I just got it today. I purchased it maybe like a couple days ago and i got it at a hundred and sixty nine dollars from walmart.com. Now i’m gon na be honest with you, Jeg er, not a tech geek. I don’t know the terms i don’t know what’s more powerful, what’s, less powerful um. All i know i saw the price and i needed me something real small and compact to take around and i saw the specs and it was just enough for me to do what i need to do on it um. I know it’s not as powerful as a pc or a laptop but i’m just i just want to use it for writing and maybe a little a little simple gaming sometimes, but when i saw the 169 dollar price, i was hooked and i just want to give You my first impressions about it uh. This is the box that it came in and there goes the power cord and adapter that’s. All it is power hookup, and there is the chromebook itself. I haven’t opened it up, yet i will be back and show you how it operates in how how it’s looking and it gave you a little protective bag for it. So it’s just simple: it just just came like this with the boxing and adapter and some instructions, and i like the way it feels it feels just i think, it’s i’m thinking you want to say, it’s plastic. I don’t know what to call it but it’s real light that’s.

What i like about it, um i’m gon na open it up and i’m gon na play around with it and i’ll, be right back and show you more about the chromebook for something that only costs 169. I do have to say this is a great chromebook. This is my very first chromebook, so i don’t really know what to compare it to i’m. Not i’m. Like i said i’m, not a tech genius. I take spec jeans, i don’t know um a lot of terms or what you compare it to, but for my first chromebook i have to say this is really nice. Efter min mening, it’s almost as better as a low, a low end, laptop just being honest um. The only thing that i don’t like about it so far is the display they say it’s a hd display, but in my opinion it looks like seven. Ingen, it looked like 480p, but it could be like a very low 720p but uh it’s, not it’s, not the best display but i’m only using it to write and maybe sometimes play low end games. That don’t require a lot of um. You know a lot of graphics or something like that, but um other than that i’m loving it so far, i’ve been playing around with it for 30 minutes and one thing that i do love you can download apps from the google play store. I love that man, that is a plus for me, uh man, because i play a lot of games on my phone and it’ll be very nice to play them on the laptop.

Are we in the chromebook? Let me tell you, let me tell you some tech specs about the thing: Okay, det er, the intel n4020. It has four gigabytes of ram: the storage is 32 gigabytes and the display is 11.6 hd and it has two usbc’s two usb as a audio input and a micro sd card slot. You get all that for 169 dollars, i’m going to do so i’m, going to play with it a little more and i’m going to do a update video, maybe like two weeks to show you uh, you know see if anything’s changed or something some other things i Found out about that, i don’t like but again this is the lenevo. Chromebook 3 169 go ahead and get you one.