Jeg kunne godt lide at skrive med tastaturet. It felt nice and tactile heres. How it sounds to give you an idea of what to expect. The glass precision touchpad is smooth and worked well. You can double tap the top left corner to disable it. Its on the larger side and was noticeably better compared to the 15 model. Fingerprints and dirt. Arent too obvious on the matte black finish a bit more noticeable on the touchpad, men da det er en glat overflade, its easy to clean. The weight distribution felt good, allowing for one finger. Opening. Keyboard flex was only minor when pushing down hard. It feels quite solid. There was some flex to the lid, but it is on the thinner side and due to it being the larger 17 inch size, I did notice it would wobble around a bit when typing. Til venstre. Weve got a Kensington lock slot up the back air exhaust vent, Usb 3.

1 Gen2-type, A port and separate 3.5mm microphone and headphone jacks.. The right has a MicroSD card slot two USB 3.1 Gen1-type, A ports and an air exhaust vent.. The rest is on the back from left to right, Theres, a USB Type C port with DisplayPort output and Thunderbolt 3 Støtte, HDMI 2.0 Output, gigabit ethernet and the power input.. The front has a little groove in the middle to aid. Opening the lid, as well as an RGB light bar, which can be customized through software with the keyboard. Both display outputs, connect directly to the Nvidia graphics, but Type C, cannot be used to charge. The laptop. Underneath has plenty of air vents towards the back half of the machine and the rubber feet do a good job of preventing sliding on my desk., Its easy to get inside just take out 11 Phillips head screws, and the panel basically comes right. Off. Inside weve got the battery down the front two M.2 slots above it on the left, two memory slots in the middle and WiFi 6 card to the right of that. Theres, some empty unused space to the left of the battery might have been nicer. If it could be filled with more battery., The two speakers are on the left and right sides towards the front.. They sound about average, not too clear. At max volume there was a little bass, but also some vibration or distortion at max and the latencymon results.

Werent too bad. Its powered by a 6 Cell 91Wh battery. Ive tested it with RGB lighting off background apps, deaktiveret og skærmen på 50 Lysstyrke.. The battery life was alright lasting for over 6 hours in the YouTube playback test and an hour and 44 minutter, mens du spiller., Selvfølgelig, if we instead use the discrete graphics, only the battery life is worse. Lad os tjekke ud termik næste. The control center software lets. You change between three different performance modes which, fra laveste til højeste, er kontortilstand, spiltilstand og turbotilstand. Office mode. Lets you pick different fan profiles or set a custom fan curve, and also toggle ECO mode. Game and turbo modes. Også, give you the option to enable fan boost to max out the fans.. None of these modes applied any GPU overclocking. Som standard. Undervolting is allowed through the BIOS, and you can also undervolt through BIOS.. The idle temperatures were warmer compared to the same specs in the 15 tommer model, which I found interesting given the 17x is larger. Stresstest blev udført med Aida64 CPU stresstest, with stress, CPU only checked and the Heaven GPU benchmark run at the same time, While gaming was tested playing, Se hunde 2. Office mode seems to set the thermal throttle cap of the processor to 80 grader Celsius. Game mode raises this to 85 grader, while the highest turbo mode further raises this to 90.. This means its not possible for the CPU to rise above 90 grader Celsius, which I think is good, even if it means some thermal throttling personally Id prefer it to not get hotter, but thats me.

, The GPU wasnt hitting thermal throttling in any of these tests. Men, Interessant, the cooling pad didnt really help in terms of temperatures.. Disse er de clock hastigheder for de samme tests. Just shown., The cooling pad does improve the clock speeds a bit, particularly in terms of CPU performance.. Despite the 90 degree cap still being hit, it lets us throttle a bit. Less. GPU speeds were a bit lower in office mode and, for some reason, ECO seemed to perform a bit better in CPU speeds. I expected the opposite, but here we are. Game mode hits better CPU speeds due to the higher thermal throttle limit, then turbo mode increases. For the same reason, selvom, undervolting allows us to get some nice gains.. Det 2060 had no problems running up to its 115 watt-grænse, regardless of the performance mode in use.. I found it interesting that the smaller 15 model was able to run up to 55 watts on the same CPU best case, so it seems like the cooling in the 17 model isnt. Quite as good, selvom, some of it could also be silicon lottery, Forskelle. Heres how CPU only performance looks in Cinebench with the GPU now idle. ECO mode is actually making a difference. Nu, as we saw earlier in CPU plus GPU workloads, ECO on seemed to do better.. I found game mode and turbo mode similar in terms of CPU performance, so it looks like the only difference may be. The thermal throttle limits of the processor, as noted earlier.

