GPD lomme 3 Anmeldelse – i7 1195G7 Modular mini laptop for work and gaming

Today we are taking a look at the gbd pocket. 3 high end model. We will be unboxing it having a look at the features, then running some benchmark tests to see how it performs lets start with the unboxing. We have the gpd pocket 3, which we will show in more detail shortly. Underneath […]

HP Elite Folio Review (Snapdragon 8cx Gen2 ARM 2-in-1 laptop)

If youre, one of those professionals looking for ultra stylish lightweight 5g, enabled go anywhere two in one laptop, the hp elite, folio might be for you wrapped around in soft vegan leather. With a frugal quadcomm, løvemund, 8cx, General 2 processor beating inside, does it offer enough to justify its premium price tag. Lader […]

Hasilnya Kok? Xiaomi Pad 5 vs Xiaomi Pad 5 Pro Speed Test

Pro ini setingkat di atas, Xiaomi, Rød 5 yang punya performa lebih, Okay, Men, sayang, Virkelig, Ya, hvis, xiaomiindonesia, mengkonfirmasi, kalau tablet, ini tuh, nggak, Vil, hadir, resmi di Indonesia, untuk video kali ini, Jeg, mau coba, komparasi, speedtest, keduanya, Ya, måske, Aja, Cna, mengobati, rasa, penasaran, du, Hvordan, Sih perbandingan performa, antara kedua, Tablet, […]

Is This New 10.3 Android Tablet Worth Buying? CHUWI HiPad Air Hands-On

3 tommer, android 11 tablet from chewy known as the ipad air, so this ones coming in at 179 dollars. Weve got that 10.3 tommer. Ips display and 8 Core 2 Gigahertz, cpu and 4 gigabytes of ram the body on this is constructed of aluminum and its coming in at seven millimeters thin im […]


100 milian per ora vedete Qua il processore di 80 104 pollici la diagonale del display purtroppo non sono, configurati quindi non posso, far vedere come girano ma il processore. Lo conosciamo e gli ultimi mediateche vanno veramente bene qua sotto abbiamo. I due altoparlanti con la tipo c qua altri due altoparlanti quindi altoparlanti […]

Xiaomi Pad 5: Una tablet que (casi) reemplaza tu PC

Ncleos batera de 8720 amperes pantalla de 11 pulgadas con una resolucin de 2560, x, 1600 P, con una tasa de refresco de 120 g hdr10, Dolby vision, 511g cuenta, con carga rpida problemas de Android en las tabletas es que Google tiene descuidado este sector y las aplicaciones En general pues que crees no […]

1 ലക്ഷത്തിന്റെ താഴെ | Dell Inspiron 15 With RTX 3050 Anmeldelse

On a graphics card i mean the gpu so rtx. It means three heavy graphics cards. I mean yes, Musik, 3.5 mm jacob and again your usb 3.2 port and go to the tender thats all about port backside. Only just symbol on a physical aspect and the specs 16 gb ddr3, three thousand two […]

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 FoldFoldable PC ReviewOne Year Later

We have something really special to talk about its the worlds. Først, foldable pc, i mean how cool is that yes, thinkpad x1 fold? This is not a new product, it was originally released last year, but it is the only fold up. Computer out there that can run windows we will discuss later. Hvorfor […]

iPad'in TEK RAKİBİ ! Xiaomi Pad 5 Detaylı İnceleme ve Pubg Testi

Som altid, we will start with the design of our tablet: Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite on the back.. I can tell you that it is quite similar to a design approach used for the first sentiment of a building sitting dealt with non slip. Hand in terms of where the rear cover to our Matte […]

Review Galaxy Tab S7 FE | ¿Vale la pena la inversión?

7 fan edition de samsung tiene este vdeo hacer el unboxing y la review, porque ya les voy, a contar el porqu, Msica; ah este vdeo es todo. Ingen, no es el anboto y la review, porque ni bien lleg yo la estuvo utilizando as que les voy a contar mi experiencia en este vdeo […]

EKSA H1 REVIEW: Does This Headset Really Have A Good Microphone?

The main feature of this headset is environment, noise, cancellation for bad abilities, Biler. It also has 270 grader, rotatable, mic 50 meter, connection, distance and 3 hours of play time by the way wireless headset comes with a stand, lets do unboxing and look at other accessories that come in the package with wireless […]

This Device Can Turn Your Phone Into A Laptop! NexDock 360 Hands-On

3 inch touch display keyboard, trackpad and quad speakers. Nu, personligt, i like, using these with my samsung galaxy s, devices because they do support decks and, if youre not familiar with dex, basically its kind of a desktop interface built into their android operating system and nowadays theres a couple different phone manufacturers that […]