Dell XPS 12 2016 Anmeldelse – 12.5″ 2 I 1 Windows 10 Tablet With 4k Display

This is a two and one detachable, as you can see from Dell and for the thousand dollar price tag. You get the keyboard dock here, along with the computer component. All of these are powered by a core m5 processor. This is the new skylake generation of Core M chips of their fan list, […]

Dell Inspiron 5675 Gennemgang af stationære spil

I'Ll cover what the system's got to offer, as well as how well it performs through various gaming benchmarks, both its stock and while overclocked help you decide if it's a computer. You should consider the system is available with either Intel an Nvidia or AMD and Radeon configurations and I've got one of the […]

Dell XPS 17 Anmeldelse – Min nye laptop?

Ive got one of the more mid range configurations, men, its also available, starting with i5 processor, with no discrete graphics or up to 8 core processor with 2060 Maks., you can find examples and updated prices linked in the description.. The build quality of the XPS 17 is excellent. The whole thing is […]

Dell G5 SE Anmeldelse – AMD bringer konkurrence til bærbare computere!

Ive fik 2 modeller til at gennemgå entry level Version, der starter kl. 880 USD har en 6 kerne Ryzen 5 4600H-processor, and the higher specced 1200 version has 8 kerne Ryzen 7 4800H.. The more expensive version also has a better screen faster WiFi and double. The memory, selvom, both are dual channel.. […]

Dell G5 SE-hotter-specifikation end højere specifikationer?

Ive fik den laveste version af G5. Se her, hvilket betyder weve fik disse specs, however Ive already tested the higher specced 4800H model too so well, compare results as well. Air comes in through the vents underneath which are positioned above the fans. Imidlertid, on the inside of the bottom panel theres a […]

Dell G5 SE på basisniveau (Ryzen 4600H + 5600M) Gaming Benchmarks!

Resultaterne var meget interessante.. Ive fik mere budget venlige, laveste specced model her, som i øjeblikket starter ved 880USD, which means theres a 6 kerne AMD Ryzen, 5 4600H-processor, Radeon, 5600M-grafik, 8gb of memory in dual channel and a 60Hz 1080p screen Ill test response time. Too., You can get a better […]

Dell G5 SE (4800H + 5600M) – Hvor varmt?

Ive got the highest version of the G5 SE here, hvilket betyder weve fik disse specs. Imidlertid, Ive also got the lower 4600H model coming soon, Så, if you havent already, then get subscribed for that one. Air comes in through the vents underneath which are positioned above the fans. Imidlertid, on the inside of […]

Dell G5 SE (Ryzen 4800H + 5600M) Gaming Benchmarks!

Bærbare computere. Ive fik højere specced model her, hvilket betyder, at theres en 8 kerne AMD Ryzen, 7 4800H-processor, Radeon, 5600M-grafik, 16gb of memory in dual channel and a 144Hz 1080p screen Ill test response time too.. The G5 is also available with the 6 core 4600H CPU too, for less money Ill, be […]

Dell XPS 15 vs MSI Prestige 15 Sammenligning af bærbare computere – Hvilket er bedre?

Men hvad er forskellene, og hvilken man skal du få i denne detaljerede sammenligning? I'Ll, se på stort set alt for at hjælpe dig med at beslutte, hvilken en der er den rigtige for dig. First let's cover the differences in specs between the two units: I'm testing with they've. Begge fik seks kerne 12 tråd Intel CPU'er. Imidlertid, […]

Gennemgang af Dell UP2718Q 4K HDR-skærm

So let's take a look as mentioned. Dette er en 27 inch monitor with a 16 ved 9 aspect ratio with a 4k resolution so 3840 ved 2160, as it's a panel for professional users, it doesn't have a lot of gaming, specific features like g sync or free sync. The panel also runs at […]

Dual Screen Laptops + Portable PC Gaming?

Lets start out By looking at one of the dual screen laptop designs, this one is known as concept Duet, which is basically two 13.4quot displays connected together and that's the whole laptop. From the demonstration. It seemed useful if you need plenty of screen real estate. As both are touch screens. You can easily […]

Ny Dell G5 går fuld AMD + Radeon hos CES 2020

, Along with that. The new XPS 13 is here finally with a 1610 Aspekt, ratio which looks simply stunning so lets get into checking out what new laptops Dell had on show at CES 2020. Lets start out with the G5 15 Special Edition gaming laptop. I'm, not exactly sure of all Possible specs […]