6 gigahertz. It still retains 4 gigabytes of RAM and the SSD Dow has increased from 64 gigabytes to 128. So it supports an optional keyboard dock, which is a transformer style one. So we have a reasonably good layout of keys D. We'Ve got most of the buttons you'd want on their page up and down print screen. One thing that is missing on there is buttons to control the actual screen brightness, which I do like to have on there so docking. It is very easy: there's, 10 pogo pins there and the stays – and you simply need to do – is just hold it up and then the magnet to take care of the rest at dachshund. Now you can reverse the tablet around. So if you wanted to have it in presentation mode, it's quite easy, simply just to undock it spin it around, and those USB ports on the side of the keyboard will still actually work in presentation mode because of the tin pin poker ports that it has on There, the design of it now when closed with the keyboard, the weight of it is 1.3 6 kilos, which I don't think is too bad. I mean it's, not the lightest device does pack a bit of power in there, however, for what it is overall, the build quality is quite good, so for ports going from left to right here, we've got the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that supports microphones micro SD card Slot the type C port now it's USB 3.

1 spec, so it supports data charging and display out all at the same time, if you have a compatible dock, which I do and it's working perfect, just like the i7 book now below. That is a USB 3 port notes, micro USB. So you need to use the included adaptor. They give you in the box, which is this one right here and then, if you're not going to be charging provider type C, you can use that DC 12 volts in for charging there so on. The red is an autofocus 5 megapixel camera that takes an okay photo. I mean: are we good for taking a photo of a diagram or Kix or something like that? And then we do have metal volume up and power buttons there that little dot next to the power button. That is a reset button for the bias. Finally, on the right side, there are two speakers now because they're both on the right, we don't get really good. Stereo separation, they lack volume they're, not very good, sounding speakers. If you see my unboxing would have heard them, they're, not really the best keys on the keyboard. They have good travel to them now, it's, not that Quietus keyboard when typing on it there's a little bit of noise to it. But you'll notice that when I'm typing and pressing down normally it's super rigid, there is no flex in it. There'S no bounce, which I really like now. If i push super hard, you see, it's actually like the whole keyboard, is moving down there.

A good keyboard to type on I can't say the same for other things about the touchpad it has. This touchpad is usable. You can move around good accuracy. Well, necklace is okay, but I just find it a little bit small and it does have that swipe down gesture which often trigger and find very annoying left and right mouse buttons. I would be using a mouse instead of this touchpad me personally. Breen has 400 lumens of brightness it's 1920 by 1080 P it's, the screen from the Microsoft Surface pro 2. Now it has welcome stylus support, which I will show you in just a minute and more on the stylus, but the blacks and the colors are quite good, not bad at all and very clear screen works well indoors. Now, because it's not fully laminated and there is a pre applied screen protector, it won't fare so well. Outdoors and one minor complaint I do have – is the bezels now being and why they seem to stand out a little bit more than they did on the i7 book and the i7 stylus, which had black bezels around the outside. The stylistic the screen supports, is welcome. So it's 6 stylus it doesn't, actually include a battery in there at all. So you don't have to worry about replacing it with those expensive, quad air batteries that you often have on this active stylus enabled tablets. This solace has a much better experience when it comes to writing.

I find it a lot better, so 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, the end is the eraser there, so you can quickly just scribble something down and then flip the pen around get rid of that. Now it does work quite close to the edge they even see and we're right against it and not bad at all and the pressure levels yes does work as well so lightly, pressing and the harder you press, the thicker. Of course, that will be now because the nib on this is plastic and the screen has a plastic screen protector on it. It will get scratched up if you're pressing down. Now you can move around with your finger and then proceed to just right here, not the best handwriting, but you can see performance of that is very quick very fast. Now there is a sitting in Windows that you can set it to actually just only have touch input disabled when it detects the pen. So as soon as it's been is detected, the the screen actually just does not accept any touch, and when you do that, which one I actually have set at the moment, it is really a lot better than for writing for people who want to take notes on This and for the purposes of this video I didn't actually have that enabled, because I wanted to show you this sitting right here so that's. We need to do ignore touch input when using my pin once that's on things are just so much better and really very good to write on you can see.

Now nothing is moving around my fingers. There will allow me to just move the page of course, but once the stylus is detected you see now I think is not doing anything. If you've seen my unboxing, you would have seen a couple of these tests before. I just wanted to point out that the RAM speed is 1866 megahertz, which is the fastest. The corium 37 white city will support. This is faster than the other Corian 7y xxx tablet tested, which was to take last x5 Pro. So I did run the benchmark of the internal storage, which we get approximately 105 gigabytes free on first boot. Now those speeds there aren't the greatest when it comes to write, speeds 4k reads: are low, but the 4k rights aren't that bad. Now you can upgrade the SSD in this. If you open it up, it's an m2 22 by 40 to 1, and you can put in a larger, for example, 256 gigabyte 1 in there, which would give better performance so it's like an it, looks now add a few other benchmarks, here's the pass mark rating, Which is actually really quite good, not bad at all. You kick bench for score again, a very good school here and I also ran Cinebench r15, which puts the performance very similar to the core i5 3317. You, which i think is really good performance in june, was really good on this machine. If you think this loads up really quick, really snappy, I am over all three police plus how it is running now here is a Aichi vc codec ten bit file at 19 minutes per second.