, When we compare the best result against others, its very similar to the smaller 15x model. With same specs so doing very well for a 10875H laptop better than the Ryzen options in single core, though not quite able to match the 4800H in multicore., The middle of the keyboard was warmer when idling compared to most laptops Ive tested. But it was hardly warm to the touch. With stress tests going its warm in the center, but much cooler on the sides. As the fans pull air in through the keyboard. Game mode was perhaps just a little cooler worst case, then the highest turbo mode was about the same low 50s in the center. But higher fan noise now lets have a listen.. The fans were still audible at idle. Derefter, when under load, I found no difference to fan volume, whether in game mode, turbo mode or enabling fan boost, so it was always at max regardless during these tests, and this is why I didnt bother testing with and without fan boost. Tidligere. Now lets check out how well the Vapor 17x performs in games and see how it compares with other laptops. Ive testet, Slagmarken 5 in campaign mode at ultra settings, and the 17x is highlighted in red. Its only just a little ahead of the 15x below it, Which has the same specs, but in a slightly smaller area.. This is the best result. Ive had from RTX, 2060 grafik, so far.. Det er resultaterne fra Far Cry 5, med ultraindstillinger i det indbyggede benchmark.

, Again its just ahead of the 15x. Med de samme specifikationer, making it the best result, Ive had from an RTX 2060 Laptop., Its even beating the 2070, with the same wattage in the G7, as this is more of a CPU intensive test. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was also tested with the games benchmark Tool with the highest setting preset. Lige 1 FPS ahead of the smaller 15x here, men igen, the best RTX 2060 score so far, and just a couple FPS behind the 2070 in the Dell G7. Nu til benchmarking værktøjer, Ive testet, Heaven Valley og Superposition fra Unigine. As well as Firestrike Timespy and Port Royal from 3DMark just pause, the video, hvis du ønsker et detaljeret kig på disse resultater. Ive, used Adobe Premiere to export. En af mine laptop anmeldelse. Videoer på 4K., Lower times are better here and like the games, its just a little ahead of the 15x, med de samme specifikationer, though slightly behind the MSI creator, 15, with lower GPU. Ive også testet Premiere, men med Puget systemer benchmark, which also accounts for things. Like live playback and the 17x is doing well a few spots above the 15x now, but still being beaten by cheaper Ryzen alternatives.. The results were similar in Adobe Photoshop. This tends to be more of a CPU focussed test and for some reason the score was much better compared to the 15x. Now more than 100 Point, Højere. DaVinci Resolve is more GPU heavy, men, its still being beaten by lower wattage GPUs paired with Ryzen processors.

Ive testede også SPECviewperf, som tester forskellige professionelle 3D-arbejdsbelastninger. Ive used Crystal disk mark to test the 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD and Both reads and writes were great, though this will vary based on drive selection when ordering. The microSD card slot was also doing ok and the card sticks out a little when inserted. For updated prices check the links in the description as prices will change over time, and You can customize when ordering, which will affect the total. At the time of recording the Vapor 17X starts from 2590 AUD, but you can get 50 off with code JARRODSTECH.. This config just has one stick of memory. I definitely recommend upgrading to dual channel for the performance. Boost. In the US they dont seem to offer the 115 Watt 2060 option instead opting for 2070 2070 Super or 2080 Super Max Q.. Så for at konkludere, the Vapor 17x offers great gaming performance with some of the best results Ive seen from the RTX 2060.. This is thanks to it being the higher wattage 115 watt variant and theres also an extra speed boost by disabling optimus.. Although it was ahead of the smaller 15x in games and content creator workloads in the thermal testing and Cinebench, it was actually slightly behind. Im, not too sure why this is the case. Given the cooling solution looks similar and youd think more space in the 17 equals more cooling, but that doesnt seem to be a major factor.

Uanset. The CPU performance was still quite good for an i7 10875H laptop and although single core was better than Ryzen, Intels 10th gen mobile chips cant currently match the 4800H in these sort of multicore rendering tasks. The screen was alright. For gaming, 17 is more immersive compared to 15, but personally I prefer 15 for portability, personal preference of course, selvom, at 1080p I feel, like the pixels, are easier to notice at 17 Inches. We need some 1440p options.. I didnt like the bottom camera and the screen was more prone to wobbling compared to the smaller 15. But apart from that, theres not much to complain. Om. Battery life is alright, given the specs and much better than what I got from the 15.. Its this and screen size that are the main differences between the 15 Model and 17 model, so when picking between them youll need to decide what your priorities are. Alligevel. Let me know what you thought about this laptop down in the comments and, if youre new to the channel then get subscribed for future laptop reviews and tech.