Chuwi Lapbook Air Anmeldelse – Det bedste, hvis det kun var billigere!

I have looked at., So this particular one is also the first of the Apollo Lake laptops to have eight gigabytes of RAM. Only the mini pcs have been using eight gigabytes, which is really good to see and has a backlit keyboard. The screen is an IPS 14 point, one inches 1080p deep, blacks, […]

Chuwi-skødbog 12.3 Unboxing Hands-On anmeldelse. Bærbar computer med Surface Pro 4 Skærm

3. This is the latest laptop from Chuwi that's powered by the Apollo late in 3450. Nu, unlike all of the models that I've looked at recently, they've all been 16 ved 9 aspect ratio. This one's a little different, so it's got a 3 ved 2 ratio screen and in fact, the same panel […]

Chuwi-skødbog 14.1 / Lapbook 12.3 Copper Heatsink Mod Lower Max Temps By 25 Degrees!

Now we should never have to do this if manufacturers can get temperatures right, but this Apolo lake in 3450 gets quite hot when gaming up to 99 grader. If you've seen my review of the Chui lat book 14.1, which is what I'm going to mod today so to start out, remove the eight […]

Civiltop Air / T-Bao Tbook Air Anmeldelse – Bedste Celeron N3450 Gaming Performance set endnu!

5 inch laptop is the civil Book Air, according to my box, but it's also known as the t book air and the Xiaoma 21 from under, but that model has two USB 3 ports on it and a micro SD card anyway. It'S very light. This thing is only one point: zero eight kilos, […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro V4One Of The Best Budget Laptopd Just Got Better

So all the revisions they've made minor little tweaks and changes this time around. We have a new touch pad it's, a precision one there's, now a little tiny hatch on the bottom to easily install and upgrade and add your own SSD. It has to be twenty two by forty to spec, so it […]

Chuwi Surbook Mini Review – En overflade 3 With Type-C

, So this is a smaller version of the Sur book that I reviewed and you could call it really a cut down cheaper version now why I say cut down because they have loaded the RAM. So the Rams not six gigabytes like the Sur book. It is now four on this particular model, […]

Cube iWork 5X Review – 360-Degree Touchscreen 13.3″ Laptop

I work 5x. I was really impressed with the build quality and it is still impressive. This is the best build quality by far and has a lot of features on it that I really do like to see an Apollo Lake notebook, but unfortunately, after a 6 eller 7 days of testing there's a […]

T-Bao Tbook4 Full Review – 14.1″ N3450 6GB Laptop For $239

It comes in this nice, darker gray, which looks really quite decent. It weighs just 1.3 Kilo, it's very slim. Now it has a logo on the back here, which is a little bit ugly. desværre, it's, not a sticker. This can't be removed right here, so the lid has a little bit of flex […]

Apollo Lake TDP / Power Grænser. Lås op for det fulde potentiale op til 80% Mere FPS!

Jeg opdagede, at den civile top arving havde magt grænser handicappede, og det var hele grunden til, at det klarede sig så godt, fordi tilbage i fortiden, da jeg havde corium tabletter og senere på notesbøger og ting, jeg opdagede det. Men hvis du øger effektgrænserne, that would increase […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Vs Chuwi Lapbook 12.3 Sammenligning

3 or the jumper easy book 3 Pro very similar laptops, but they've got some big differences here now I get asked this a lot, which one is the best one and which one should you go for well it's, not actually that Easy so I'm going to break it down in this video try […]

Onda xiaoma 21 Unboxing & Hands-On Review 12.5″ Windows 10 Laptop

This is the civil top air, also known as the Tbook air. Now it's, not a bad little 12.5 and inch Apollo Lake laptop it's got a decent keyboard on it. It'S super light and portable. This thing weighs about 1.8 eller 1.08. Sorry kilos so really light very thin, som du kan se, Men […]

Jumper EZBook 3 Pro Unboxing & Hands-On Review (All Metal 6GB RAM Laptop)

So I have my unboxing knife here. Let'S check this one out so it's double box. Here I can see it's a hopefully going to be well protected, got it via DHL and this one from Aliexpress. So just like their other notebooks there's little box at the top will contain our power supply, og […]