It plays that just fine, of course, the new cable ache graphics as architecture handles other newer, codecs really quite well. So no problems with that and also streaming in Chrome, 4k works. Fine, an edge 4k YouTube perfectly fine, no problems with that. This CPU the quarians. I really do like the coin 3. It can handle everything, apart from a super intensive, very very heavy, multitasking, video, editing and gaming. So if you want to play like battlefield 1 – and you want 60 frames per second that's – not going to happen on this kind of platform, but for everything else, I think the performance of the coin 3 is just really really good. Now here is the worst part of this tablet. Now Qube hasn't learned their lesson with the i7 book, which also got too hot, and I had to actually do a simple nod to that one and it looks like I have to do the same thing here: 92 degrees, no thermal throttling. It seems I've set that really quite high now that really is not acceptable. We shouldn't have to do thermal mods and I do believe what's missing is probably just like the i7 book they haven't placed a thermal pad between the heatsink and then the rear, alloy housing. On here to transfer heat away from the chipset, so this is why it's getting up to 92 degrees. So if you're going to game on this and even not gaming, if you have Windows Update running or you decide to run benchmarks like I have been doing now for the last hour, then it will get up to 92 degrees and perhaps even harder than that.

So really not acceptable and disappointing to see this so to touch on Wireless speeds. When I sit next to my router well in the same room as it, I can get the maximum speeds out of the Intel wireless AC through 16 chipset. It has in here my line – I have at home, is 300 megabits per second fiber optic, and it will get the full upload speeds. 300. 300. Really really good right now, where I am, is actually through a concrete wall and that cuts down on the signal strength and it also limits the speeds but it's performing really well. Even under these circumstances, I managed to get 170 megabits per second download and almost 60 upload, which I'm really happy with so wireless performance range, is very good on this tablet. So now it's time to have a look at gaming performance, the fun part of the review, at least for me and I'm, going to test up first is fallout 4. So 720p is the lowest that will, let me at least run it in full screen mode. I have to go into window mode upon want to lower the resolution and the settings. Everything else is all on on low here, so lowest possible settings let's have a look and see what kind of frame rate we can get out of it. Alright, so the frame rate here is quite horrible. It'S 10 frames per second 11 super choppy, so you want to run this windowed, maybe something like 800 x 600.

If it will, let you and I just don't like running games, windowed, really not that I would be playing this game on a tablet anyway, at least not a corium 3. Just just doesn't have the power that is really unplayable so choppy. This is dota 2 running 1080p on the lowest settings and it's keeping above 60 frames per second it's around 70 frames per second. So this game is a bot match single player bot match solo, and this is running perfectly fine. So this one is going to be very playable on the coin 3 here and battlefield here is just managing around 30 frames per second, this is 720p on the lowest settings. You can probably lower the resolution down a little more to increase performance but I'm just going to go with this and see how that runs. Now, Lysa games, such as League of Legends and Counter Strike global Offensive. They run well in the native screen resolution. You just need to tweak down the visual settings legally jhin's. At the moment I have set to the medium settings and it's averaging around 60 to 70 frames per second, so it's performing really well. This is a huge step up from the atom based tablets that I often review. So the CPU has hid internally 91 degrees, how hot the surface of it I've been cleaning it getting quite warm that is 30 to 33 degrees, it's slightly warm to the touch it's. Actually, not as bad as I thought it would get up to now.

That was probably because Q have not put a thermal pad between the heatsink and this rare alloy housing here, and we did run into this battery calibration issue and what happens is halfway through every one to 40 percent or what the system thought was. 40 percent battery life – it told me I was running out of battery now how to fix. That is. If you need to pal the unit back on completely drain the batteries so just keep using it. It'Ll go now for another hour or two more until it completely drains itself, then fully charge it overnight, and then your battery gauge will be correctly calibrated it's, just a small bug that I noticed it shouldn't be happening, but at least we can fix it now. Lastly, I wanted to point out the battery life because I've been benchmarking and gaming. When I started doing this video, I couldn't actually show you what I would call kind of normal use on a tablet, but it gets between four and four and a half hours. Now because I was gaming, I only managed to get three hours out of it, which is not good at all. The battery life is average. I found that all the corium threes and aquariums have disappointing battery life. If you want better life, then you have to get an atom tablet really for that now the performance of it is excellent. It is a step up over the i7 book.

We have a slightly larger SSD, but that really it in terms of benefits over the previous model, the it comes in this white and silver color, which I think the white around the Beatles just make these bezels look even bigger than they really are mean they are Large now we have a Wacom stylus support very good. This stylus is probably one of the best ones you can get on the Chinese tablets and the rest of it. The build quality is good, the keyboards good to type on touch pad isn't great. The speakers aren't great either, but the biggest kind of all has to be the thermals it's still getting up to 90 91 degrees, like the predecessor cube, have not addressed that which is really sad to see. All they need to do is put a piece of copper or thermal pad in there between the heatsink and the rear casing, and it would have lower temperatures by about 10 15 degrees. It would have increased their air, the tablets temperatures. I think, it's well worth it. So if you're going to be getting one of these, I highly recommend doing my mod now. If you want more information on that, just search for the i7 book thermal mod and it will come up, you'll see my video on that. It is essentially the same thing. You need to do with this tablet.