AMD Ryzen 5 3600 vs 3600X – X værd at de ekstra penge?

But what are the differences between them and is it worth paying more for the X In this detailed comparison? Godt, look at the differences in games and applications both at stock and while overclocked, to help you decide which to get. Lets start out with the specs.. Both CPUs have 6 kerner og 12 […]

Intel i5-9600K vs i7-9700K sammenligning – 6 eller 8 CPU-kerner?

Lets start out With the specs., The key difference is that the i5 9600K has 6 kerner og 6 Tråde, while the i7 9700K has 8 kerner og 8 Tråde. Neither has hyperthreading available.. The 9600K has a slightly higher base clock, but at stock the single core turbo boost of the 9700K is 300MHz […]

Intel i7-8750H vs i7-7700HQ – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

But how does it compare against the popular i7 7700 HQ from the previous generation we'll find out in this video, with a series of gaming and application benchmarks to see how they perform and discuss the performance, temperatures and battery life differences between them to help you decide Which you should buy in your […]

Intel i7-8750H vs i7-8850H – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

There are a few different chips available, though so let's compare some and find out how they differ. First let's note: the similarities between these two mobile chips. Both have six cores with 12 Tråde, -en 45 Watt, TDP and nine megabytes of cache, and no, I won't pronounce it as cache there's, no money […]

8550U vs 6700HQ – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

. I recently compared the 8550U against the 7700HQ in another video and had a few comments asking to also compare it with the even older 6700HQ. So here we go Late. Last year, Intel launched their 8th generation of mobile processors, known as Kaby Lake R, which were a refresh of the 7th generation […]

i3-8100 vs i7-7700HQ – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

I picked a laptop with the i3 8100, as the i3 line of CPUs has been upgraded from 2 cores to for cause this generation, making it much more useful. Det 7700 HQ was a widely available mobile quad, core CPU from the seventh generation. So I was interested to see how these compare first […]

Best Laptop CPU? 6700HQ vs 6700K vs 7700HQ vs 7820HK vs 7700K

6700 HQ 6700 K. 7700 HQ 78, 20 HK and 7700 K CPUs it's important to note that each of these is in a different laptop, so the cooling solutions will differ slightly, which could ultimately affect performance. Desuden, we're not looking at any gaming benchmarks here, as the laptops all have different graphics cards, […]

Intel i7-9750H vs i7-10710U – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

Intels, i7 10710U, apart from having a lovely name, is a 14nm 10th generation CPU. Just to keep things confusing Intel has both 14nm and 10nm CPUs in their 10th gen lineup.. The 14nm chips are branded as Comet Lake, while the 10nm are Ice. Lake.. The Ice Lake CPUs only currently go up to […]

Intel i7-7700HQ vs i5-8300H – Laptop CPU sammenligning og benchmarks

Intel for nylig udgivet deres 8th generation Coffee Lake mobile CPU'er til bærbare computere, i denne video vil jeg sammenligne de funktioner og ydeevne forskelle mellem den populære i7-7700H CPU og nyere i5-8300H CPU til at hjælpe dig med at beslutte, hvilken CPU til at købe i din næste laptop. I’ve benchmarked both games and CPU intensive applications to show you […]