ViewSonic TD1655 Touch Screen Portable Monitor – Fuld anmeldelse

We have ahmed again from in depth tech reviews and in today’s video i’m gon na review. The vue sonic td 1655 touch screen portable monitor. If you are looking for options online, you probably came across view sonic portable monitors, so in this video i’m going to help you decide if the td1655 is […]

Brand Spankin' NEW Rebelle 4 painting software, oils, akryl, water color Top 5 keyboard shortcuts

. If you guys use a stylus or windows, 10 tablet for art or note taking. This is a great channel for you. So go ahead and subscribe and click the notification icon right now. Okay, so rebel 4 came out very recently last friday and there was a couple different bugs with color blending […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review in Late 2020/2021

S6 let’s get to the video and let’s do the review Music tablet. Pretty much looks like without the case or any case at all. As you can see here the front nice screen, as you can see in the back that’s the pen, the s pen right there. You know it looks like a […]

Amazing DIY $40-$60 Handheld Console

This is a prepaid phone or a pay as you go phone and turn it into a little emulation gaming device. I actually picked this up for 40. After black friday, but now the price has actually gone up to 60.. I did post this on my community tab to see if anybody was interested […]

IS DIABLO IMMORTAL A GOOD GAME?! | Diablo Immortal Alpha First Impressions

I was invited to a technical alpha by the blizzard diablo immortal team, and i went in expecting to enjoy myself, but not to the capacity that i have been enjoying it. I want to go ahead and state that this first impressions, video, is for those who have never played a diablo game, Som […]

ARM Processor Smackdown! Why I'm not interested

I guess they stumbled on my videos because of the new apple max with arm processors. Now that apple have switched to arm processors for everything this online army of fanboys has arrived, looking to smash it up and taunt. Anyone who dares to think different microsoft launched the surface pro x last year with […]

Trên tay laptop 13 inch nhẹ nhất thế giới: Fujitsu UH-X, nặng chỉ "7 lạng rưỡi"

My m s ti nh ngha li khi, nim v mt cht, My nh l, nh th, no xin gii thiu Fujitsu ux9. Min 13 inch nh nht th gii, tnh, n thi, im hin ti, va mt th, trng Vit Nam, Ch 749 vng thi, Tht s, Rt, Nh; u tin, th, im, quan […]


Lo que se puede decir de un teclado es muy poco, simple es de tal formato tiene tales, widgets tiene, o no tiene iluminacin es de tales, materiales y ya est la mayora de veces, sera, un vdeo, un poco aburrido, o eso, crea porque, no haba, tenido tantas Oportunidades de probar teclados con tecnologas […]

O melhor smartphone 📱, Tablet, smartwatch ⌚ custo benefício em 2020

pt hoje, estou aqui, para mais, Um, Video, neste, caso, Um, vdeo de Desejo de boas festas, a todos vocs e de te, dar a minha sincera opinio do os melhores produtos em 2020 De tecnologia Primeiro vou comear pelo melhores, produtos e, no fim vou, ento, falar, sobre, o canal e sobre, outros, assuntos, […]

Laptop or Tablet for Students? | MacBook Air 2020 vs. iPad Pro 2018

So in the beginning of university i got an ipad because i thought a tablet would be enough to get me through school and while theoretically, that’s true. For many reasons i switched to the latest m1 macbook air and here’s. Hvorfor? The biggest reason is because the ipad pro in the end is a […]

Atari Mini PONG Jr. by UNIS First Look

This is eta prime back here again today, we’re going to be taking a look at the all new atari tabletop pong jr system by eunice. Now this is actually being distributed in the us by arcade. One up and i’ve actually had my eye on this for the last couple months, but when it […]

Google Stadia 2020 – Fra død til den bedste – Årets gennemgang

As we look at, the reddit reddit did seem to steadily grow from the beginning of january 2020. After the initial release past the 50k mark and steadily grew up to the 70k mark over the next few months towards the end of december we’re. Nu, på 96, 000 members it’s still quite far away […]