Again, this one is 4G, just like the Teclast 98 that I looked at. Hopefully we won’t have the problems with the SIM cards, like I did on that model. This is the cube t10. So it’s got a Mediatek 8783 chipset in there, which is an octacore that can turbo up to 1.3 gigahertz it’s got 2 gigabytes of RAM. Now I picked this one up from gearbest, but this time around because it’s a cheaper device, I decided to just get it sent with the slow mail, so it took around 2 weeks to arrive so I’ve got that super bubble. Wrap on mouse should be fine, no damage to it and a typical cube box here. So other specs of this it is running Android 6. So not the latest version of Android, but at least it isn’t running really dated Android like 5.1, or something like that. Now it does have 4G as mentioned, but the bands on it kind of strange we’ve got band 34, 38, ‘, 40 and 41, so no band 20, at least here in Spain. After some readers working, it should work for me 4G, where the frequencies I have my current carrier and it does support the 2100 megahertz 3G band. To. Put the tablet to the side for a second now I don’t think we get a charger or anything else like a instruction leaflets and cable that’s it. But you could just use your standard mobile charger for this, which will work just fine, because we need 5, volts, 2 amps, so micro, USB cable, some warranty card, the VIP Cube card thing and user manual, which is in English and Chinese.

So the screen it’s got is 16 by 10 ratio 1920 by 1200 resolution, which has seen plenty of before, and it is 10.1 inches. It should be an IPS panel sup the front here, ambient lights in so something we don’t normally see in this price range and a front facing 2 megapixel camera so on the rear, we’ve got. This alloy feels good there’s, a plastic strip along the top that’s. For the end general reception – and it does have a autofocus 8 megapixel camera on the rear there with LED flash now, the build quality so far seems quite good and decent really for the price along. The top left is where you find the power on, and volume buttons now they’re made out of metal and you’ve got a really good feel to them. They don’t rattle or shake around on the bottom. Here we’ve got these little slots. They are actually the speaker grille. So that’s, where the sounds going to come out so downward firing speakers I mentioned they won’t, be that good, but I’ll test them out later on in this video and, of course, no Pogo port on this one. It doesn’t support any attentional keyboards. If you want to keep what you’re going to have to use bluetooth on the left side of where all the ports are so at the top, a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack micro, SD card slot micro, USB 2 for charging and data, then I’ll sim tray there.

For a sim for 4G and 3G support – and this little one down here – is a tiny, what looks to be about 2 millimetre DC and for charging, which will also be 5 volts and 2 amps. Oh, and I almost missed it. This little slot here is where the microphone is: sickness comes in at exactly 9 millimeters and it weighs 537 grams. So in terms of build, it is a lot better than the tech last a 98 octa core. Another 4G tablet that I recently reviewed because it’s got the metal that goes right there way around it, it’s, thinner, it’s, better put together and the bezels. Also, as you can see, aa slightly thinner and I can see that there is less of a gap to between the touch digitizer glass and then the IPS panel below on the cube here. Alright, so first boot did take a little while the screen looks good. I can tell that it’s an IPS it’s, bright it’s got vibrant colors and they are using a stock, rom fact that’s very bright. It must be on the brightest setting, which it is viewing angles, look fine to me, although if you have a lot there that the vertical viewing angles aren’t so good because of the screen, protectors that are on there, I haven’t removed the top layer of that one. Just yet so it is running Android six and the security patch levels from June. The 1st 2016 so quite dated there so super bloat free ROM, which is good they’re, putting out other crappy applications on there whatsoever FM radio support there’s a file manager on there.

Google Play Store, of course. Now you see here we do have phone and messaging, so you will be able to make phone calls with this using the sim slot, with your 3G or 4G SIM card I’ve connected up to my wireless router here, and it has detected 5g bands but it’s wireless N 5g, so it doesn’t have the faster wireless AC on here also run the wireless update software, the application here to check for any OTAs, and there is nothing as you can see. I put my sim card in there and straight away got onto my 4G network here in Spain without any problems which is really good. But if you have a look at these speeds here, they’re not particularly good. These are very slow for 4G. I mean 3G can get that kind of speed, so not the greatest. Their Wi Fi at least, is a lot better. So the download speed of 41 is decent, but the upload of 73 is really good for wireless in it. Just a point out that you can make voice calls, I did a quick test and it works fine. Of course, it uses the loudspeaker unless you connect up headphones to it, and here’s on2 to score, which you can see is nothing crazy, it’s, not even getting over 40000 there. The main weakness is the GPU that Mele T 721 hundred and twenty eight two gigabyte microSD cards do work in this model, so we do have GPS onboard the cube t10 here, which is great.

