Not a super sharp screen right now got the brightness down to twenty five percent. Just to show you that when it's at this level of brightness, it has quite a blue tinge to it the white background here it should actually look reasonably white but it's. Quite a cool white screen it's. Definitely not a warm white, and I notice that when you do actually increase the brightness it's 50 now at the moment and up to 100 it does change and becomes more of a white color. Finally, it's just on those lower levels, it tends to have quite a blue tinge to it, but overall mean the the the screen doesn't look too bad. You do have to take into account that this is an eighty US dollar tablet around that mark. Eighty five, eighty u.s. at the time of this video so it's a relatively cheap for an Adam Terry Trail tablet it's got the x5 a zero 8300 M with a turbo of one point. Eight four gigahertz and I have ran through a few tests. You can see at the moment this is the MMC speed, so it's the internal storage and it's, not particularly fast let's, say a generic in card is what it comes up, as so it's, either a four C or B when brand e MMC and those write speeds To share the device manager, the write, speeds aren't, particularly good, especially the 4k speeds, quite slow, but I haven't really noticed they're having too much of an impact on Windows.

Just go in it and it just drives. You can see. A generic in card is what it's listed at and normally in my experience when I've actually opened tablets up, I found out that the end cards are normally F or C or B wins brand cards. Now, that is the screen. The touch response of the screen is quite good and it's quite a clear screen, and then you make some in brightness, as I showed you before, isn't too bad I'm, not going to turn it right up, because it tends to overpower the camera a little bit now. I'Ve read through a lot of benchmarks. This was the wireless speed test. I did so. It got almost 40 megabits per second right about the same speed that my desktop got that's connected up to the actual router, so wasn't bad at all, upload speed of 20. I managed to get about 25 out of my desktop, so I'll tiny bit slower there, but overall, not too bad at all. Now are the other benchmarks that I ran. You see there's a couple of things here in Chinese, but I can actually get rid of that. The other benchmarks are just show you in a second that I ran was we, for example, the 3d mark 11 score. P, 334 it's a very low score. If you're, comparing this, if you had a gaming desktop, then well, you couldn't even call it a gaming desktop with that kind of score, but it's very low, but for a tablet.

It'S gon na tablet, it's, okay, it's, definitely faster than the older generation, Adam Bay trails and here's. The PC mark 7 score it's around about the same score as the Adam 037. 35F. Probably let down a little bit by the speed of that EMC drive is the cloud gate. 1.1. I still mum point 2 and the geek bench 3 score again. Another school that's around about the same level as the bay trail Z at 37. 35. Now, if I quickly just show you the camera, the front facing rear cameras are only 2 megapixels, so they're not really usable at all for photos but it's. Okay for video chat. I found using Skype that it came out. Ok that's the front facing camera. It does run at 30 frames per second to make a pixel resolution and you're just picking up my light there. So you can't really see too much but it's working it's. Not that bad, I mean it's. Definitely not the best camera you'll see but it's. Ok for the price range, I think now I will show you the temperatures ahead, xw4 running in the background and show you here that it got up to 85 degrees, so it's, another hot cherry, trowel chip, but no thermal throttling apparently still got up to 85, though, Which isn't really good to see, but apparently it didn't throttle itself yet now. This is when I did a lot of tests, benchmarking so overall, not really that good the temperatures and, if you've, seen the unboxing video, where I showed the ports and everything on the tablet.

I'Ll just quickly go that again, so we have the micro SD card fits in like this it's quite easy to remove it. It sits right on the edge and it shouldn't pop out or anything that's that rear megapixel camera there. The 2 megapixel camera, the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, our micro HDMI and then the micro USB port, which can be used for data. If you wanted to connect up a USB Drive and the tiny little speaker on the rear, which isn't particularly good, it's, quite hopeless. Really. As a speaker not very loud, not very clear, I don't particularly like it that much now they're out of trim. This is silver along there, but that's not actually metal it's made to look like metal, but it's, not that's. All the plastic you build. It has a textured plastic back on it, a plasticky feel, but overall, the book quality is not bad at all. It'S not doesn't feel like it's gon na fall apart, although it is plastic II, there's, no creaks and it's not really flexible. It seems too solid enough in hand, and the weight of it is not too bad at all. Now, better life is another thing that I did have a quick look at. I have been using it you're, looking around for hours battery life at the moment, it's telling me my full runtimes going to be three and a half hours, but I have been benchmarking now. Battery bar pro isn't, detecting the capacity of the battery properly there it's saying it's got 23, where already and they're saying a new tablet, so not too sure what's going on.

There could be a problem with this program, but I've had it on since 100. That'S running for almost two hours and I'm now at 50, so all in all you're looking yeah four hours, you can probably squeeze that out. Maybe two four and a half. I did notice that when the battery percentage gets to seven percent it will sit on 7 percent for another half an hour or so and continue to go. And then you just have to be careful that once it gets to about 4, it will just suddenly power itself off, but you can squeeze a little bit more on battery time. Out of it now I will demonstrate some gaming on here just run a couple of Windows Store games and I have installed us two first up the Dungeon Hunter. So I have the brightness and I think it's 50 and volume is right up to a hund percent moment. You see the framerate it's a little slow there at times and it's a few stutters but overall looks like a game like Dungeon. Hunter 5 is gon na, be playable stall games at least it'll be playable. Now this one is modern, combat 5 very demanding games, put it the most demanding game you can get on the Windows Store at the moment, and it is the game that is running the slowest. I think very, very leggy and it's certainly painful to play this game. Actually and it's just whoops, why did that pop up, so their frame rates getting down to about 10 frames per second or something's, completely unplayable, really and that's, just almost impossible to play, because their framerate is so slow.

So not a game I'd recommend trying on this tablet, so you can see there with a little bit of gaming and I just tested those two games there that a game like Dungeon Hunter 5 is going to run. Ok, other lighter games will run fine, but things like GT racing games like GT racing and modern combat 5. They will probably not run at all with playable frame rates. I don't see how you can really play that unless you blow the resolution down, you can do that, but it's already running at 1280 by 800 resolution, so you might have to lower that down even further. If you can – and maybe you might get a slight boost in the framerate, but really this isn't a tablet – you want to be gaming on I'll. Just have a quick look at the temperatures again just from that gaming test, so it's still at 85 degrees and according to the snow thermal throttling, but the performance isn't really that great. Now things like internet explorer de scrolling within edge, sorry is fine and if you run, Chrome, it's probably run a little bit slow but overall for the price of this tablet. It'S 85 – us, as I mentioned around that figure there it's ok for what you're getting. I think the build quality is right. You can't have Skype or not, but just don't expect a huge amounts of performance or multitasking and gaming when it comes to gaming, just basic games.

Reds. Are you gon na be able to play on this before I do? Go with this video, I just forgot to mention that up here we do have a Windows Home button since they'd have been an actual button on the screen like the under v 820, W it's right here at the top, so pushing that, of course, will bring up Our Windows, 10 Start menu and it's. Ok, I do actually like the effect they've done that the way they've positioned it on the other tablets we're having it here. You can sometimes accidentally bump it and then, of course, the menu to come up. If your gaming can be a little bit annoying and along the top here, of course, we've got our power and volume up and down. These are made out of metal they're those buttons. So, overall, I think for the price it's an OK tablet, but just bear in mind those facts that I mentioned before that yeah it's not going to be a gaming tablet.