MSI MAG274QRF-QD Gaming Monitor Review

. Its got a 27 tommer 16 ved 9 IPS panel with a 1440p resolution and an anti glare matte finish. Its flat too so no curve. Her., Its got a 165Hz refresh rate and MSI are claiming a 1ms GTG response, tid. Combined with adaptive sync meaning you can use either FreeSync with a […]

Den ultimative 1440p gamingskærm? Viewsonic XG270QG anmeldelse

The nanner IPS panel is 27 inches with a 16 ved 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1440p resolution. It'S got a 165 Hertz refresh rate and a fast one, millisecond greater gray response time with g sync support so based on those specs, it sounds like it's got everything we could want for […]

ANMELDELSE af MSI Optix MAG27CQ Gaming Monitor

1440P 144 hertz curved gaming, monitor from msi, so let's check it out and see if it's something you should consider as mentioned. Dette er en 27 inch monitor with a 16 ved 9 aspect ratio and runs at the 1440p resolution. Så 2560 ved 1440 it's got adaptive. Sync, so you'll need an AMD […]

External Monitor Boosts Laptop Gaming Performance!?

Lets discuss why this is the case and find out just how big the difference is in a number of different games.. Most laptops these days have Optimus.. This basically means that the lower powered integrated graphics within the processor are used to send display signal to the screen.. This has the advantage of improving […]

Acer KG251QF gaming Monitor anmeldelse

The monitor has a twenty four point: five inch screen with a 16 ved 9 aspect ratio and runs with a 1080p resolution so 1920 ved 1080. Nothing special about that here's where it gets interesting. The panel runs with a 144 Hertz refresh rate, har en 1 millisecond greater gray response time and features […]

Nvidia Optimus vs G-SyncGaming Performance Compared!

Sync enabled and find out if we can boost performance by using an external monitor to bypass Optimus., Just as a refresher, Nvidia Optimus is present in most laptops these days.. Dybest set, it allows the Intel integrated graphics to do the work outside of graphically intensive tasks like gaming, allowing the battery to last longer […]

Ultrawide 100Hz Gaming MonitorAcer Predator X34 Review

. Although this model is around a couple of years old now, Ive had my eye on it for some time as its got everything Ive been looking for in a monitor. Lader, take a look at the specs of the panel to find out what makes it so interesting. Dens en 34 inch monitor […]

Metabox P870KM-G 17” Laptop ReviewBenchmarks and Overclocking

What makes this laptop interesting is that it's, going to Intel 7700 K CPU, which is typically a desktop processor, as well as dual nvidia 1070 s in sli, the laptop was delivered in two separate packages. The smaller package contains the first power brick, while the main package contains the laptop itself, the second […]

Is High Refresh Rate in a Laptop Display Worth It?

Most laptop displays typically come at 60 Hertz, which essentially translates to being able to display 60 rammer pr.. Second many laptops offer you the choice to pay more to upgrade the panel to a higher refresh rate such as 75 Hertz, 100 Hertz eller 120 Hertz. Just as a few examples, but is it […]

Metabox P650HP-G 15Laptop Unboxing and Review

The P 650 HP G is a new IM higher end laptop in the prime series for meta box. An Australian company that specialized in custom high end laptops, it's laptop, is similar to some of the previous models that I've previously reviewed with similar specs. Imidlertid, now we have Intel 7700 HQ cable, hver […]

Is G-Sync in a Laptop worth it?

The refresh rate of the display with the graphics card without this the graphics card, will provide a variable framerate that will change. While the display maintains a constant refresh rate. This can result in screen tearing, whereby you'll view a partially updated image. G sync removes screen tearing resulting in a much smoother experience. […]

Metabox P650RS-G 15” Laptop Unboxing and Review

The P 650 RSG is a newer and higher end laptop in the prime series from meta box. An Australian company that's specialized in the high end laptops this laptop is similar to the P 650 re model that I've previously reviewed with very similar specs. Imidlertid, now the graphics card is an nvidia 1070, […]