It probably, I think it was a beginning of the year when they announced that they were going to do that. The part number was going to change, so it has slightly faster clocks on here, and this model right here that I'm gon na unbox now is the cube. I work 1 X, 4 gigabytes of RAM has a larger 11.6 inch, 1080p screen. So still a 16 by 9 ratio. Unfortunately, there it has a keyboard, but it's, not actually out at the moment now got this one here from gearbest you'll see that I've actually already opened the box or cut the side open, because I wasn't too sure whether this was the GPD wind, which is a Adam gaming laptop well it's, not even a laptop, an atom gaming handheld gaming device. I thought it could've been that but that's coming tomorrow. So today is this one right here: okay, now the other specs of the device, they should be displayed right now on the screen. So you can see pretty standard we've got Wireless in Bluetooth 4, and this is just Windows 10 for now. Now why I say for now is because I saw recently that on gearbest they've actually listed now, a dual boot model, for some reason cube does that they send out or just released first windows only and then later on down the line. They decide that oh yeah we'll make a dual boot version as well, because maybe because our competitors are also doing that, I can see it has actually already been open.

They'Ve just taped it up that's, normally their quality control checks. This it's very common. It kind of gives it almost like a used feel sometimes, and a lot of people do say that when they get the tablets they go, oh it's already been opened and while they turn it on to make sure everything's working, not that I'm defending them. But I kind of think they really do have to do that, because the quality control on these cheaper tablets isn't as good so pre applied, screen protector and it's just outlining some of those specs along there. A front 2 megapixel webcam no weekend on the rear. This that actually feels like it's plastic and because of the weight of it. I can. I can pretty much say for certain that, yes, that is a plastic housing they've put on this, so buttons along the top here we do have them and metal so power on volume up and down. Obviously, nothing on the right side, apart from a speaker grill, so it does at least have stereo separation here's. The five Pogo pin ports here on the bottom, the two slots there for the docking of the tablet, so it slots into that and you will be able to flip it around and use it the other way too. So the second loudspeaker micro SD card slot USB 3 port full size that is really good to see. I hate their latest trend. That'S been happening as people have been dropping the full size ports on there for some reason, like chewy, so it's good to see that's comeback micro, USB 2, there that will probably just be for charging, maybe also for data we'll check that out and, of course, a Micro HDMI 3.

5 min of a headphone jack. So before we power that on just want to have a look and see what else is in the box, so they don't include a charger, but most people should have a mobile charger, USB charger which will be used for that so there's, the micro USB to cable And all of this is the typical stuff we get. That really means nothing to most of us who don't understand. Oh, ok, she's, sorry, it is in English, because normally I thought it was just all Chinese. So Chinese and English. The rest of the stuff is to some VIP college control. Chick had past one so there's good to see that they have at least done their own quality control checks and not just the retailer. So let's get all this out of the way. Get that screen protector off, of course, otherwise, we're going to have a very hazy. Looking image, okay, so let's power this up, so it does have a screen protector below no just glass. Okay. Normally there is a first layer, you just peel off, which I've just filled off now and then below. That is normally the second, the actual screen protectors. So it's interesting, they haven't done that they haven't used that now the build quality of it being plastic, it doesn't feel as premium as the other tablets I've checked out, but overall it's, not too bad. At least I can't feel too much flicks in the design.

I know Creek stirring you think that joins it good, so not too bad considering. Yet it is plastic just to point out that the display, of course, been at this price range it's, not fully laminated. So there is a small gap. You can see gap of approximately one millimeter there, not bad, because I have seen very large gap, so this isn't too bad and it is differently glass. They have used for the screen. It'S, not plastic, it'll, be soda lime, glass, so it's not scratch resistant a lot. It actually it's very easy to scratch their material. You can see this tiny little gap there. That is where the microphone is now looking at the screen. It'S an IPS panel, the brightness so far seems good, but I do remember reading on the specs sheet that it actually has an ambient light sensor somewhere along here, probably would be where it's normally located, so that probably will have an impact on the brightness. So if you turn that off, you want to get maximum brightness, actually it's on 100 at the moment, but normally what happens? The default settings are yes here. We go so Intel graphics, control panel here, actually that's overpowering the camera a little bit here to home same brightness. Now my current ISO setting is at least so 50 then looks good, so disabling this power saving technology will also increase the maximum brightness there, and I can already see that that is now increasing in brightness free available with space we have on the emmc.

