Both of them are 12 inch tablets, but they're quite different in various ways so which one has been a lot of people mean asking me. Can I do a quick comparison, so this is what this video is going to be, so both of them are powered by the same chipset. They have an atom, x50 thousand 300 they're, both dual boots, and they are both running android 5.1 and they both have 64 gigabyte EMM C's and 4 gigabytes of RAM now benchmarks I'm not going to go into benchmarks. They are very similar. They have very similar storage speeds, 3dmark, Geekbench and two two scores very similar, but which one feels more fluid and more smooth straight out. I would say that the cube the cube feels just a little bit faster and it's, probably down to the fact that the screen resolution is a lot easier for the generation. 8. 9. Sorry Intel graphics there on the cherry trail to be able to handle 1920 by 1200 is definitely easier than the likes of the 2160. By 1440p surface, pro 3 screen that's a Samsung screen that is in the chewy. Now that screen is more demanding for the operating system and it is actually a superior screen to the I work. 12. Definitely a superior screen hands down the screen wins now. When it comes to build quality, the cube will win with a build quality it's. Definitely better. It'S got a better feel to it and it has a kickstand and it has a much better keyboard.

Now this keyboard, I will show you the keyboards. If I don't knock the camera over, show you the keyboards a little closer in detail. So this has a what I would call a more premium keyboard to it. It is a type cover style and very nice now both of the track pads on these do support Windows gestures that, unfortunately, you cannot disable so very annoying. If you keep minimizing and doing the pinch to zoom there's no way to disable that, and only what I end up doing – is just disabling the trackpads and use a mouse. If I can now the dock transformer style dock 1 on the keyboard on the the choooo choooo is very cheap feeling it's a lot lighter it doesn't have the quality feel that we get on the type cover style of the. I work attend this one. When I did the unboxing of this keyboard actually head screws falling out of it, so that is, it kind of gives you an idea, the build quality, but it does have USB 2 ports left and right on it, which are handy, and this part is metal, but The rest of it is all this Finzi kind of plastic, and this is where some of the problem arises from this. These screws the assembly line they – I went over the top that obviously had the wrong torque settings and a lot of these, these actually strip the threads and the keyboard, so I've got screws coming out of it all the time and a little cheat.

The good news is: should we actually going to have a new keyboard? I guess they've got so many complaints about the the poor, cheap feeling of this keyboard, they're, going to release a metal one, so that's an improvement there now battery life on both of these in Android, the chewy ho 12 – definitely ones on battery life. You can get about seven hours out of it. I found that the cube I work. 12. I only managed to get about five and in Windows when you're running Windows – 10 the edge still comes with the chewy, because you get approximately about eight hours. I can squeeze out of it sometimes even a bit more and you look at about six and a half six on the I work twelve so which one would I pick me personally for me this the screen wins being. This is quite a premium display that chewy managed to get their hands on this display used to be, as well still is in the surface pro 3, and it is definitely a very nice displayed. It has good colors, good blacks, good contrast, good viewing angles have been a pls panel and the brightness of it is also superior to that of the cube and the battery life. So most important things. I feel personally in a tablet at the screen and battery life and secondly, on how fluid it is. Okay, the cube definitely is a little more fluid, but I find that I can put with having it just a slightly a little bit more sluggy on the a12, and definitely that is the one i will go for.

Thank you for watching this video.