This is a Windows tablet, with an optional keyboard base that I’ve got here and what’s interesting about this. One is that, although it looks like a lot of the other cheap tablets that we typically look at here on the channel, this one is powered by a core m3 KB Lake processor. So it is a lot faster than a 200 computer. You might be looking at, but it’s also twice as much it cost about 400 or so, but really good performance out of this thing, if you want to mention in the interest of full disclosure, this came in free of charge from However, all the opinions you’re about to hear are my own. Nobody is paying for this review and no one is reviewing this content before it is posted. Now I do want to give you a warning about these Chinese tablets as you’ll see it has Chinese on here. Right when you first boot it up, this is going to be something you’re going to have a hard time finding service for if something were to go wrong now. Gearbest, of course, will probably help you out in the early stages of your ownership of it. But after that you’re kind of on your own, so I always like to give a warning up front that you should really buy and use these at your own risk, keep good backups and know that you may not always get the best support. If something were to go wrong, sometimes there’s a price to be paid by paying the lowest price, as definitely is the case here and many other products, and I review like this one it’s like to get those things out up front.

Another thing to note on this is that it has a Chinese version of Windows installed. That then, has the English language pack installed over it, so it’s activated, but you are getting a computer that’s already been installed, with an administrator account with no password. So, who knows what else they put on there, so what I usually do is I pull the drivers off with a utility called double driver. I might do a video on this separately to see you can see what I do when I get these things in. I then install the US version of Windows, even though it’s not activated it’s going to work, at least for the purposes of this review. You can always buy a key later and then I use double driver to put those drivers back on because I’m, always a very mindful of trying to keep my computers as secure. I guess as possible. I mean there always could be something in those drivers. That might be insecure, but I just like to know that I have an account on my machine that I installed versus one that came from the factories just a couple of warnings there that always come into play with these devices and things you should be thinking about Before you buy alright, so now that the warnings are the way let’s take a look at the hardware, we’ve got a KB Lake or m3 processor from Intel. This is the latest and greatest a seventh generation ship, and what this one brings to the mix is better graphics performance and some improvements in video playback you’ll see that when we look at gaming and Cody a little later in the review, pretty substantial improvements over the Prior generation actually you’ve got four gigabytes of ddr3 RAM and they configure this in dual channel configuration which gives you the better performance than many of the other cheap computers.

We look at which use a single channel of memory and you’ll see some effects of that. When we look at some of the gaming in a little bit, 128 gigabyte SSD you’ve got a ten point. Six inch 1080p IPS touch display it’s a little on the blue colder side of things, but it doesn’t. Look too bad. I’Ve got it on battery right now, it’s a little dimmer than it usually is, but looks pretty nice. They did put their own screen protector on which you can take off, leaving it on here, just in case. The next person who owns this might want to leave it there. But what will happen is that screen protector scratches up pretty easily, especially if you use a pen with it, because it has Wacom tablet, capabilities built in we’ll, explore that in the review also, so you do have some pretty decent functionality on this little device for the Price now the keyboard here is a separate item. So what you get for the 400 or so is the tablet portion here by itself there isn’t much to look at on here. You get a Pogoplug on the bottom for connecting it to that keyboard base. The keyboard is about a 50 add on ports are rather interesting on this one. So you do have your headphone microphone jacks. You have a SD card, a micro SD card slot over here for augmenting the on board storage. Again, 128 gigabyte SSD you’ve got a fully functional full service, USB type c port.

This will do power, data and HDMI output. So you can get your video out if you’ve got a compatible dongle there and it works very well for that. It works up to 4k. As I test it on my TV over there earlier and then what’s interesting is they have a regular USB 3 port here, but it’s the micro USB 3 connector, the one you might see on the bottom of your or the back of your hard drive. So you plug that in there and they give you a adaptor cable here if you want to connect a regular, larger, USB device up to it’s kind of odd that they did, that, you would think it’d be easier to have this two USB type c. If you need a dongle anyhow but that’s what they decided to do, and then there’s a power adapter port here, if you can charge it either through the power adapter that comes with it or you can charge it via USB type c. It’Ll support some of the faster charging through that type C port also, so you do have some flexibility on that. A battery life is found to be pretty good, actually around five and a half six seven hours somewhere in that range. Depending on what you’re doing, I think if your web browsing and doing word, processing, you’ll, probably get seven hours or so out of it. So not too bad on that front, not much else to look at on the tablet portion here: there’s a speaker’s on the right hand, side you’ve got your power switch over there.

