Only. This is a cheaper version of it because, instead of a quorum, we have an atom. X50 thousand. Three hundred still have four gigabytes of RAM and a 64 gigabyte e MMC. This is also a dual boot model to something that the cube I know doesn't have, but it retains everything else: it's got the wireless in it has the same design and the kickstand as well. So let's have a look now at what is in the box. So I got this one here from and it's. A little pricey was around about 270 us which i think is slightly over price, really for what it is. But you do get the kickstand in the nice design. But if you factor in the type cover as well starting to get quite pricey alright, so I just pulled the box out of the packaging that gave us to use the next C. It was really well packed up very solid box and they put bubble wrap all around it and looks, looks exactly like the Box on the cube i7 stylus and the cube i9 they're using the same packaging here and you can see under psyche and that order was Actually processed, it was on the 14th of May so it's taken a little while, but here we have the tablet. You can see it's in whites now, so not the black front and they've blue rear is actually silver and white. So they've changed the color scheme.

A little bit there just remind trying to make it look a little different. So in this side box here we just have all the accessories, some a user manual, their quality control path, that's good to see the VIP card, and here is the charger which is a USB charger. We don't have DC charging like the Q by 9 here and they've also included a small little OTG adapter there. So there's give giving us a full size, USB port from the my kro USB port, but it does have a USB 3 port on the actual tablet itself. Alright, so we see we have on the right side. Then is Windows Home button there's a front facing 2 megapixel camera. This is identical again to the Q by 9 on. The bottom is where the Pogo port connector is, for the type style type cover style, keyboard, cube logo there in Chinese rear five megapixel camera and there's. Just a speaker on the right side – and here is the USB 3 port micro, SD micro, HDMI out and micro. Usb there for charging and Oakland, you can also use that forward data. It seems since they have included the adapter there for it. So this is the kickstand. Does this the first position there and the second position like so so I just powered us on. Hopefully, there is some power in there and also just weigh it. It should be about the same weight as the cube by 9, so it's, not actually the lightest of tablets but having their kickstand.

There is really quite handy. Ok looks like there is absolutely no battery. I know cube logos there. It is actually powering up so have a look at the weight, so it comes in at 969 grams. So not the lightest tablet there. You can see it's just gone into Windows and to me this looks like the exact same panel to that. The the i 9 here so I'd say at 1200 piece panel since 1920 by 1200. Look here at the brightness. This must be on the lowest sitting, while it's on 40 I'm 200. Cynthia, I do have some rather powerful lighting on at the moment, is probably making this look a little dimmer so here's the keyboard. I still have my keyboard from the cube. I nine that I have, and I actually really like this type cover keyboard. I have to say it's, probably one of the best that's come out of China when it comes to these style of keyboards. In fact, I said it is the best actually at the moment. So they have fabric on the back. The touchpad is rather large for the space they have there and typing on. It is actually really good. So we do have two positions for the keyboard, so you can either. I have it flat like this or just prop it up one more level there to get a more comfortable typing angle, and I find that does work quite well. So I have a look here and the device manager and we'll see what hardware we have on board.

I imagine it would be using the realtek for wireless, so while it's a depth, yeah it's the same the same well as that we see literally on every single tell the out of China. You probably often heard me mention this so it's, just wireless in and that's up to 150 megabits per second and the just drive is a brand new MMC, which is good to see Sadashiva 0. 64 GE. I have seen this one before that should offer, hopefully quite good speeds for an EMC, but I will benchmark then test it out and also just look and see what free space we have available, this being a dual boot machine, we're not gon na get so much So 32.8, that is actually ok, so they've, given obviously most of it to Windows for clicking that tapping that button right there that launches the application to move over to Android it's just popped up now you, whether you'd, like to always show the user interface to swap Operating systems I'm gon na set that to yes for now – and there is just a small toggle there – switch to Android do is just make sure you want to switch to Android. Yes, now it's going to reboot over into Android, while that is booting up I'll just quickly show you. This is my cube by 9 right here, and you see they are exactly the same. The only difference being the fact that it is black here, but they use the same panel same speakers, everything there.

This is actually a really good tablet. I mean the Q by 9 is one of my favorites at the moment. I have just recently done a comparison of this tablet with the tick last x3 Pro, which is the other flagship, khorium 6 Y 30, and I do find that because of the keyboard and the design and the 2 position kickstand, I think it's a likely better tablet And one of the best that we have seen so far, this being the cheaper version, I'm still expecting to be quite a decent tablet, all right. So here we see Android now good to see they are using a very stock looking wrong here and just have a look in the settings and see this will be android 5.1 by the looks of it yes, android 5.1 and they build is from the third of May so relatively new rom to move over into storage and see that we have seven point two two gigabytes free and Play Store. Did I see play still there? Yes, Play Store is installed there and that ROM seems quite nice, the DPI they have used and just looking at the screen, there seems to be perfect for the the 1920 by 1200 resolution. It doesn't look blurry anything to me. That looks quite good there. Something ok! If there was a toggle within the menu swap down menu from here, but I can't actually see a topically to switch over to Windows, which is interesting, it might actually be on the there.

We go hold down the power button. Oh now we have boot two windows. There so it looks like a decent ROM. I will be testing this out and check out the performance of this, so this may be a good alternative to the likes of the the chewy hi book or the cube I worked in, which is smaller. If you want something a little larger, with a much better keyboard, larger keyboard to type on the kickstand and the full size, USB 3 port on there, we don't have the type C port, like you do that's only on the corium model. Alright, so that is the unboxing industry initial first hands on with the tablet here says the I work 12 and so far it looks reasonably good to me. The 12 point 2 inch screen definitely gives you a lot more space there compared to other tablets that are out there with just 10 inch screens, and I find that resolution still looks actually okay on this size here. So we'll have more I've been coming on this model. I'Ll have the Android review do a little bit of gaming on it as well windows, side review for that and well there will be a written review sometime in the future on tech tablets comm. So keep an eye out for that I'm. A little behind schedule actually quite a lot, because I've had a lot of wireless internet. Sorry, internet problems. Here we run based, I have been having a bit of a nightmare.

Actually, I've lost my unlimited 4G connection that I used to have with orange they're a bunch of assholes and they limited my data and actually banned me for going over a hundred gigabytes. So so unlimited doesn't actually really exist. It seems here in Spain anyway, with orange. So I'm, fighting with that at the moment to try and get some a decent connection sorted out, but don't worry that I'm, not gon na be going anywhere. If you do see a delay with videos and things that's, just because I'm having a lot of problems. Actually, just downloading the games and applications and things to test and my benchmarks and videos.