Lenovo Legion 7i Dampkammer køling – Termisk testet!

Luft kommer ind gennem ventilationshullerne nedenunder mod bagsiden og er opbrugt ud af de bageste hjørner og på venstre og højre side mod bagsiden., Der er et par fans inde og et dampkammer. Køligere, selvom, det lader til, at den billigere 7i, med 2060 grafik og nedenfor bare har standard […]

Lenovo C340 Anmeldelse – A Cheap 2-in-1 Laptop!

, My C340 has a dual core processor, 4gb of RAM and 64gb of local storage, so definitely significantly lower specs to what youd see compared to most Windows laptopsand this is one of the reasons the prices are much lower.. Heldigvis, ChromeOS doesnt need much power to run. Its a lightweight Linux […]

Lenovo Slank 7 Anmeldelse – Ryzen 4800U 8 Kernekraft!

. The build quality feels great its got a metal lid interior and bottom panel with a grey finish. Corners are rounded, but the front edge can feel a little sharp. If you brush up against it. It was fine during normal use, selvom. Mine, weighed about 1.4kg or 3.1lb. Derefter, med de 65 Watt […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 (Ryzen 4600H/1650 Ti) 22 Spil Test!

So just how well does it perform in games? Ive tested the 1650 Ti model in 22 games at all setting levels and also compared it against other laptops to find out the difference. Lets jump straight into the results from those 22 titles. Then the comparisons after. Microsoft, flight, simulator, wasnt, great at high […]

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 – Budget Ryzen Laptop Anmeldelse

, The Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 is a budget friendly gaming laptop with a lot to offer for the money. Mine has the 6 kerne Ryzen 5 4600H-processor med Nvidia GTX 1650 Ti grafik, but there Are other configurations available, including Intel based? You can check out those and updated prices linked in the […]

The Fastest Ryzen + 1660 Ti Laptop In Games! Lenovo Legion 5 Testet

. This video is sponsored by Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community, with thousands of inspiring classes for creative and curious people.. You might have noticed that I’ve been posting 4 til 5 videos a week on the channel, which takes a lot of my time.. I recently watched the productivity masterclass by Ali, […]

Lenovo Legion 5 – Bedst Under $1000 Ryzen Gaming Bærbar!

So lets find out what all the hype is about in this review.. This video is sponsored by Ridge Wallet. Did you know, they’ve got more than light and sleek wallets that can hold up to 12 cards, plus cash in over 30 different styles. The Commuter Backpack is a great daily carrier for your […]

Lenovo Flex 14 2 i 1 Laptop REVIEWAMD RYZEN 5 3500U – UNBOXING & TEARDOWN

The laptop is powered by AMD’s risin 5. 3500. U quad core processor, along with 8gb of ram 256 Gb, nvme, SSD, radeon, vega, 8, graphics and other great features, including fingerprint reader. The laptop design is clean and suitable for day to day activities such as working on schoolwork browsing, the internet or even […]

Lenovo Ideapad S340 Laptop Review , Unboxing & Rive ned

Today we are taking a look at Lenovo’s, mid range, Ideapad, 340 laptop with a price tag of 550. At the time of this review, welcome back guys to the new episode of deal unboxing Lenovo, Ideapad 330. S is configured with Intel’s 8th gen, core i7 quad core processor, med 12 GB af RAM […]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 With Anypen – 8 inch Windows tablet that uses pens and pencils as a stylus!

Their yoga tablet 2 with Windows, and this is kind of a premium 8 inch Windows tablet and that it costs about 300, so it’s a lot more than the 1500 tablets that we looked at. But you do get a couple of interesting features on here. The first, Selvfølgelig, is the screen much […]

Lenovo Yoga fane 3 Pro anmelde – 10″ tablet with projector and Intel Atom X5 processor

A 2560 ved 1600 IPS display some really nice viewing angles on it and really in line with many of the other displays we’ve seen on other Android tablets from Lenovo, but what’s really interesting about. This are two things one is the processor built in. This has got an Intel cherry trail, processor, Aza, […]

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Tablet ReviewMicrosoft Surface Alternative

This is the ThinkPad tablet. X1 and it’s got some similarities to the surface, but it does some things a little bit better, which we will cover. Selvfølgelig, in the course of this review, but I do want to mention in the interest of full disclosure that this came in to the channel on […]