This is justin from simply smart, where we make smart home technology as easy as one two three. Så, if you’re interested in smart home technology consider subscribing for more content like this, like i said in the beginning, what we’re going to be doing is installing the google assistant on an amazon fire tablet and how we’re going to be doing. That is we’re going to be using the amazon fire toolbox all right. So what we need to do is install the amazon fire tool box onto our computer and that is very easy. Just have to type in this link p, i t dot. L y slash toolbox one two, three, All right, so it has to be exactly like this notice. I have a capital t. This is case sensitive, so you must have that capital t and once you have that typed in just hit enter now. That is going to take you over to this site right here, and this is where we’re going to be downloading the fire tool box, so the fire tool box, that kind of tells you a little bit about it here and the compatible devices um. We just need to keep going down until you see the download section, but you want to just download the latest version, so we’re just going to tap on the 10.1 here that’s the latest version. As of recording this video and we’re going to click on installer, all right now, that’s going to start downloading in our bottom left corner here all right now, once it is downloaded, it will look something like this, so just tap on that and that should open up The installer all right, so this is what the installer looks like here so i’m just going to do what’s recommended here, and you can also create a desktop shortcut.

Sure let’s go ahead and do that click on next and now click uninstall install once the installation is complete. It will ask you if you want to launch it so we’re, going to go ahead and launch this and click on finish. So this is what it looks like when it starts up, and basically it says that no device was detected, please plug in your fire tablet. It also gives you some other tips here as well, so what we’re going to do is just go ahead and plug in our tablet and see if it will recognize our tablet now you can see that the fire toolbox has not recognized our device, and that is Because we need to do some stuff on our device, so what we need to do first is go into our settings and then we need to go down and we want to find device options once you go into device options. You’Ll want to go to about fire tablet, and here you can see the version of my fire tablet. This is a fire hd, 10 ninth generation, and what we need to do is enable developer options, so how we do that, is we just tap on the serial number now i already have this activated, but as you tap this it’s going to show a message at The bottom and it’s going to say keep on tapping until you are a developer and then once you are a developer, it’ll say you are now a developer once it says that message tap on the back button at the top here and now.

If you go to the bottom here under device options, you can see that we have developer options. So if we tap on developer options, what you have to do at the top is just turn that to be on so right here, toggle that to be on and then just tap. Ok to this message, and now what we have to do is we need to find usb debugging. If you have an older device, this will be called adb, debugging. Whatever you see here, you just want to enable the debugging we’re just going to toggle that to be on and we’re going to tap. Ok, All right, and now it has recognized our computer, and all we have to do is tap on always allow and tap on. Ok and every time we connect in the future, it’ll just connect without showing this message. So now that we have our device connected, you can see that we do have the fire toolbox and we have a main menu and we have all of these different options. But what we want to do is we want to install the google assistant on our amazon fire tablet. So what we’re going to do is we’re just going to tap on the google assistant option here and it’s going to tell you a little bit about it. So all we have to do at the bottom here is click on execute tool. Okay, so now you can see some stuff starting to show up on the tablet.

All those google applications at the bottomand it tells you what it’s doing over on the screen in the black all right so over on the fire toolbox. Let’S go ahead and go to google services, so let’s go ahead and install the google services we’re going to go ahead and click on execute right now you can see the play store shows up on our tablet and it did pop up with this warning. Let’S see what this says: it’s recommended that you give google services at least 10 minutes before signing in waiting will ensure play. Services has enough time to fully update to the latest version. Så, i bund og grund, they’re saying wait for 10 minutes for the google play services to update. So let’s see what happens if we tap on the google play store alright, so the play store does open all right. So i am logged in and let’s just go ahead and try to download, like chrome, All right. So it pops up. Google, chrome and let’s go ahead and install that all right, so it did download chrome let’s, go ahead and try and open that now. Another thing we can do is we can go to google services now again it’s going to open up some new options, clear data and clear cache for play, Butik, let’s, go ahead and do that so you can see it’s clearing the cache and data for all of Those those things there now let’s see if we can open the google assistant tap on google assistant all right so now it does actually open so that’s good search for simply smart one.

Two three: i found these results all right, so it searched for me here: hey google what’s, the weather gon na be like today in carolina forest today, it’ll be cloudy with a forecasted high of 52 and a low of 44., and tomorrow there’ll be scattered showers. All right, so you can see that it did respond to my voice, but you can see that now we can use the google assistant right on our amazon fire tablet using nothing more than our voice, so that is pretty cool now, let’s also see if we can Use alexa at the same time as well. Okay, so let’s go over to our settings and tap on alexa here and i’m, going to tap on hands free mode. Let’S go back out. Alexa what’s the weather going to be like today, currently in myrtle beach, det er 53 degrees fahrenheit with cloudy skies. Today you can expect rainy weather with a high of 54 degrees and a low of 42 degrees all right, so you can see that alexa works there. Now let’s try the google assistant again: hey google what’s the weather going to be like today, it’ll be cloudy there today with a forecasted high of 52 and a low of 44. All right, so you can see that it does work hands free. So now we have not only alexa hands free on our tablet, but we also have the google assistant as well. So that is awesome that you can have both of them on the same device.

So if you have any issues, maybe wait 10 minutes like they did suggest. So i hope you found that video helpful if you did don’t forget to like share and subscribe.