I work eight ear. It is an upgraded version of the I work. Eight that I reviewed a while back and all they have changed is the screen. So the screen resolution has now gone from 1280 by 800, pixels now 1920 by 1200, and the screen as a result is a lot sharper now on camera, you're going to see a little bit of this shimmer, this flickering happening now that doesn't actually happen when you're. Looking at it so to the naked eye, you can't see that at all I don't know why that's happening on camera I've tried every single setting possible to try and eliminate that flicker. Changing the the shutter speed ISO settings etc, and I can't seem to get rid of that. So if you look at the screen, it is a non laminated screen and there is a very visible gap fee that you can see approximately two millimeters between the IPS panel below and the screen on the top. Now the screen seems to be it's hard, like glass, but I think it is glass underneath, but with a plastic coating on the top, it does come up with a screen protector, pre applied on it and the build quality of it. It'S all plastic, and even though this is painted silver to look like metal, it's, definitely not metal. All plastic along here and I'll just show you on the right hand side. So we have a power on volume up and down those are made out of metal and on the top here we have a home button, that's a two megapixel camera, a micro SD card slot I've got 128 gigabyte SSD in there, a micro SD in there sorry, 3.

5 millimeter audio jack micro, HDMI out and your micro USB and for data and charging and there's rear speaker and it's a textured kind of plastic material on the back. The build of it is okay, it doesn't feel flimsy or anything like that, but it is plastic II and it's quite light too it's only 314 grams, which isn't bad and light nice light weight, and at the front here we have a 2 megapixel camera. So this review is going to be broken down into various section there's, some time codes that should be appearing right now so feel to skip ahead to parts that interest you the most. If you want to just see the windows portion, then go ahead and check that out so I'll start off now, just having a look at the Android side of things on the I work a tier first, so it is running android 5.1 and the rom is fairly Lightweight there are no real bloatware apps on there and anything that is on there. You can just go ahead and uninstall that straightaway, which isn't too bad the performance of it is good of the two gigabytes of RAM, so it doesn't give you a huge amount of RAM for multitasking, but I'll show you the count, RAM use at the moment at The moment it's, sorry if I select what's running so at the moment, it's using 330 megabytes of RAM, giving us about 1.4 gigabytes free there. So you've got a little bit updated there to play word to do multitasking.

So I did run my usual benchmarks and I will go through some of those here, but first we'll just have a look at this screen in a little more detail. So they did add. A few images come pre installed from the factory, just some images that make the screen look really nice, so it does have a maximum brightness of 772 Lux and has mentioned it has now the 900, so the 1920 by 1200 resolution and it's not a bad screen At all, it looks quite sharp, good, brightness and it's a definite upgrade from the original. I work. 8 model. Ok, sorry, here's, the free mount of storage. You get when you first move over into Android, so you get 7.19 gigabytes free. So you can at least stall a couple of large games and the default app, so we had just a couple of bloatware ones there, but you can an uninstall them so here's. The 3 mark sorry Geekbench 3 score. This is an 2 anywhere around 60000 is good for this chipset icestorm score a little lower than expected that one icestorm extreme and the wireless speeds, so the wireless download speed came out a little lower than my desktop. Now my desktop normally gets around 4045, and here we've got 33 and the upload of 28. The upload speed was really good because my desktop got about 26 dear, but they can fluctuate in vary a little bit depending on the cell tower traffic, because I'm actually connected up via a 4G modem for my internet connection, so those were the benchmarks I ran on The system now just quickly show you a few games, so we can see what it's like at gaming okay.

So this is GT racing to the speaker. You can just hear hopefully, then, was actually really loud. Okay, so clearly that control setup, doesn't work for some reason. I'M gon na have to use the tap to control. Now this should work like. Oh, that game is running okay, I mean that's playable framerates a little bit stutter there, as you no doubt would have seen so test out another game. A more demanding one Mortal Kombat X, okay, can see it's running okay but there's some different, slow down a little laggy don't move on now and check out another game. Last title is modern: combat 5. Okay, so you can see from that that gaming and Android is, is good apart from Mortal Kombat X is quite a demanding title. Well, that is, is because Mortal Kombat's one of the few games that actually will scale and run in the actual native resolution and not scaling up from 720p to 1080p, for example, like other games, do they're just scale things up, so there are a lot easier to Run but that isn't too bad, so the performance of the ROM is good. I will quickly do a browser test here before moving over to Windows, to the touch response and Android seems quite good and have any problems with it, and the browser is fast and fluid. As you can see, here have a look at a embedded YouTube clip which should run just fine, so that's working just fine there.

