How are you doing so? This is the onder at the top. Here they onto V 820, w CH and below here is the cube. I work eight ultimate CD, both cherry trails above how they Adam x5z 8300 in it, and both of them actually get hot. They both get up to 85 degrees. When you start to benchmark gaming – or you start to really push the Adam chipsets, then they do get quite hot, so you can see that they do have quite a different design here, different motherboard layouts on both of them and here's, the under speaker there on the Rear and the speaker on the cube is up on the top lived here now. Both of those speakers are very poor don't, particularly like them, they're just a single speaker, and they really do kind of struggle now the build quality of both of them sings reasonably good. I mean they've taped down where the ribbons have been connected up, cube well on to have at least here on the top and cube has taped the batteries taped in and glued, and while it's got double sided tape. Skipped on here and overall doesn't seem too bad. There is quite a difference when it comes to the chipsets. Now they've got like a heat spreader or a larger kind of aluminium or tin heat spreader heatsink, on top of the under here and here's, our Atom chips. It now that device manager said it had an in card each MMC it's.

Actually the 4 C brand it's other 4 C will be when that normally comes up with that and the RAM here. These are the 512 megabyte modules here from Kingston they've caused 4 of them for our 2 gigabytes of RAM and the cameras glued in place. It doesn't seem too bad. Now we could actually just ditch this right here. I think you could get away with just some thermal adhesive put a bit of that put that on top of the actual atom chipset, and you might actually find you can lower temperatures, probably about by 20 degrees, now the the backing of both of the tablets. This is the cubes backing. Plate has a foil on the back of it to stop that heat coming through on the plastic and the tablet getting warm to the touch it's, the back of the under there and cube of gone things with things slightly different, so what they it's a heat spreader Like the under there, using some tape well it's like a copper tape on top of that, so that's gon na spread the heat around away from the earthen chipset that you can see right there there's the cherry trail and the emmc that larger chip right there is Another 4c brand, and not particularly fast – I mean that the sheave is in the Samsungs, definitely better, but it's, probably a cheaper component. You have to remember that both of these are in about the 80 u.

s. price range. They are very cheap tablets for what you're getting and I think the kind of build quality they have for that price is okay and what you'd really expect they have to keep their prices down and still somehow make a profit out of making these. So I think also too with this one, we could probably just get rid of that, ditch that that spreader tape and then I put a thermal Mahi's off' and another a nice, probably about a 10 by 10 one millimeter, thick, copper shim. On top of that would definitely help a lower down the temperatures. Now the RAM on the cube is Samsung, so they're same some chips and deceiver, so it's, no one brands they're using it's, not something you've, never heard of so I mean it's, not particularly bad, but it is there to see the fact these are getting up to 85 degrees, now, whose fault is it I mean, is, is Intel to blame here, did into Intel have a reference design? Obviously they've told the manufacturers no that's. All you need is the spread of tape on top of the chipset. That will be sufficient to keep it cool and just using the shielding and the heatsink that they've gone with under as well, maybe that's just from Intel again, maybe the reference design that they had when the first cherry trails came out and they built themselves a reference Model they said no that's gon na be enough, but it's not good to see, but I think copper heat sinks on these might help with that problem.

Definitely will have actually so there's a look there at the internals of both of the machines. Thank you for watching the video.