Kindle ScribeExpectations vs Reality

It should have really taken the market by storm but as it turns out its just a minimum viable product at this pointand I really want to thank everybodywhos commented on the recent live stream. I did when I unboxed this, and it was really interesting. It was great to spend […]

Neue Lieblings-Hülle fürs iPad Pro! Leder und magnetisch!

Besser und was kann mehr aber dann soll es nicht darum gehen nein in dem Video ist h, finde den Leuten was aufgefallen ja. Ich habe mich fr schwarzen und erzhlt dass. Ich mir eine neue, Lederhlle frs iPad gekauft, habe und ich habe mir neulich eine wunderschne Lederhlle gekauft, fr meinen magnetische Lederhlle gekauft, […]

M1 MacBook Air – 2 År senere! Ultimate Long-Term ReviewDON'T BUY M2 MACBOOK AIR IN 2022

But I left one thing out of the picture: its position in the lineup and its rivalry with another, very capable MacBook. That may actually be a better deal where 90 of the people in this video. I will tell you how you can spend 500 less and get a laptop that is even better […]


But my computer uh died. So I decided to invest in one of these be a little cheaper and its the magic keyboard. For the iPad and theres already been a lot of videos, obviously for this, and I got it for the 12 inch for these Generations here it works for – Jeg gætter […]

Inside Huawei's Strangest FoldableMate X Teardown & Repair Assessment

Godt, this might be the most amazing foldable, its also the worst designed and that hinges on the folding screen being on the outside. Unlike the competitions that have their screen fold open from the inside Huawei has made a phone that seamlessly transitions from phone to tablet. Men, as you can imagine, dette er […]

Review of the TOPDON thermal imaging camera TCOO1

Video is something very exciting Ive got to review today, because its something I think theyre going to be really handy and its this its a top down thermal imaging camera. So what kind of use is that going to have around the home? Godt, quite a few! I can tell you so because this […]

Hice un JUGUETE desde CERO 😱

Ok, lo primero fue definir el concepto del personaje ltimamente he estado probando las inteligencias, artificiales ya, saben estos sistemas en los que ingresas un prrafo descriptivo y te devuelven una imagen completamente original basada en esa entrada As que quera disear una interpretacin analgica del proceso detrs de Estos sistemas y despus de un […]

Best Teleprompter for YouTube | Prompter Pal Pro Review

That is us the YouTubers. You can buy this prompter in multiple configurations and sizes and its very easy to use and operate with dedicated apps, also provided by the manufacturer and the promise of great build quality and beam splitter glass theres. Only one question to ask: is it any good now? What do […]

Charge all your devices even a mac book pro with the Excitrus 105W Power Bank

It will also charge your laptops too, including MacBook Pro iPads Android tablets and Windows laptops. Anything that supports a USBC charging port today were looking at this product from excitris its 105 watt power bank. That has a lot of power were talking about 18 000 milliamp hours worth of power. Lets go and […]

November Review & December Reset | Goal Setting, affirmations, vision board and more!

So dont even have to keep up with the job search. I was successful, so that was fantastic and all the important dates went really well. The concert was absolutely amazing. I dont have words to describe and how good it was. Didnt get both my assignments finished, because I got really um bogged down […]

Best Tablets 2023✅ [TOP 5 Picks in 2023] [TOP 5 Bedste budget tablet 2023

All the links to find the best prices on all the products mentioned in this video will be in the description below the Samsung Galaxy Tab. A our pick for best tablet under 200., if youre looking for a tablet under 200, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, a might just be the perfect tablet for you. […]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (2022 Udgave) Unboxing | Fuld anmeldelse

So right now I just received this box from Amazon. So lets open it together, fremmed. There is nothing inside. So this is a Samsung Galaxy. S6 light series 2022. So uh do not accept so one thing uh. I will show you that when you will receive this Samsung Galaxy Tab, so you must […]