I work eight ultimate, which is this model right here, that doesn't have the windows home button and the on V 820 w CH. Both of these have the same. Chipset emits the FM x5. Is it 8300? It can turbo up to one point: eight four gigahertz now, if we look at the design of both of them, you'll see that the onder is actually just a little bit smaller and they're bezels a tiny bit smaller they're, both very similar and the way they look. Both wide, of course, you can see – and we do have the Windows Home button here on the onder and it is placed on the top with the cube. Now they both have a plasticy build, and I find that the onder's build is is reasonably well for the price I mean they. Both of these are about 80 us it's, okay, and so is the build of the cube, but the cube just is put together slightly better and I prefer it over the under. I think that I'm, just gon na get a little attract a little bit more dirt than a fingerprint design. They have a textured design on the back there. I think it's going to tracked a little bit more, do it on it, and I do like the silver they have put a long here cube and the fact that the buttons are actual metal, whereas the buttons on the under they are plastic. Now the ports on both of them they're only the same position Wow, I have almost just dropped a tablet then they're, both on the top, but there you can see this space out a little differently and we have the micro USB HDMI, 3.

5 millimeter, jack and here's. Our micro SD card slot and there's that home button again and then on the under 3.5 millimeter jack micro, HDMI and then the micro USB and the micro SD card slot is, on the top left hand corner just right there and it's a little hard to get To get the card in and out now, both of them have very average cameras. Both of them have to mix it because or cameras front, and back and they're okay for video chat that's about it really, because when you try and do anything else with you too and take a photo, then they do not look good at all. Now these screens not sure what is going on here with the onda, but you can see there's a huge difference when it comes to these screens. The under screen is very dull, not particularly fond of it, and you can see here there's quite a massive difference. The viewing angles also know under if you just you, can see, hopefully in the video they're, just moving it around the view angles and not really good. Now, why don't you look at it straight on it's, not too bad and the coop other. On the other hand, the I work 8 ultimate is a lot better and definitely a lot brighter they're, both on 100 brightness at the moment, hard to believe really. When you look at the under just held dull, it looks next to it.

So when it comes to benchmarks on these tablets, they are very similar scores. You know you can already see the Geekbench school they're almost identical and for find here. This is the 3d mark 11 score. One point off so identical kind of schools have very hard to see on the screen. I'M gon na have to dim the screen down there. We go so it's kind of at a similar level. It'S, even actually at 25 on the cube screen is the equivalent of 100 on the on the screen, that's, just how bad it is. Okay. So what are the benchmarks we have? So I still the 1.2 scores. The andhe for some reason gets almost 2000 points. High I'm, not really too sure why, but it does, it seems to be slightly faster, but you don't actually notice that in use – and this is the 3d mark – PC mark 7 score. Basically the same. You know there's, like about 40 points, 30 to 40 points. Difference in it they're very similar results bury life on both is about four hours: three and a half to four hours as really wonderful – and this is giving us a guess here, using the battery bar Pro it's about the same now. Both of these actually have problems with detecting the battery capacity. Just using battery bar Pro it doesn't seem to detect it properly. I'Ve noticed on some of the tree, cheery trail tablets that I have reviewed, but I do actually have print screens of better battery stats there, and yet it both run about the same for hours.

You get a little actually put in about half an hour list may be on the the cube because of the brighter screen has an impact on that, and when it comes to internal storage, they both have in card Iggy MMC's. So we don't really know what brand they are and let's lay open it up, but it's either a 4c or a be win card that comes over and speeds on both of them. I found that the on that actually has a slightly faster drive in it. Now there could be down to the various different batches that they use, but I managed to get right, speed, 0, 60 to sequential right and half of that on the cube. You can see there and the 4k speeds they are very low. The 4k right I mean just two mega bytes per second: there it's only 3.4 on the Beyonder, so both of them their drives aren't, really that fast, but it doesn't tend to really affect speeds. I don't think that much of what I can't really notice the difference between both of them. They seem kind of the same and loading up websites and just moving around the file browser within Windows 10 and when it comes to thermals, both of them run hot. Both of them get up to 85 degrees, so actually we got up to 87 on the cube here. Just doing some gaming at the same time as well as charging is so charging a gaming at the same time that's what you got up to so it does get quite hot.

But according to this, no thermal throttling and the under the 820 85 degrees. And again it mentioned that there was no thermal throttling, so they both run hot I've seen so many of these cheery trails. Now that just tend to get very hot and it's literally happening to every single cherry trail. I have seen in a Chinese tablet. Even the Taiwanese azuz transform a book that also had thermal throttling. The only one I haven't seen do. It is the surface three, but Microsoft obviously took care of that with extra heat sinks and copper. Thermal pipes transfer heat pipes as well. I think that helped out there, so I real, which one would I get well. I think I definitely go for the cube. I'Ve also had a couple of problems with the Ando when it comes to the wireless connection. Quite a few times, it's just dropped the connection, and you get this asterisk pop up and say: yeah screen, dump that I took there. So you get an X Asterix in the corner and it comes up saying, limited connection and a couple of times I've actually lost completely. The wireless. The network card has completely gone and I have to reboot the tablet. That is a bit of an annoyance and in the dull screen on it also makes it hard to use in brightly lit environments. I definitely wouldn't go for it because of that, the cube. On the other hand, I think the screen is definitely a little better.

Obviously brighter, but it also looks a tad sharper to me too, I'm. Not really too sure why. But they are differently different panels in there, and it is a lot better looking and when you're running the brightness up. I'Ve also noticed that the the cube screen is quite a cool white, so the way it's calibrated it's definitely towards a cool white, not a warm white, so it does kind of have a bluish tinge to it. But overall, this is the one I would get here and comparing both of them, the performance is very similar. The price range is very similar and unless you can get a really good deal on the onder, I would kind of stay away from it because of that Dell screen that now, when you can see next to again next to the cube here, just how bad it Is for those viewing angles: yeah it's it's, quite a shocker there, thanks for watching the comparison. Video here hope it was helpful. If you are considering this now, I haven't featured the chui hi 8 pro in this video, because I don't actually have it yet there's no stock at the moment. There'S delays on that model at timer recording this video at least it's, not out and I'm waiting for mine. I do have it ordered so, hopefully, later on. I can update this video with the chewy hi 8 pro or the VI eight plus, which is a newer one.