Samsung Galaxy A8S 2019 Anmeldelse & Unboxing (engelsk)

So it's, following that new trend has a 24 megapixel front facing camera with an F 2.0 aperture. The screen on it is not one of those really high end ones from Samsung, so it's, not an AMOLED panel or Super AMOLED it's, just an IPS and overall it's. A above average screen when I […]

Honor View 20 Fuld detaljeret gennemgang (engelsk)

One of these first phones to have that there's a couple out now, but because it has the Kirin 980, which is huawei's flagship, chipset in a mid range phone, and it also has the new Sony 48 megapixel sensor. So the full specs of this phone are right up here. If you're into your […]