Unfortunately, it lacks compass hardware, so that’s not going to be the best when moving about now. Accuracy was three meters here when I took the screenshot, but I did walk down the end of the road and it jumped up to around 10 and 12. So it’s not the most accurate GPS it’s, also only picking up around nine satellites. What, if I use my bubble phone I get over 20 so will that entity result it’s, definitely no speed demon, but things like internet I’m now in the default browser with God. Here the performance is actually quite good, not bad. The touch response at accuracy seems good. It is smooth and if I just go into a post here, never loaded this page before you can get an idea of the performance. We have it pops up fast enough. I mean it’s not going to be the fastest, but really not too bad same goes for the rom performance as long as you don’t multitask too much. It is really quite quick loading things up, but you’ve only got two gigabytes of RAM. The more you start to push it, the more you start to load. I have noticed that you will see some slowdown between switching between apps, so when wouldn’t really want to be running anything massive like a game, then go into the browser and back and forth because it will start to lagged in now. A very quick look at the camera, so the rear camera will take in okay photo it’s.

Nothing amazing. Your mobile phone will certainly take a better picture, but for me the most important will be the front facing camera for things like Skype and the quality of it. Isn’T bad at all, it’s, actually quite decent, a lot better than the tick last 98 or the cube I play 10 that I reviewed and the frame rate seems alright. When recording quality is only 48 P, you can see it’s square VGA resolution, but really 30 frames per second and reasonably bright. But of course I do have studio lighting on here at the moment. So the speakers are reasonably loud. They’Ve got a lot of distortion. Lots of treble almost no bass, they’re, not good sounding speakers, but they are a little bit louder than other devices. Now the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack is also veiled and I didn’t notice any static or interference on my unit, which is another positive now. Lastly, on to gaming performance, so a very basic and not so demanding game like clash of clans. Here this performs well, you see there. Well, I don’t have exactly a huge village. This is only town level. 7. I think it is a level 8 and it performs well even in the battles. Do you see an occasional little stutter here and there, and now you see in a demanding 3d title like modern, combat 5, that it is quite slow, there’s differently frame, dips, that’s a lag here and there, but it is running it better than the cube.

I play 10 or the tick last 98 octa core. You can see. Framerate is Wow very slow, getting down to around 10 15 frames per second, then it is not ideal. Now battery life is looking very good. I haven’t done a full cycle, yet so I’d have to update you later in the comments on that. But I’ve had the screen on now for almost one hour at a reasonably bright level, see 52 minutes and I started out with about 99 or 98 percent battery and it’s now down to 89 and it’s, calculating at the moment about 8 hours left, which I tend To believe here, because I’ve been running benchmarks and gaining on it and doing kind of heavy tasks, so I think you’re looking ideally around 6 to 8 hours maximum on this, which is a lot better than the other, cheaper Android tablets that I looked at, which we’re Only getting around five four to five to six hours, so there are a lot of things I like here about the cube t10 so start off with the positives that it’s got a nice screen, it’s very responsive, accurate to touch good colors on there, and you do Have an ambient light sensor as well also the front facing camera is quite decent for this price range of tablet. Now we’ve got the sim card on it’s. Not Joule. Sensor only takes one SIM card, which is your micro, size and 4G work. For me here, at least in Spain, but do check, of course, with your carrier whether it’s going to work for you or not before buying it.

I can make voice calls, but the 4G speeds are a little bit slow. Their build quality is very decent it’s good. The gap between the touch digitizer glass and then an IPS panel below isn’t that great it’s, not as bad as the tech, glass, 98 octa core or so that model my 4G SIM card reader didn’t even work on it. So this is why I prefer this one better. The ROM on it is fast it’s light, but you can’t do heavy multitasking the chips it’s not really made for that, and also the gaming performance as you’ve seen, is really quite poor, it’s slightly better than the other model. The I play 10, for example, a little bit faster because it’s got that slightly more powerful or 14, so they say on the GPU, but it still is a very weak GPU good for light games, but not demanding ones so, overall it’s not too bad. Yes, it is more expensive than the other models out there. However, you are getting better, build quality, longer battery life, it’s looking to be around six seven eight hours, depending on what you’re doing and your brightness levels there, of course. So, overall, I feel this is the better ones of the cheap octa core that I have looked at just recently from the Chinese brands.