This is their vision, 14. and actually its pretty impressive sporting, an i7 processor, an rtx 3050 ti and even configurable and upgradable ram and storage. All inside a relatively nice magnesium, 14 inch frame that all weighs in at just 1.1 kilograms. Oh and its also cheaper than almost every other 14 inch laptop with dedicated graphics, sounds like a an absolute steal right. Well, yes, but hold your horses, because there are some things that you should know before, exercising that trigger finger on the buy button. First, you should know the actual full specs. The i7 processor is my absolute favorite sarcasm, heavily implied because its the i7 11 370h ive ranted about that before, but long story short its a quad core cpu with eight threads and in this laptop, has a 35 watt plus tdp, which basically means its a 35 Watt tdp, but in its enthusiast mode, can go up to more like 65 watts and possibly even higher. It uses two standard sodium ddr4 slots for the ram, so you can configure that how you like. I ended up with 16 gigabytes of 1×8 ddr4 3200 in this machine. You also have two m.2 slots, which are also configurable and upgradeable. I got a one terabyte wd sn750, which works great and you can even option an rtx 3050 ti with four gigabytes of gddr6 vram and 35 watt plus 15 watt dynamic boost tdp or drop almost 500 euros off the price tag and get an isa an i5 11 300 h with integrated graphics instead, but rather obviously i got the 3050 model now performance wise.

The 11370h is an absolute champion compared to the 1165 g7 in the razer blade stealth, for example. In fact that whole intel, evo line of chips are the ones that youll find in pretty much every thin and light form factor laptop, especially at this size and class, and i can happily report that this should outperform most, if not all, of them. Interestingly, comparing the 1137ch thats in the asus tough dash, f 15 to this. Despite this one running a much lower tdp, the peak i saw was 53 watts, but was more stable around 40 in the enthusiast mode, it handily outperforms the f 15. In most cases, pretty strange, of course, when comparing to something even slightly higher end like the ryzen 5600h, which is actually held back uh by only having eight gigabytes of ram. In my testing configuration, the difference is pretty night and day and comparing to the apple m1. Pro 10 core yeah theres, no competition there, the m1 wins pretty much everything, especially anything multi threaded, all while drawing less power and producing less heat and actually speaking of heats, the laptop actually did a reasonable job of keeping that away from its components. The peak cpu temperature i saw was around 88 degrees celsius, which i know sounds high, but trust me for laptops, especially this thing, its actually pretty good and that was under 100 load, while rendering – and actually that was just a small peak as it was more stable Around 80 degrees.

Instead, if you fire up a game, you can expect both the cpu and gpu since theyre, connected just by two relatively small heat pipes, to sit at around 70 degrees celsius. Also, thanks to the theyre, absolutely tiny fans whirring their hearts away. Well, you can make use of the noise limiter modes if you want any level of performance. Out of this thing, you will need to deal with the relatively loud, relatively high. Pitched wine of the fans have a quick, listen. Now i mentioned gaming. Of course, i couldnt test a laptop with dedicated graphics without at least trying to game on it right, im sure schenker lists the 3050 ti as a content creation accelerator, but it can accelerate games into my eyeballs, so lets see what its like in exceptionally light games. Like cs go, you should have a reasonable time, even at the displays 2880 by 1880 resolution, and it will generally hit the 90 fps required to match the displays refresh rate and itll. It wont be the worst time sure its, not fantastic, but you can still have a play, although anything heavier than csgo is kind of a no go. I managed to squeeze out about 37 fps average in cyberpunk at 1080p on low everything, so it is possible, but well theres, also another problem with trying to game on this and thats the display now its actually a pretty nice panel. Like i said, it runs at 2880 by 1880, meaning its a 16 by 10 aspect ratio.

It uses an ips panel too and, like i said, well, even run it 90 hertz. Sadly, the pixel response times are pretty dreadful, averaging over 20 milliseconds, using my money response time. Testing too, which is painfully slow. Any amount of fast motion gets smeared and blurry and thats. Actually a problem for more than just gaming too scrolling around, especially if you have dark mode, enabled, can make light text smear while in motion sure its not the absolute end of the world. But much like the new macbook pros display it can contribute to an uncomfortable viewing experience around 22 milliseconds average. That equates to around one frame about 45 fps, meaning that anything over 45 fps is going to have at least a full frame of ghosting, which is not a desirable trait for sure. Luckily, the display actually beats its claims in brightness. They claimed 380 nits, but i saw 413 from mine and, while thats still not amazing, as especially in say, bright offices or outdoors, you will struggle to see pretty much anything, but for the average user for how its generally going to be used is perfectly fine. It also exceeds their color spec clay as color space claims, as well, reaching over 100 of the srgb spectrum up to around 82 dc ip3 and seemingly pretty accurate out of the box too. That makes it a decent, if not mind, blowing option for things like office use and content consumption and should even fit reasonably well for a content creation thats.

