Before you switch from Android to iOS

I mean i’ve started using android from android eclair i’ve never used ios device before i recently switched to iphone 12, and i made a video about why i switched from android to ios. So please go check that out. First i’ve already reviewed this device and i talk about what i like and what […]

5 Galaxy Chromebook tips to supercharge your productivity

An idea begin by popping out the built in pin from its secure silo in apps, like google docs, you can use the s pen to highlight important details or try selecting the drawing option in the insert menu to add a custom sketch want to get more creative Apps such as adobe sketch allow […]

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 Tiger Lake Review | Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Tested

Og ja, undskyld, i am going to do that in every single tige lake. Video that i do, but for the last couple of weeks, i’ve also been testing out this more bendy version of the xps 13, the two in one edition, which quickly and easily converts from a laptop into a massive tablet, […]

I let my "new assistant" unbox my WACOM CINTIQ PRO 24 and this is what happened!

com author and your illustrator of manga for diamonds and figure yarning for dummies. I dag, i have something so special to show you guys. I’Ve got a new item equipment that just came in and, with my offer, Music together, we’re going to try unboxing this new product. This is called the wacom cintiq 4, […]


For my new notifications, so it’s been about four or five days since i’ve uploaded and i apologize i’ve been trying to film, but my mic has not been working. I think that my cord is messed up because my pc hasn’t been recognizing it audacity. Hasn’T been recognizing it it’s, just it’s all kinds […]

Unboxing & Review Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.2 | Best daily to use tablet | Bewakuf Designer |

Today the samsung galaxy tab. A this step is basically made for everyday use, whether it be streaming videos or checking out your photos and documents etc, and please note that it doesn’t have bells and whistles for your heavy gaming purposes or video editing or photo editing. So in case you are looking for […]


Co. Ja, please stand by Hai Coba tengok saja charger eh, semuanya C Uh, så 10 diri masih duduk, atariya, segini, Nih, helm, kasih, adem, injek, injek, suka, berkamuflase, teknik, Mennesker, berdecak, ataupun, tahun, Også, Denne, Han, have, pintu, tadi, hidupnya, sim card slot, Sony, masukkan, singkat, bare, hvis, mana, Okay, The Second box kita […]

december 2020 Gaming LAPTOP/PC Giveaway WINNER

You know what this video is. I hate making this video. I say the same thing every time i make this video that i hate making it you won’t know why, because again, it is the video that contributes to the most toxicity on this channel. Godt, rent faktisk, it’s been recently beaten out by my […]


Iptv application for download on your fire stick and your streaming media box. It has over 11 000 channels to choose from from the us, uk and canada an excellent selection of latino and global channels. It also has a wonderful selection of sports and, Selvfølgelig, movies and video on demand. Let’S, look at […]

New PC + Tastatur + Mouse Review!

This actually took like so much longer than i’ve wanted it to take like i’ve, actually been urging to just like plug this thing in and see how it runs out. But i swear i’ve been waiting and waiting patiently to try to find a good time to record when i’m gon na record the […]

갤럭시탭에도 드디어 그분이 오셨습니다. – Clip Studio Paint for Android Review!

. There was very good news for these people With the announcement of the Galaxy Tab s7, which was released in August. It was the news that the really famous program Clip Studio will be released as the Galaxy Tab. Clip Studio is a program that I have never used, but I have heard the […]

Dragon Touch Vision 3- Action Camera Review

I got this action camera from my fiance for christmas and uh we’re, going to do a little bit of an unboxing and i’m going to do. My review and personal opinion on it so let’s jump right into the video all right so before we even get into the box. Let’S just take a […]