The keyboard dock is actually very similar to the old, a 6100 that I reviewed a while ago reminds me a lot of it, including all of its faults. So you have a very tiny little keys here, which are kind of hard to type on. The trackpad is okay but very hard to work with at a really hard time, moving files around in the Explorer and whatnot so I’m, not crazy about how all of it works, but it’s good enough. In a pinch, I suppose, if you just want the most minimal means of travel with you, you’ve got a couple of USB ports on the dock. Also so you’ve got two more USB 2.0 ports on here and then it connects magnetically back to the main device here and you can fold it up and take it with you. It will recognize when you take it out of the keyboard and go into tablet mode. If you want so it does all the things you would expect a typical Windows 10 device to do now. If the keyboard attached does get a little heavy about three pounds, seven ounces that’s one point six kilograms. When you just have the tablet by itself, it is one pound, nine ounces or seven hundred and eight grams. You also have, of course, your webcam on the front and another camera on the back there, nothing spectacular but they’re there. If you want to make a quick phone call, just don’t expect good quality out of them, so that is the overall hardware.

Let’S take a look now and see how it performs all right. So let’s kick things off with some web browsing we’ll go over to my youtube channel and pull up. My 1080p 60 frames per second drone review that we always look at here and you can see things we’re very responsive, snapped right up when I clicked on the shortcut link that’s, because you’ve got that faster processor. You also have a wireless AC built in, so you will get a decent wireless performance out of it as well. The stats for nerds here is reporting no dropped frames as we’re playing back video, so this should be fine for Netflix for other streaming services. Also so you’ll have a good experience there, a walking, pull up the NASA website and see how fast other very multimedia rich sites render in, and you can see it comes up very quickly. This is actually what they have posted today on their website. That’S supposed to be there it’s, not some error, I’ll click on another article here, so you can get a feel for how fast everything renders in but it’s really quick, actually, I’m, really quite pleased with the performance out of it and again it’s funny, because I’ve used Computers that feel physically very similar to this one that are a lot slower, that this one really surprised me when I first booted it up. I was like what is in this thing again and I then looked up the specs.

Usually, what happens is they contact me and there’s about a two week delay between the time that I hear about it and when it shows up – and I thought I was getting another Adam based device here – but certainly not. This is a lot quicker with that court. M3 chips of very, very good performance there and on the octane benchmark test running in Google Chrome, we got a score of 23000 95 which actually edges out slightly the Dell XPS 13 from about two or three years ago that we looked at here on the channel. Now that Dell was running with the fifth generation Intel chipset, the higher powered, I 5 version. This one is the seventh generation Core M version, and it gives you an idea as to as time goes on, designs get more efficient and they can deliver more performance with less power. So that’s what you get out of these current generation, Core M chips – and this one performs pretty nicely as a result, and that means a lot of real world tasks like word processing here with Microsoft. Word will perform very nicely, so we’ve got a pretty involved template here with a lot of pictures and graphics and whatnot, and you can see how quickly everything renders in you can very easily make changes to it, there’s no lag or delay. It just responds to what you’re doing and again that’s what these core M chips do a little bit better than some of the other low powered intel chips you can choose from on cheaper devices and one of the biggest performance gains i’ve.

Seen on this new 7th generation intel architecture, especially on these low powered devices, is graphics, performance and i’ve got a rocket league running here, a game. It doesn’t typically run on these core M processors very well right now, it’s running at almost 60 frames per second, with all the settings turned down at 1080 with this core m3 chip now a lot of times, it’s dipping down into the mid 40s or so, but Generally 40 or 45 frames per second or betters about the average. Sometimes it creeps up too close to 60, depending on what’s going on in the game. So pretty good performance here because of some of the improvements they’ve made in the GPU that is built into these Intel chips, so really good performance on this game, let’s see if it can run grand theft, auto 5 grand theft, auto 5 does run on this machine. It just doesn’t run all that well so, I’m, getting anywhere from 15 to 25 frames per second give or take that’s with all the settings at their lowest possible settings and that 800 by 600 resolution and one of the things you should know about these little devices With bandless chips is that the hotter they get the slower they run because the chips actually slow themselves down, so they don’t overheat, and I ran some benchmarks to test that and the 3dmark stress test reported that we will see some thermal throttling as things get hot.

