1 inch android tablet see while defu provided a complimentary sample of this tablet. For my unbiased review, youll receive the tablet with a pre installed screen protector, a replacement plastic film screen protector, a leatherette case, a touch stylus, an ac charger, a 31 inch micro, usb charging, cable and a brief illustrated instruction manual. This is the tablet. It is nine and a half inches wide six and a half inches long with a 10 inch viewable screen a unit is about 3 8 of an inch thick and weighs just about one pound thanks to its lightweight plastic housing. After removing the outer film over the screen protector, i was a little disappointed to find a hair trapped under the protector, creating a small bubble on the screen. The bottom corner also had a bubble that i couldnt get rid of and unfortunately, my attempts to get rid of the bubbles only made them worse regardless, along the top of the screen, is a 5 megapixel front facing camera and, along the top edge youve got the Micro, usb charging port, this rubber door covers the sd card slot, which youll see marked on the right on the back of the device. The slot can accept cards up to 128 gigabytes in capacity on the opposite side. Youll, have the volume controls, power button and microphone and around the corner is a 1 8 inch or 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and on the back is an 8 megapixel rear camera with led flash along the bottom edge? Youll find the stereo speakers one in each corner to turn the tablet on just press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

You will see a brief see: wowdefu splash screen upon boot up and on the first launch. Youll need to complete a quick and straightforward setup, including connecting the device to your home wifi network for internet access and optionally signing into a google account for personalization and customization. The touch screen is responsive and clear, with 1280 by 800 pixels at 150 dpi or about 720p hd resolution, you can set up a login pin number for security to unlock the device which you would need to enter after swiping up from the sleep screen. This tablet runs android os 10 and is pre loaded with google apps, like assistant, play, store, duo and chrome as well as stock android apps. Like camera contacts, calculator and settings. The home screen will display the date in the middle and apparently the screens default. Timeout is one minute as for speed, the device has three gigabytes of ram and a 64 bit quad core arm, cortex a53 processor at 1.6 gigahertz, and it performs fine with activities like web browsing though it does take a second to load up images and other content System functions like bringing up the virtual keyboard may not feel as instant as other contemporary mobile devices, like your smartphone load times are generally brief enough that i didnt feel like it was a bother. You can see the screen refresh rate just isnt super fast, given the occasional choppiness when scrolling, but when watching streaming, video content like youtube videos, playback seemed fine.

A big thank. You goes out to alexand for sending me this unit to test. If you want one for yourself, be sure to use my exclusive discount code in the description below to save some money, i was actually pretty impressed with the audio quality of the built in stereo speakers, as they are loud and clear at first, i did find the Screen to be a bit dim, but after checking the settings i realized the brightness was only set to about eighty percent and turning it to max brightness produced a much better viewing experience up three inches by five and a half inches and three quarter inches thick. The unit weighs about six ounces just note that the battery life at one hundred percent brightness is only about four hours of active screen usage. The volume adjustment keys worked fine to quickly decrease or increase the volume power, data, port and ac power port. On the other side, youll find an airflow vent and the locking tab for the drive bay to charge the unit simply plug the micro usb cable into the port and connect to any powered usb port. You can also use the tablet while plugged in and charging when the unit is off the power level pops up briefly on the screen after you plug the unit in and whenever you short press the power button to use the leather folio open the small tab at The bottom of the sleeve insert the tablet camera side first and tuck, the velcro tab, underneath the case has cutouts for the cameras on both sides, as well as cutouts for the button charging port and sd card slot.

On top, it closes like a book to protect the screen when not in use and notice this fold on the front cover and the tab in the back. If you open the cover and slip the edge under that tab, the case turns into a stand that will hold your tablet up at about a 30 degree angle, so you can view it hands free, for example, if youre watching a movie. As for the camera quality, the rear camera is specked at 8 megapixels and heres an example of the image quality in ample lighting Music. We switch to the 5 megapixel front camera heres an example of an image captured from that one Music at the top left of the screen. The time is displayed along with notification icons, for example, emails and app notifications, youll see in the top right the remaining battery life and wi fi signal strength and along the bottom. Are your standard android actions like back home and recent apps out of the box? The tablet doesnt have auto rotate enabled by default, so if youre turning the screen from landscape to portrait or vice versa, be sure to tap the rotate screen icon. That appears to the far right of the action bar or change this behavior in the display settings. One thing i was interested in trying was mobile gaming, so i downloaded pubg mobile and started it up for this game. It was pretty slow to load and at one point i thought it outright froze.

But after about 30 seconds, it did finish loading you can move freely on spawn island. While you wait to board the plane, you can see occasionally during gameplay a couple of visual stutters, but for the most part i was able to operate the controls and play fine. The other thing i wanted to do on this tablet is watch streaming content and i found that apps like netflix and amazon. Prime video worked just fine overall for a rather inexpensive tablet. I found the features of the c wow defu to be more than adequate for light gaming streaming, video content and internet based activities like checking social media, email, online shopping and web browsing. The image quality from the cameras is decent enough for video chat and capturing memories, but doesnt take amazing photos for content creation or professional use, though, for a budget level device. I wouldnt expect it to. It can be a little sluggish when loading content, and especially with larger apps, but the screen quality is good with a bright, clear image at a reasonable resolution. Thats perfectly acceptable for consuming content. I hope you enjoyed this review. You can ask me any questions in the comments.