So I move over now and have a look at Windows. So, to do so, all you need to do is just hold the power button down and you're presented with their menu here from there just tap boot to Windows, so boot it over now into Windows, and you can still see some of that shimmering off the screen Is happening on camera again, I can't actually see that to the naked eye, it's not visible. So these are the speeds of the internal storage it's an end card and those speeds are okay. The 4k read and writes are a little slow there and here's 128 gigabyte Samsung pro plus card and they've got reasonably good speeds. So it can read: 128 gigabyte cards they're, not a problem. There now benchmarks I'm only going to run a one here. That is the Geekbench 3 benchmark and the benchmarks that I showed you in Android, the three marks they'll be more or less the same here so that's. Why I haven't gone over those, and maybe because really we don't have a lot of free space on this tablet. Here, so, if I just quickly show you at the moment here, we'll have a look at the C Drive. So at the moment I've got just under five gigabytes, free, which isn't a lot. You only get six when you first build it up, which you know that's. Just not enough you shouldn't be: they should not be using 32 gigabyte MMC's on dual boot tablets.

It'S got to be 64 minimum now really because, once you start downloading, all the Windows updates you're going to lose, probably another gigabyte or so as well. To that and this core, you also show you that in device manager and the wireless we have so it's another real tech, chipset it's, either Broadcom this price range, Broadcom or real tip, so it's real, real tick Wireless. In now you see under the network adapters. So you go real tick and just to show that disk drive so it's in this generic in card, which is probably be window for C brand. Now the touch response and accuracy in Windows – it's, fine it's, just like any other Windows tablet and haven't – found any problems at all with that. The wireless speeds are about the same as what I showed you in Android they're, the same. The speaker. Output is a little bit less, probably not as good and battery life is more or less the same as Android journey. Look in about three hours full run run time here of just under three hours, which isn't good, because the battery capacity is only 3500 milliamp hours and that screen is also taking a toll on the battery life, because the the I work, eight, I think, got about Three and a half hours we're losing about half an hour to twenty minutes because of the high resolution screen well there's, a very nice screen and it still outputs the same 272 Lux of maximum brightness here in Windows, now I'm.

Just going to do a very quick gaming test, which is Windows Store game, which is sniper fury and check the maximum temperatures so running. The first tutorial mission is actually a good way to see whether it's going to have playable, framerates or not see that's got quite a bit of lag there. Actually, that seems to be is probably running about 20 frames per second, perhaps a little bit lower whoops and I missed huh. Oh yeah there's some stutter there, so temperatures got up to 85 degrees, which is kind of the normal temperature relief for this Adam zero thousand. Three hundreds and normal throttling, which is good to see, does get quite warm just around this area here so just below the camera it's a little warm around there, but nothing concerning nothing alarming there. Now, if you're wondering, if you can play games like Counter Strike, global Offensive or League of Legends, I've tested these titles out time and time again on this particular chipset. And yes, you can play them, but you have to lower the resolution right down to the lowest resolution and the lower settings. Then you can get semi playable frame rates and counter strike get anywhere between 24 frames per second to around 20 League of Legends. You can probably get up to about 30 frames per second on lower settings lowest resolution as well there, and you can get at least a little bit of gaming there that it's playable those other types of games, older games as well.

Some of them, you can play quite well on this particular chipset, but it's not really that good at gaming, the atom x5, 0, 8300. So to quickly recap my findings here, I think the Android ROM is nice and fast and fluid and there's very little bloatware on there. What is there that bloat, you can just uninstall gaming performance and Android is good. You can see that it did struggle a little bit with the more demanding title like Mortal Kombat X, but it was still playable, at least, which was good. Temperatures are okay to get up to 85 degrees, which is often the case with these atom x50 8300, and that loudspeaker can get quite loud, at least in Android, very loud. In fact, for this price ranging category of tablet – and I roll the only real downside I can see – of of the I work – eight ear here – is the battery life better life of around three hours to three and a half hours really isn't the greatest. But it is on par with some of the other tablets that are, in this same category of 8 inch tablets, dual boots. They all get between three and a half and four hours there. So it is a little disappointing see but 480 us that's, not a bad tablet at all. Considering the price range there that it's quite cheap and you're getting a lot there and there's also the other thing about only having six gigabytes free on Windows isn't good to see.

I wish they would stop making 32 gigabyte emmc dual boot tablets and move over and set 64 gigabytes as the absolute minimum to use on dual boot. So that is the review there.