Laptop Gaming Rendah HatiReview Lenovo Legion 5i Pro

Satu tangan pastinya bisa ciri khas laptop premium, bagian keyboard, Også, Vi, dikasihnya, fuld størrelse, indtil, keenam feat, Også, ada di keyboard, nya feeling saat dipakai ngetik enak juga, Der, jedanya, Så, tiap, tuts, Tastaturet, dipencet, så, Nej, landai, Virkelig, med, 15 mm kita, travelnya, Der, backlight, RGB, juga Yang bisa disesuaikan sama mood kita […]

Si Paling Worth it!! Gamesir X3 Type C, Gamepad Idaman Kita Semua

Lately this gamepad is really busy and the conversation is coming as an upgraded version of the younger brother who was in the game that was Jaya in the past. In the market. At a glance we hear gossip concubines that are currently hot in the gaming world. Gamepads.. They say it has a myriad […]

Marvel Strike Force " Is it Worth Playing in 2022" | Marvel Strike Force Review

Rpg Marvel Strike Force, so we all love Marvels, Film, Theyre, characters and stories. And if youre like me, who love superheroes and their abilities, then you should definitely try out Marvel Strikeforce. This is a mobile Squad, RPG that allows you to battle with your favorite team of superheroes and super villains in a […]

Top 9 laptop 2022 | Reviews we recommend

The Dell XPS 13 plus laptop is equipped with a 12th gen Intel Core i5 to 1240p processor 8 Giga Ram lpdr5 5200 megahertz og 256 gigabyte mtube signed the SSD internal storage. The screen size is 13.3 Inches, it weighs 1.16 Kg. The battery is 52 Watt, lxps 13 plus specifications, Dell Factory product […]

Apple MacBook Pro M1 2020 | Efter 1 År | anmeldelse

This is the M1 chip model. Um Ill uh. Explain you Ill give you the review uh my experience after using this for one year, um yeah lets hear the uh opening sound of Apple wow, its so satisfying. Every time I hear this Music, this is uh the basic potential Ill look on it […]

Nvidia Shield in 2022 – It's A High Quality Emulation Beast 👌

The question is this thing still worth picking up because were having so many new handhelds in the handheld jungle. I love to call it windows, but also Android. There are a lot of developments, and even this thing is an Nvidia Tegra chip and Im gon na make a Nvidia Fanboy yeah. Is it […]

HP Spectre x360 13.5 Anmeldelse: Is the Spectre x360 worth it?

Godt, if you achieve that, but the HP Specter X360 13.5 is the rear, jack all trades that cuts few Corners as a Do it all devices it isnt, the most powerful laptop out there. Faktisk, HP is using a 15w intelu series processor here, which seems to help with battery life with those […]

ASUS Zenbook 14 OLED ReviewUX3402ZA

. It also sports a newer classy design with ASUS new logo and, Selvfølgelig, that vibrant OLED display, which now gets 90hz refresh rate., Lets take a look at how much power and functionality lies behind this slim beauty.. This is ASUS Zenbook, 14 OLED and the first thing you might notice at a […]

NReal Air AR Glasses Hands-On, A 201" Micro-OLED Screen On Your Face!

Now they actually make a few different models, but this is known as the air. I think its their newest model and uh yeah at first. I was very skeptical about these augmented reality glasses or ar glasses. Until I got to use them for a while. So Ive been testing this with a lot […]

I Tested Apple Watch Ultra In A Dive Chamber

, But let me just walk you through what Ive got here.. This is a test chamber for diving, an underwater test chamber for dive, equipment. Whats really cool about it is that I can actually program not just a given depth in here., But I can actually program an entire dive profile.. So I […]

Is Wacoms Cheapest Screen Tablet WORTH IT? (Unboxing & Anmeldelse)

Today we are going to be reviewing the Wacom one 13 inches display. How is the Wacom one in comparison to other tablets that have screens Ill talk a little bit about that? But I just ordered it: Ive tried it out already its pretty great, but lets hop right into the unboxing to see […]


95 inch nilana tablet and aluminated, quick unboxing, and then experience go after using this for a few weeks. Musik. tak skal du have, udenlandsk musik. So this one is the real me pad mini this. One is the real me bad X, full size tablet, i orden, guys videos so lets just skip to the highlights. Så […]