What youre into the i o also fits that bill with two full size. Usb 3a ports apple, take notes. Uh two usb type cs, one of which the one on the right is actually a thunderbolt, 4 port as well. An sd card reader, a 4 pole, headphone jack, hdmi, 2.0 and dc in you – can actually charge the laptop via either of the usbc ports. With a 20 volt, 3.25 ampere, 65w usb pd charger, although interestingly the left port that the standard usb 1 can only charge the laptop while it is either on or asleep, but not while its hibernating or powered off, whereas the thunderbolt port on the right can charge It no matter, you know what state the machines in now there is one area that kind of pushed me off the vision 14 the most, and that is the keyboard, its not actively bad, but it feels a little cheap in the on the fingers, the keys arent. All that stable through their travel and generally, even though the surface finish, feels a little bit tacky a little bit on the cheaper side. Also, despite this being listed as a backlit keyboard and having the setting in their control center software mine refused to light up. I could be missing something, but i think, especially since the software says that i should be able to control or change the color of the backlight as well, but that im not presented with with any options or ways to do that.

That could be a bug with my unit or the the setup as a whole, but i thought, since i noticed it, i should mention it here. As for the trackpad thats, definitely better its actually pretty massive has all of the gestures you would expect and actually feels pretty premium. Unfortunately, it did kind of jump around from time to time, which was um well, a touch on the frustrating side and actually the lack of a touchscreen on a machine like this ended up being even more frustrating overall for me personally anyway, for a screen size like This being able to sort of fold it over – and you know, just use the screen as a tablet or how even just be able to poke stuff on the screen rather than using the trackpad or an external mouse, would definitely be preferable. I would enjoy being able to do that and i do feel like its something thats missing on this machine by comparison so whos this thing for well, if youre after an around the house, everyday, carry laptop for word, processing, web browsing and sort of content consumption with All day battery life, this probably isnt for you, there are better cheaper options available with arguably better battery life. That will suit you better. But if you do a touch of content creation or just need a a little bit more power, while still retaining the incredibly impressive size and weight and can deal with about five or so hours of battery life, then this might be for you.

The pricing is incredibly competitive, as even with how i have expect here its under 2 000 euros or about 1650 pounds, although, sadly, because we were allied to if you want one of these in the uk, youll need to pay v80. On top of that, which sets it to at least 1900 pounds and thats assuming you dont have to pay any kind of import tariffs as well, and for that kind of money you can afford the new macbook pro 14, with the 8 core m1 pro or a Touch more will get you the better 10 core option instead or you could even get the soon to be launched. Razer blade 14 with the the ryzen 6900 hx and an rtx 3066 gig, and also a 140hz display that i can only assume wont be as painfully slow, albeit for about 2200. Instead, but thats kind of in the same ballpark and certainly looks to be a much more powerful machine. All in all, i do quite like the vision 14., its not quite for me personally, but if youre in the target market and live in europe, then i dont think that its a its a bad option – the build quality isnt fantastic, its nice enough, but its certainly Not the most premium thing ive felt, especially that keyboard, and also since this is an odm machine, as in its made by tongfang its the ph4 tr1 trx1, you might be able to find similar options elsewhere, although schenker do a number of under the hood tweaks, like The performance tuning that you might feel outweigh any likely sort of small cost savings plus, since you can add, storage and ram to this yourself, you can either try and save some cash up front by buying a lower spec model and then upgrading it yourself or you Can just extend the lifespan of this thing with easy upgrades later on.

Thats definitely a benefit over some of the the larger manufacturers, especially people like apple, where nothing is either repairable nor upgradable. So nice benefit so thats a look at the the vision. 14.. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below what do you think of it? Is it a machine you pick up yourself or would you go with something more sort of gaming focused a bit more higher horsepower, or would you go with something even less horsepower than this? You dont need the the dedicated graphics and you just want a a true ultrabook with all day battery life, or you want the macbook instead. So if you like, let me know in the comments down below ill leave a link to their site. If you want to check this out and maybe pick one up yourself and also leave a link to a load of other stuff in the description, theres, a hoodies or t shirts, like this one or a load of other designs, i made myself or you can support The channel directly through the youtube join button or the patreon link thats in the description both of those give you some cool rewards for doing so or you can check out places like the amazon and overclock uk affiliate links if youre buying from there. Those do help me out as well and theres a lot of other stuff. You can check out too also, if you want to stay up to date on these videos, you can hit that subscribe button, and you can also keep watching.

As i have a whole load of content, you can check out a load of different reviews guides and a lot of other stuff theyll be on the end cards for you to take a look at yeah, thats kind of it.