Maybe you've noticed probably not as this right here little logo there to switch over to android. So this model now comes with dual boot and what i've done is i have flashed this myself. That'S originally had just windows 10 in it. I don't know if you've seen my previous videos on this particular model only had windows 10, but now you can run android 5.1 alongside Windows, 10. Now the flashing process isn't really that complicated, but there's a few steps. You need to follow the step by step. Go through it, there is a link in the description of this video. If you want to convert your existing Windows 10 only model then go and check that out, but I just wanted to quickly show you Windows and I'm gon na boot over and show you Android, because I've already focused on the Windows 10 part of this tablet. Before so in this video, I just want to focus now on Android wats Android, like roughly some benchmarks and very quickly show you some gaming, so you just have to okay a few little pop ups there and then it will now restart and switch over into Android. All right so Android has just powered up here now took approximately 50 seconds to almost a minute to do that, so a little bit slowly. Err but I'll quickly show you the ROM and it's quite good, actually the wrong. Now the screen the DPI is set perfectly to the screen, so it doesn't look blurry, unlike when we had the chewy VI, 10.

They didn't have a very good DPI selected. I think I said it did something. Like I can't remember, 380. I think it was, and it didn't look very sharp and all blurry, but this actually looks really good and it's a very stock Android kind of experience here, which is good. They haven't used any bloaty browsers. Now there were three applications that were in Chinese, but I could remove them so virtually blow free the ROM and it performs really well it's. Quite quick and overall looks good, like the ROM now to switch back over to one you simply just power down the power button, just hold it down for a bit there and it'll pop up the menu there. So you can boot to Windows, and it will do that quite quickly. Now. One thing I don't like is the menu set up. They'Ve done here, I would have rather just had the back home and recent apps menu. I thought would mean better without the volumes because they're kinda they're off center. I don't particularly like that they're having a dedicated screenshot button, okay, it's handy for someone like me – maybe that's reviewing it, but otherwise. I don't think people take enough screenshots to actually need that button there. You can also hold the power on button and volume down to take a screenshot, so it's not really needed, but that it is running android 5.1 it's just good to see. I don't know where there were.

There will be in android 6 update coming for us, I imagine later on, probably in the year. They will be because there's a lot of developers that are still working on their own Android, 6 roms, so that's gon na hopefully come one day soon, but I wouldn't hold my breath for it, and there was a wireless update that I did update to the latest. Rom and I'll just quickly show you the amount of free space you had were to take a screenshot of it and a couple of our benchmarks, also that I ran where we are we, okay, so the initial first launched when I first turned it on sorry. There was 7.3 4 gigabytes free, which isn't too bad, and I forgot to mention Windows, only had five point: eight gigabytes free, which isn't enough, which is why I kind of I hate seeing 32 gigabyte emmc djibouti tablets. I think minimum minimum. We need 64 gigabytes because it's just not enough free space, at least here in Android they've. Given us more, I mean seven still not ideal, but we can install and insert a micro SD card cause. There is a micro SD card slot. If you seen my other videos when this was just a Windows, 10 version, then you can expand the storage, but some of these games that you do play on Android, they're, very large in size they can be over one gigabyte and when it comes to storage, really You want to have a lot more free than what's there, so some of the other that's the first launched what was installed so we've got one two three applications that can be uninstalled here's, our Geekbench 3 score it's, actually lower than what I got on Windows.

10. I'M, not really too sure, why probably down to maybe wrong optimization, and you can see it – that is our and 2 to 6 score. So 56000 is what the atom x50 8300 gets. It'S a breakdown there, some of those scores. You want to look at that and compare that to your existing mobile phone tablet and you can see that it's just well and 1, so just it's 10000 points below the LG, g4 and that's all I ran on the benchmark side of things. Yeah I'll just run a few games test them out and see how those perform now the screen brightness is currently set down to. I think I have it get that screen to rotate know about 50. I said about 60 at the moment, so it can go a lot brighter, but I've just set it down for the purposes of this video, so it tends to cause a little bit of a trouble with the camera. So I just turn that down again but it's. Quite bright, these speakers also quite loud as you'll, hear shortly with some of the games are test up, just try clash of clans first, I haven't got a very large village set up here, but this game, although it doesn't really look like it, would be a super Demanding game once you've got a lot on the screen. It actually can be quite leggy, but the performance of this is just fine and it actually looks really nice and sharp on the screen, because again they got that dpi setting spot on for this screen resolution, which is 1280 by 800, and it looks just fine I'll.

Just quickly check some goblins to get an idea, but it's yeah it's just runs perfect I'd. Are you gon na? Have any problem seem you've got a huge like level 10 or 11 base. It should run just fine this game. You can see the speakers very loud at the heart of the same volume so exit out of that one test out: another game, Real Racing 3 or some bad driving by my part there. But at this resolution the ad mx 5 doesn't have any problems running this. One get move on now and test out another game. This total here is Mortal Kombat X, it's running the Unreal Engine and one of the most demanding titles, probably that you can find on Android Mortal Kombat X, runs actually find a spot surprising to see because other tablets they have high resolutions, for example, like the me Pad 2, with that Retina display really struggled with this game, but because this is only running 1200 times 800 Ellucian it's made this game completely playable. This title here is implosion all right, so I think you can see clearly that it's playing this game to find pose. So, overall, I'm liking. This tablet more actually the I work, 8 ultimate as at your boot, and I think Android on this really suits it. Well, the gaming performance is definitely a lot better than the likes of the retina tablets, because it doesn't have that high resolution to deal with the roms really good, it's, basically bloat free.

The only downside to it really is battery life. If you're going to be gaming with the screen, brightness that I currently have you're only going to have about two hours, two and a half hours of gaming, if you're, not gaming and you're, using the internet browser which, by the way, works just fine that isn't gon Na give you that much battery life more really very of three and a half hours, maybe now more but battery life isn't that good and windows you get about four hours, so slightly less. I think in Android, but I wrote not too bad thanks for watching this. Video it's just a quick peek there, and if you want some help with the dual boot conversion, if you're going to flash yours then do check out the link in the description run through those steps, and if you still have problems, ask me for help there just Leave a comment and I'll try and help you out the best I can thanks for watching. I hope you see in the channel soon I have some new tablets coming up. The vo V book version 3 it's gon na be in a 13.3 inch yoga 2 style laptop that we'll be reviewing soon.