So this is definitely not going to be a triple a gaming device, but probably suitable for some of the lower powered games that you might find on the steam store, some casual stuffs and indie titles. Those should do okay, but stuff like grand theft. Auto 5 series should probably be left for your gaming computer. I also ran the 3dmark Cloud Gate test to get a better idea as to how it stacks up with other computers, and we got a score of 4824 on that test and take a look at the me air 12, which is running with the same class of Processor from the prior generation and look at the graphical jump here, we’re getting about 30 frames per second on the first graphics test, they’re only about 18 point 9, 8 or 19 frames per second on the prior gems. You can see there’s a real jump in graphical performance and even the CPU performs a little better on the physics test. They’Ve made some pretty big gains here on these core em chips in this generation, but he is still your enemy. It will still impact performance as you’re running these things over long periods of time. All right, I’ll take a look now and see how the pen works with the device here now. This is a Wacom compatible device, meaning any awaken 10 should work with it. The driver is called Wacom fields now to go out and find it to get it working after I free installed windows on it.

My double driver didn’t pick that one up look at the Wakeham field. Driver and you’ll be good to go I’m using a little app here called speedy painter just to see how all of this works here, and it does detect pressure actually, which is pretty good. So it has some of those features that you would expect from a Wakeham device, and you can do some basic drawing on here. It doesn’t do as well with risk detection, though sometimes it’s pretty good other times. You can see here, it’s kind of messing up. So what I found works is to get the pen down on the surface first and then put your wrist down, but it’s not perfect here, as you can see. Sometimes it works other times it doesn’t it’s not going to be as good as a Microsoft Surface or something that’s more expensive and designed for this kind of activity. But you do get pen functionality that’s slightly better than what you might see on other cheap devices. But I was impressed with its performance with high end video formats, so we have Cody running here, we’re, going to run a 140 megabits per second 10 bit HEV fee file. This is something it would show a prior generation device here and it comes up without issue. This is the jellyfish test. Video that I’ll put a link to down below in the video description. They’Ve got a whole bunch of different versions of this, but this file is for K, 10 bid, 140 megabits per second and it’s playing back perfectly.

No drop frames, no skip frames and it looks great and again, this is something you probably couldn’t get to play on the prior generation chip, but these KD Lake processors are just optimized for this kind of video, playback, so really good stuff there. You can also play things like traditional 1080p blu ray files here without issue either so really good video playback performance, especially if you are bringing your own media with you, I think you’ll enjoy that quite a bit. The speakers are on the side here, aren’t great, so you probably want to plug in a pair of headphones or something but very pleased to see the multimedia performance was as good as it was, especially considering the price point. So all the way – and I am very pleased with how well just performed for the price, in fact when I took it out of the box, it felt like every cheap Windows tablet I have used over the last couple of years. Then I turned it on and started playing with it, and I said wow this thing is actually pretty good. The display is nice, 1080p IPS. It looks nicer in person than it does on your screen right now, just given all the difficulties and shooting the screen, the performance is excellent. There are a few compromises here, it’s great for doing work really great for media consumption. As you saw passable for gaming, you got the USB type c ports. You could dock it with a docking station and use it as a secondary desktop.

Even if you wanted to do that, so I think it’s actually going to do quite well as a second computing device and it won’t cost you all that much money which is a good thing, because if anything ever goes wrong, that six or eight months down the Road, you might be stuck with it, but all in though I think it might be worth taking the risk, provided you spend a little time when you get it to get your own version of Windows installed on it versus the one that comes with it. Just for security purposes, I like to just know what I’m putting on my computer here, but beyond that, I think if you are looking for a decent little cheap Windows device with performance, this one certainly delivers. This is lawns Ivan thanks for watching this channel is brought to you by my patreon supporters. If you want to help the channel you can, by contributing as little as a dollar a month head over to londo TV, slash patreon, to learn more and don’t forget to subscribe visit.