I work eight, and this right here is the cube I work here now. The air is essentially the same tablet: dual boot. It has an atom, x50 thousand three hundred two gigabytes of RAM 32 gigabyte emmc. But what has changed is the screen. The screen now has been upgraded. It is now a 1920 by 1200, 16 by 10 screen. Still the first model, the I work, eight had a 1280 by 800 screen. So this should look a lot sharper lot brighter and it does inflict the same screen resolution as seen on the Chui hi 8 Pro and the tick last X, 80 power and X 80. Pro so i standed a cube box here. I can get this open and here is our tablet and no power supply. So this is a under hunt and the hundred dollar tablet. So often they don't actually bother including power supplies, but a certain retailers will include that for you, so we just got a USB to 2 USB microUSB to cable there that's for Android for charging as well, and we have an OTG, cable, it's included. So let's have a look the tablet, so the exact same rebuild as the I work tin. I can see that already such all plastic, apart from the buttons, I think, actually the buttons were metal on the I work 8 that I reviewed yes, there's still retained the metal there. So on the top here we do have a micro SD card slot 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack that will support microphones micro, HDMI out micro USB to therefore OTG charging and nothing along on this side. So this silver here, while it looks probably on camera like it as metal, is actually just painted plastic there and, along the back, there is a single speaker at the top which, on the I work, eight more, I found to be a little disappointing. I don't imagine they would they would have actually changed the heart around this at all: there's, a rear, two megapixel camera and power volume up and down buttons and a two megapixel front facing camera. So let's get this powered on, hopefully there's some battery in here and see what that screen looks like look at the weight I don't imagine. This would have changed from the I work, eight, so it's a 314 grams and the thickness will be, of course, exactly the same as that I work eight same housing and everything. So that is a nine point about nine point: five millimeters and thickness all right. So there's the dual boot menus that we've got either Windows or Android or going to Android, first, okay, so it's just powering up now with the cube logo there in Chinese, of course, so first boots coming up on Chinese, so no one's actually messed with this one And gone in there and change that into English. So to do so, you just need to find the globe icon and then the top seating, so there it's in Chinese scroll along down and find the language you want.

So it screams seems quite nice to give you a closer look at that very sharp, not bad there's, still that large gap and the digitizer glass and the IPS between them there's a gap there you can see of approximately. I would estimate that gap to be about one and a half to two millimeters there, so not the thinnest, but in this price range this is what you're going to get normally you don't have fully laminated displays. If you do want a fully laminated display, then there is the jumper easy mini three. I think there's that easy paired mini three sorry, that is the only one but actually had a lot of troubles with that that particular tablet. Anyway, storage. We have available a seven point: seven five gigabytes free there, which isn't too bad and let's have a look at the ROM quickly, so a stock launcher, and you can see that there's only two bloatware applications on there. Hopefully I can actually just uninstall those, oh that one I can't it's not going to. Let me – and they say, they've included a volume up and down so we've got a lot of on screen menu keys there, including a screenshot, to show just go back into that. So the other app there at play store is there, which is good and what it in check was the version of Android, which is 5.1, and this is here an application to switch over to Windows.

Probably not it could be from the swipe down. No, not there. So it'll be the power, then hold down the power. Here we go boot to Windows which I'll do now and we'll have a quick look at Windows 10. So first boot took a little while and it's popped up here with at least English, which is good and then the two Chinese dialects so I'll get this now set up and we'll have a look later on at the device manager and the emmc drive and see What hardware they have used I'm, seeing a little bit of a shimmer on the screen there, but to the Nike out naked. I can pick that up at all, but the camera seems to be showing just the tiniest little bit of flicker they're, not too sure what's happening. I had the same problem actually with the tick last X, 80 power had a bit of flicker to it on camera. So here we go it's finally sitting itself up, so here we go. Windows took a little while to set itself up, but finally it just takes a while in it and this hardware, so I started out in tablet mode I'm just going to go along and switch over now to just Windows, normal Windows mode. So let's have a look at system and just confirmed that have they gone with, they have gone with 64 bit operating system, even though we've only got 2 gigabytes of RAM there's really no benefit to having it.

I like it for drivers in some programs or emulators too, and Windows activation. Ok, I go to connect to the internet for that device. Manager IV cameras. Definitely picking up a lot of that flicker there so device manager generic in card. So that would probably be a be wound or for C Drive and they look at the wireless we're, probably real tick or Broadcom real tick. So that's single single band, Wireless in 2.4, gigahertz and most important thing to look at is free space. Then we look there's a couple of bloat videos there, but they're easy to remove and delete so free space. Five point: nine eight gigabytes, yeah, okay, that's that's, not too good on windows, because once you start getting Windows, Update starts to really eat into that and installing applications. Of course, there is a micro SD card there. So you can't expand on that. But really are the days of having 32 gigabyte EMM seas. Running dual boot should be coming to an end. They should really focus on just having 64 gigabytes that's. My personal opinion, I'm sure most people will be happy to pay 10 or 15 us more for 64 gigabytes, so that is the unboxing there and first impressions are not too bad. Ok, the builders, plasticky and it's. Exactly the same as the I work, a I can't see any other differences, only the fact that they, yes, this screen, definitely looks a lot sharper. So that's 40 percent and I'll increase that right up to 100 percent and 100 see it seems to have a little less flicker there.

So it's got probably something to do with the pulse width. Modulation, flicker, maybe just being picked up on the camera I'll state. That again, that I can't see it happening with with my own eyes. So I will have more on this tablet up and coming soon to keep an eye on the playlist there.