Microsoft Surface Book In-Depth Review – Hardware, Gaming, Video Editing

This is the new Microsoft Surface book and I think Microsoft has finally cracked the tablet notebook hybrid with this device. I really wasn’t a big fan of the surface. I liked it, but it really wasn’t something that I could see myself using this one, Jeg tror, is because it is a really innovative […]

Cube i7 Core M Hands on Ep 2: BIOS, Device manager and more

This is chris from tech tablets, how's everyone, Okay. Så, just two quick look at the bias and a lot of people like to look in here and see what options you do have there's, not really a lot. You can do if you're neither enable or disable hyper threading active cause, all of them […]

Atom X7 Z8700 Vs Atom Z3775 Geekbench og 3DMark

This one here is these: it 3775 it's the bay trail, so the generation before the newer cheery trail here, which is another Atom CPU. You can see here that the differences between them almost next to nothing so speed wise when it's running with the CPU single core and the multi core scores, there's, […]

Cube i7 StylusHow to upgrade the 64GB SSD. Plus look at internals

Who gave me this tip here, which is actually a really good one, because they had a lot of trouble trying to get started the process of opening it up so the best place to start using your prying tool is right here. Next to the actual volume rocker and just go along here once […]

Teclast X98 Air 3 G tilbehør Logitechs Tablet-tastatur

Teclast X98 Air 3G / Air II Accessories: Keyboards. I recommend this keyboard for the Teclast / Onda Tablets, I got it here new for $29 (Retail price is $69.99) More info: