There'S a function key here for Android for win for iOS such thing just going to be working on Apple Android and Windows tablets. It has a couple of status LEDs here, so that looks like low battery Bluetooth and capslock yeah that there's caps lock and you charge it just from the micro USB port here at the top and there's an on and off switch. They did include this little cable, where micro, USB cable for charging it, and it came with this funny. Little flimsy stand for the tablet: I've just actually paired it up to the iWork 8. So it came with this here: that's going to rubberized back on it and a little bracket it's pretty light and flimsy cheaply made I'll see if it can do the job there. So if I just set it up like this, should be able to stand the tablet up in there and that will work meant as a stand and the keyboard or just see. If I can write anything on it now at the moment, like it, doesn't seem too bad there's a bit of treble on the keys there, but for me it's, quite a small keyboard. But if someone doesn't want to do any real serious typing, then maybe the keyboards. Okay is an option. Ideally, I would describe for my own Bluetooth keyboard, which I have here: a Logitech one, it's a full size keyboard but, of course, there's a lot more expensive. If someone wants to do this on their own on a budget, go for something a little cheaper, then maybe you would consider that keyboard that you can get with the tablet when you order it.

So if you have a look here, this size difference it's a quite big. This is a full size, as I mentioned, this would put any about what 70 75 percent of that of a full sized keyboard. It is quite light it's. Definitely like lighter, then my logitech one just get the scales and actually see how TV it is the 151 grams, so yeah that's quite light comparison with my Logitech okay, almost 400, but and lunge. It takes a quality keyboard. This, however, is just a cheap little bluetooth. Keyboard there, so the feeling of the keys seems to be okay on the enter key is very small shift. Keys are small caps lock, you do have a Windows button on there and I think when you're over an Android, you can just push function and you get the shortcuts here for the Android operating system. If you were going to use that when you swap over and some jump over to Android so that's, just a quick look there, they keep what you can get for it.