First up is Counter Strike global Offensive and I do have HW info running in the background just to monitor the temperatures. So these are the settings I'm going to try out first to 720p and everything is set to low, so let's see how it runs the game. I'M, just going to find an online game with the dust2 map. So here we go frame rate around mid 20s there's, a few people on the server say hit shot only one, which I find to be quite interesting. Some people just have an amazing shot. One round understand accuracy and we jump around all the time, hoping I can avoid actual headshots, but overall, a little bit choppy are not really too playable and even jumping me. I couldn't kill that guy. No, he got me as well. Oh all right, so I dropped the resolution down to 800 x 600 and you can see that's now just a small square on the screen. Sorry about that it's. It doesn't seem to want to scale up when I'm outputting via HDMI, but it has improved the framerate it's, keeping it most of the time. I think above 30 frames per second, which is what we want. I mean. Ideally, we want 60 frames per second, but it definitely has helped on it's still dropping down there. I can't even kill these guys that's, just really stupid headshots only. I think I'm really crap player anyway, as you can see. So although it hasn't put the frame rate, you see, then about 22 frames per second 24, so quite low keep bouncing around.

Hopefully I get lucky with a headshot nope now to start a bit of league of legends just to botkin. So keep that in mind that these bots have to be calculated by the cpu, so it's, probably to me a little bit more taxing, probably lower the frame rate and a little bit too as well. So I was going to have four BOTS well three in total and myself, I've got the settings set to 1080p on the very low mode which is giving us around 30 frames per second. At the moment, I imagine that is going to drop a little bit when there's some action on the screen. My best work from afar, if I scroll around the map here overall, that smooth enough, so I think you can get away with this kind of game playing. This 1080p course, if you did wanted to run fast, all you need to do is to slow the resolution down – maybe 100 720p so 820. Sorry, our 1280 by 800 resolution would be a lot faster and smoother, so I'll move on and try out some other games, but that's League of Legends. This title here is dota 2 and it's, the reborn beta so I'm running on the Lotus, lowest rendering settings and 1280 by 720 p. When I play a game against bots and we'll see how it runs so because I'm playing against bots, the CP is going to have to calculate all of the other movements of them and also all the AI and everything so it's going to take a bit of A toll on the framerate, but so far 30 frames per second.

There were some that's just before, but it doesn't seem too bad. So far, you'll see what happens start 30 seconds to battle. Our battle begins before more is the match. I might say that, yes, okay, consider now the frame rate has dropped down to 18 19 frames per second, as expected, with a bit of action going on and calculating all the movements of the bots. Now Oh and I'm dead last up, my kind first eat this. So Roy, I think, if you've got a bit of patience, you don't mind the frame rate too much it's going to be playable, and if you have an online game of course, then that frame rate should definitely be a little higher than what it is now at The moment you could also lower the resolution down, which we to probably help speed things up a little bit now. Look at half life Lost Coast 1080p on the lowest settings. The video I have everything set to low, see how it runs. Hey you. There wait a minute now, aren't you, oh, you are you're that scientist chap like this I'll take you to where they made their base. Oh as far as I can at any rate here unlock this gate, for you, hey got the key right right here. There we go get along now, daddy, destroy that gun and no dawdling you so looking at HW info now we can see that it got up to 85 degrees, encore number zero, and that is quite warm, very warm, but I have seen these at home.

X5 is e 8300 s and the other cherry trails get up to these temperatures now it seems to be all too common, so it did get hot. But what is interesting to note that, according to this at least that it did not trigger any thermal throttling, so that's that's good in a way, but I think it's only a few degrees off from that actually happening. But somehow it did seem to not go past. 35 but performance as we saw as average for gaming, really can play titles like legal agents on the lower settings in 1080p. The native screen resolution will work. They are playable other games. We saw that you probably only have to lower that resolution down to maybe lower than what I tested 800 x. 600 is probably the better resolution to go with if you're going to be trying to game on this tablet, but it's really not that good of a gaming tablet. As you can see, I think the corium is definitely a lot better and it does get quite hot there.