So he used the tablet until battery went down to zero and after that he was not able to charge the tablet. So the tablet was working when the battery was charged, but he was not able to charge the battery when it went down to zero. That tells me that we have a problem with either the charging connector or something else on the board. We already disassembled the board right here and I actually started to work on this board before pushing the record button. I did not do anything, but I realized that we have three riff pads on the charging connector. Let me show you what I mean if you look here when I put this under the microscope, I pushed on the pins and I realized all the pins are loose. So I thought let me touch up on those pads. I brought my NF dot mini soldering pen and I touched up on the pins and as soon as I touched up on, pin number two and three: the pads came right off and we also noticed that we have a broken pad between pin one and here so. Basically, were gon na have to run a wire from here to here from here to here and from here to here. I do not think that we need to remove the connector. We should be able to do the job while the connector is still on now. I did touch up on, pin number four and pin number five and right now they are solid and we will work on.

Pin one two and three for pin. One were gon na grind this pad and were gon na run a pad strip from here to here and for pin number two were gon na grind. This Trace run a pad strip and were gon na do the same for pad number three, and after doing so, the tablet should charge again Im gon na start by grinding this pad right here and then were gon na grind the second one. Something is on my tip: okay, very good and finally, were gon na. Do this one here awesome. Thank you very much grinding pen, youre amazing. If you are new to the channel, I always mention it. In every video we carry and sell all the tools that we use the grinding pen, soldering stations, hot air stations, the amazing microscope that Im using right now, the V2 microscope thermal cameras, tweezers flux. We are a distributor for amtec flux. Whatever you need, you can just log into click on shop order, what you need, and we almost always ship items out same day. We stock everything and right now were going to use the NF dot mini pen to apply solder on those tiny traces. I mean what I love about this and of that mini knife tip. Is you can use the knife tip to do very microscopic work? I can use the tip of the knife tip or we can use the entire knife tip if we are working with bigger components for more heat transfer, you can tell the pins are hidden inside so were going to have to tilt the board a bit.

So we can see what we are doing and it may be a little bit challenging, but lets see to right over here and we got it. Lets go ahead and clean up very nice and now lets do number two and number three, but not at the same time. Well do one after the other one after the other. I just rotated the board and lets go ahead and solder right. So look at this. We did two and one I soldered the pen and the pad at once. What do you think Magic wire number two is done. One pad strip was enough to do two pins, but right now we need to get another one. And if you are wondering where to buy pad strips, we have four different types, just log into our website and you can buy it from there. The best stripe Im using can be found in pad strips too and Pat strips four. When you log into our site, we have fat strips one, two, three and four, and every package has different styles of fat strips, but the one Im using here is found in two and four and we have to make sure those two wires are not touching. We can cut it off from here and right now, its six or five so thats, the last repair for the day and Im out of here Ill, probably post this video today. Now we have to test to make sure the wires are making a good connection multimeter.

In diet mode very nice – and we are done just a quick clean up with the swap and Im going to assemble the board Im not going to fully assemble the board just the battery. I want to connect the battery and then were going to plug the charging cable and see if that battery will take a charge lets plug the micro, USB cable and yes, yes, charging amazing, look at this 0.46 amps. The tablet is charging at 0.46 amps awesome. We did not have to remove the charging connector, we sold the three wires we stored, three pads and the job is done were gon na invoice and mail. This back to the customer Ill leave this on big bosss bench, so he can reassemble it tomorrow, right here and thats it. I hope you enjoyed this video and dont forget to like And subscribe leave a comments.