Lo nuevo de ryan y que es esta real mi padre me gusta que como nombre como complemento de la marca sea paz, te voy, a contar absolutamente todo lo bueno lo malo, muy, atento porque hay, cosas, geniales, pero otras, no tanto de esta nueva tablet de la Nueva tablet y primera de rial […]

Apple iPad 9 Anmeldelse: Cheapest iPad Is Faster Than Samsung

Not much has changed at first sight, but on the inside theres an important change, because now its faster than premium tablets from samsung, however starting at 329 dollars, we dont get just top performance, but also a couple of weaknesses: im andre from and in this ipad 9 anmeldelse: you will learn everything […]


The first thing i want to talk about are the hinges on this laptop, because this is important and there are two of them theres, the main one thats traditional official one everybody knows about, but this one is loose its not actually fixed like this is just gon Na you know it just taps […]

Inphic Dual Maus für PC, Tablet, Mac, Smartphone (2,4GHz & Bluetooth)

An fr business und home und office muss die kommt von infekt, oder infekt, kann man, das, irgendwie, so aussprechen das, ist nicht, ntzlich, sich, anhrt, auf deutschland, okay es kommt von innen, fick und es handelt sich dabei um, eine, maus, wohl, bemerkt eine, dual modus maus die Knnen wir klassisch, als 24 Gigahertz […]


4 g bzw LT LTE Option gebackenes malen aus und schauen was alles dabei ist und muss schauen uns den Depp noch ganz genau an alles dies nach Der Metro, Musik also 10 Zoll Tab von der Hersteller, techlace P20 HD ist die Bezeichnung dieses Tablet, oder Tabs ja, mach mal, dann mal aus und […]


6 y os imaginis el tamao que tiene un bicharraco una Tablet que no renuncia prcticamente nada hoy te contamos qu puede hacer huawei en el terreno de las tablets, Msica venga arrancamos comenzamos, a conectarme ipad pro 12.6 que como os digo este es el posicionamiento de juego y decir vamos, a hacer una […]

Top 5 Laptops for Artists 2021

I review type for creative professionals and today, im taking a look at the best windows laptops for artists. Ive had the chance to review a good number of windows, two and one laptop slash tablets over the last few years, and some have been good and some have been terrible and these are the […]

Chromebooks im Vergleich: Warum teuer nicht immer besser ist!

Strich es 72 Y, fr 300 euro wird aluminium cover touchpad aus gorilla, glas und bis, zu 14, stunden akkulaufzeit das, leichtgewicht lenovo, ideapad, duett, chromebook, mit abnehmbarer, tastatur, im tablet, design, fr unter 300 euro das tab; x360 14c strich cc, 00 60 mg, mit vielen, anschlssen, bang, Olufsen soundsystem und fingerabdruck scanner, fr […]

Amazon brand HD 8 Tablet anmeldelse – $45 Black Friday Deal!

For black friday on amazon, now this one, the fire tablet: 8 hd on sale for 44 on amazon for black friday now the 10 inch tablet was refreshed this year 2021. Dette er 2020 model for the fire tab eight. But i wanted to talk about it because theyre different enough, and i […]

Xiaomi Pad 5 Long Term Review ~3 Months Later

Video lets take a look at how xiaomis pad 5 has fared whats to like and dislike about this new tablet from xiaomi, hey guys ash here from c4e tech and welcome to my full review of the xiaomi path. 5. lets get started now amongst the tablets that xiaomis launched this the pad 5, […]

Wait.. Raspberry Pi OS Bullseye is Faster? – Anmeldelse!

I know i am late to this video and im sorry for that. Ive just been incredibly busy with life, and then my laptop was broken. I had to give that to the repair shop and it was just oh, its been a long time, but hey im, ready, raspberry, pious bullseye is out and […]

Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.6 Fuld anmeldelse: The Best Android tablet just got Upgraded!

That was almost a premium tablet. The screen the performance function was so well and the price was extremely low. It soon became such a big thing to talk about among all the tech communities, but just in half of the year now, weve got its upgraded version. That is a 12.6 tommer-version. det […]