Calm. I have the cube. I work. Eight it's, an 8 inch tablet, similar to the chewy vih and the tech last x agh. This one is a another. 1280 x, 800 screen two gigabytes of ram. The sm, zip, 3735 f so very similar specs there to all the other tablets. I'Ve been looking at an 8 inch form factor, but this one comes with a 3g modem which the others were lacking. So i know a lot of people out there like to have a 3g modem, so they can, they have plans, they have an unlimited data, they can put a sim card in there and i also got the bluetooth keyboard. That comes that you can get for this model, so the tablet itself is one around 110 115 off Aliexpress, the keyboards, an extra about 15 20 us as well. I find out if the keyboard XD worth it or not, it's, just an extra that they do have for this has been made for this particular model and it's the cube cute brand as well keyboard. Okay, so have a look and see what is in the box. Here and hopefully driving put in English for me and there's battery some remaining battery there. Okay, so we have the tablet. So what else is in the box? Oh no power, adapter it's, interesting it's, not too good. So we have a USB to cable there. That'S for data, then we have a USB cable with the DC in which the tablet has a product specification that looks like it could actually maybe be in English.

No Chinese Chinese Chinese, like I know there, is that it is the second half of it as in English. So we get a bit of an instruction manual in English, okay and there's. The keyboard there. Okay, well enough of that, so there's no power adapter here, but normally the sellers will include that. For some reason, mine is missing. I'Ll just check the package and it would seem that note. There is no there's, no power adapter included, but my note for chargers should be able to charge that, but still it's not very good bit of a mock up there. Okay, so they tell it it so have a look. Alright, so 8 inch screen comes with a screen protector already on it like yummm. A lot of them seem to do nowadays. Cube seems to always put the screen. Protectors on let's have a look around so the left side, there's, no ports or anything on it. It'S plastic, bull quality seems reasonable enough it's not creaking or making any noises and the weight of it it's quite light very light. Actually, it feels very light. So we have nothing on the left side on the bottom. There is a what looks to be a micro sim card slot I'll just check that now, yes, Tiffany looks to be at micro, sim card slot under six, if that's going to fit in there – yes, okay, so that is a micro sim slot on the bottom. There 3d moment I will benchmark and test the speeds that the tablet can achieve there on the back.

We have a 2 megapixel rear camera and we have two rear speakers. Hopefully they're going to be better than the chewy speakers. The three VI: eight speakers were hopeless. My don't expect them to be that much better, but maybe with two of them, and it just be a little bit louder will test those out and, on the left hand, side or the top depends it the way you look at it. We have the stereo headphone jack micro, SD card slot, mini HDMI port that's good to see there's an HTM out, not a micro report, which most of the nami are. That is our micro USB in with OTG data connection. So you can connect up your memory cards for the adapter. They didn't actually include that either in the box. It'S interesting – and that is sorry that's DC power in – and this is the headphone jack right here. This looks like it is – maybe windows button. I think because we have a power button and volume up and down here, front facing camera is a little bit better than the chewy VI egg or the tech class x 88. This is a 2 megapixel camera. Those other models only had 0.3 now 0.3. Camera atlas looks like 1998 cameras that just was really blurry really bad, so hope. These give me a little bit bit of a chat. Video chats got and things like that and have a look at the weight now and the dimensions scales on and have a look up that way, so 358 grams 358, better glared and coming off the tether.

So 3, 58 59 that's not a bad way. So it is quite light – and I just use my gauge here and have a look at the thickness – see how thick that is, so that is it around nine and to reach from here so around nine nine millimeters, 10, 10, 9 millimeters. So it's, not the slimmest tablet, as you can see that as some yeah it's not chunky or anything like that, that's. Definitely not the slimmest tablet, I've seen okay so see if it boots up, hopefully will turn on. Hopefully this battery. This is a dual boot tablet. Okay, oh it's always been in sleep and is all it's all in Chinese okay, so it seemed that it's actually been and stand by for a while training. A battery let's see if i can swap out to android these stats in english switch to android. Okay it's going to boot over now see how quick betters now, because you can see that's forcing android now the bias. So that should now start to read from the android partition it's taking awhile it's, definitely not the quickest there. I will benchmark the emmc drive on some benchmarks, like I do with all these tablets having a full review up on tech tablets, calm but then run a week or two or so just get to know the tablet and use it that whole time. Okay. So this is the Android obviously, and have a look at the wrong.

It'S got quite a few bloat ware applications here you can see there's a few things here placed or whatever it's in Chinese of course seems they didn't put it in English for me. So I will need to sort that out. I need to install and list on the windows part there, the English language pack, but I can just quickly change this over now to English it's, not an issue with Android, that's, nice and quick. So yeah we've got a few bloat apps on there with a look and see what version of Android is coming with. Okay, so it's four point four point: four, which all these tablets are coming with. At the moment they do say there you'll get an android 5 upgrade in Windows 10 later on so, but when that is, who knows so there's Play Store? Is there will it work? I don't know i'll test that out another video I'll. Do it android hands on and a windows hands on with benchmark results and everything so stay tuned for that, and I will also test out the volume of the speakers and see how they run the cameras pretty much everything you want to know about the tablet and If you games us well see how well it games seek now, if I can swap over this okay, where can i swap over to windows normally it's in this pulldown menu here switch always, but it seems to be missing. I cannot find that there at all unless it this button here night now, that's just a lot on and off hold down the power button.

Okay, there we go holding down the power button is how you switch over so that's how boot to windows that's right there. Now, for me to do that, your micro pc will boot to windows. Okay, so it's not on the pull down menu, got ta hold down the power button to get that menu there. Okay, so that is the cube. I work eight, just a quick, unboxing and hands on there do stay tuned for more videos of this tablet and do subscribe and please like, if you did actually liked this video.