Is forty six gigabytes there so that's, actually quite good, not too bad for just a single, always install and I'll look at what we have now under the device manager and also system see how long that takes to load up so Windows, 10, home and windows is Activated now under the device manager here, it will probably be a real tech chipset, because that is literally in ninety five percent. So there we go real tick, while ascend, that is 2.4 gigahertz, not your band, unfortunately you're gon na have to go for something like the acute i7 book for that and a SanDisk as the emmc. Now that is odd. I have actually never seen a SanDisk before, because there are well known memory manufacturer flash drives. Everything like that, so there'll be interesting to see. Just how that performs it looks like Windows. Update is doing something in the background it just connected up to the Internet. You can see CPU usage already is at 100 cents that's installing some updates or something I wanted to point out here. They look at the RAM speed. 1066 megahertz. You see right here now. This chipset can support 1600 and we used to always see the RAM clocked at 1600, but for some reason recently, I think it's to extend battery life. Manufacturers have been sending that now to 1066. I will test out later on if I can go into the BIOS and set that to 1600, which also can be quite risky because some biases we could end up at breaking the tablet, because what could happen as it won't actually boot? It will fail.

So the loudspeakers going to test them out now we'll see how those sound all right, so they have some volume to them, lean to your treble, tiny little bit of meds and stuff on there, but they're very tiny sounding speakers there's like zero bass on them. So the typical cheaper tablet or laptop sounding speakers – they're, not very good you'll, probably be wanting to use the three point: five minute head phone socket there the whole time and to test out the USB ports with a very simple basic test that you'll be surprised that So many seem to fail so first I'm, going to try that USB 2.0 on it and a micro USB 2 port, see if that is going to work, looking good and there we go. Yes that is going to work. I can access my files here so onto now the full size USB 3 port. Will that power an external hard drive, but there it is my passport and yes, that's, going to work I'm. Just gon na drag a large 4k video over to the desktop. Why would that? How my desktop? Why is window saying that and check these speeds? That actually seems really quick, so that will be full yeah there we go 100 megabytes per second that's full USB 3 speeds here's the front facing webcam. It looks like a the quality, because I well I've got bright lights on at the moment, but in dimly lit environment.

I dunno how well that's gon na carry it, but I can see that we can at least record 720p video at 30 frames per second, which is good, because a lot of these front facing cameras are only 480 like VGA resolution and not so good frame rate. Looks 30 frames per second to me, so it seems I was wrong here when I mentioned that I had an ambient light sensor, because it would be an option here to turn it off under power, even though the Advanced Settings does have the adaptive brightness there, which I can turn on and off, but it didn't seem to make any difference, so I don't actually think it. This model has an ambient light sensor there, but once you disabled, an intel power display sitting there power saving display, then you can crank that brightness right up and it's recently bright to me. But I will measure that at that, in the full review and while my little tears, tear that others do fail is a hundred and twenty gigabyte card. Will it read it? It should so just plug that in that yes, that is now accessible, so that's good. It can read at least my large card here sitting on my scales. It comes in at 749 grams, which isn't a bad weight, because sometimes most of the meter ones actually will be a lot higher than that they come closer around 899 hundred grams. So there is some savings in weight there: the fact that they've used a plastic body on this model and thickness 10 millimeters, so it's, not the thinnest of tablets.

So this is where 16 by 9 aspect ratio kind of fails. Really, if you're going to use this in portrait mode, I find it's just too narrow that's, where there's three by two aspect ratio. All these sixteen by 10 is a lot better here. But, of course, 16 by 9 is good for looking at movies on at lists and landscape. Ok, so that is the cube. I work one X with the atom x5. 0. 8350. The last of the atoms hurry trails so overall, so far looks good screen is nice. I like the fact that they haven't actually used a screen protector on there, which, for me, is kind of a good thing, but also a bad thing too, because that screens going to be easy to scratch without having the keyboard on there. Now the keyboard I'm waiting for that it should be coming, hopefully within a week's time. I'Ll have that and that'll make it in time for my full review. In fact, I won't release that review until I have the keyboard, so you get. The whole package should have a good typing experience on it. Being a cube, keyboard and 11.6 inches will mean it'll be spacious, so it should be good in enough room there, hopefully for a decent touchpad, but I'll check that out. So the USB ports compare external hard drives. They operate at their correct speeds, very good screen brightness. It seems like it's going to be adequate enough, that I will measure that in the full review, as well as benchmarks battery life gaming performance, that is all going to be coming, and the only downside I can see to this tablet so far is the fact that The speakers they sound average and it's also clad in plastic, so it's not as premium feeling as other tablets that have an alloy housing all around them, but other than that it doesn't seem too bad.

Considering the price and what kind of tablet it is. So hopefully I will catch you back and the full review here of this model.