Despite there being a lot of amazing ios, only titles and some really cool exclusives in apple’s arcade, the ipad and iphone have always been missing that triple a experience. Whether it’s hardware, limited company limited or a simple matter of touch controls not really working it’s, never quite reached the heights of our pc and console counterparts until today, stadia is now supported as a progressive web app on ios. So while you can’t download it in the app store per se, you can add it to your home screen through safari and, yes, it means you can now play cyberpunk on the ipad or iphone awesome. The bigger question that seems to be on everybody’s, mind, though, is how well does it run well stadia is fundamentally linked to your internet speed, so the faster the connection, the better the gameplay experience you’re going to get for reference. My connection averages at about 50 to 70 megabits per second, which is pretty much paying on average for the uk, and i can safely say that things are running really rather nicely on here in cyberpunk, you get two settings for graphics either. One that focuses on frame rate or one that makes the visuals better. I do prefer the frame rate over the visuals, but both are easily playable. Graphically stadia looks great from what i’ve played there’s some slight hiccups when your connections sometimes dip, but it hasn’t been anything game breaking on my end as long as your connection holds up or it’s better than mine you’re going to have a good time here.

Another main worry for me was input lag from the controller. However, that’s also not been a problem here using an xbox one controller feels just as reactive as it does when it’s connected to a console or pc, which is really relieving to compare i’ve, mainly been playing. Cyberpunk on my xbox one x and for the most part, that’s been holding up generally okay, but stadia as long as your connection holds up is much better visually. I haven’t noticed a huge difference between the two, but stadia does have the edge it loads quicker. It does look that bit better and the frame rate makes gunfights feel really fast and brutal, just how they should be. Of course, as this is running on an ipad, it does give you options for control too. You can connect pretty much any bluetooth controller to the ipad or you could even go as far as a mouse and keyboard. If you really wanted to obviously i’m, not suggesting you dump your ps4 or 5 or any of the xbox series for stadia far from it. But i do feel like cyberpunk may well be the title to bring in a renaissance for stadia. This is the first title that really brings about all of those promises it made when it came out, no updates, quick loading and amazing visuals, and what a better time for google while the base ps4 and xbox one customers aren’t having a great experience with the game.

Stadia is there happily showing off what it’s made of whether you like stadia or not? You can’t argue that the future of casual gaming at least looks something like this, as internet connections get better and better and with 5g on the horizon, there’s less and less need for people to buy hardware for it when it can be run on a much more Powerful computer in the cloud and beam straight to your device. Companies like microsoft, google and amazon are clearly hedging their bets there and while it might feel very distant still, i don’t think it’ll be massively long until game pass stadia and luna are just built into tvs and using them will be as simple as accessing. Netflix is now so that rounds off this video. I think if you’ve been on the fence about game streaming, then there hasn’t really been a better time to dive in and try it now. And while i don’t love everything about stadia, it does finally bring that aaa experience to mobile devices and that’s an awesome thing to have. If you enjoyed the video do consider subscribing to the channel.