Basically, what it was is the i7 stylus, but with an atom chip. Everything else is the same. It has the same keyboard, the same design and this one here I got from and it has been delivered by DHL and packaged up really nicely see. They put a lot of bubble pack in here and there's the box itself. So it looks even like it's using this same cube: i7 stylus packaging, so it's a ten point, six inch tablet and instead of that core m 5y10 and that's the atom x5 z 8300, and it retains the four gigabytes of ram. So under the tablet. So you see it has a screen protector on it, that has, it looks like it's, been half peeled off and put back on, and the bottom of the tablet is the same 5 Pogo port and the two tabs there to connect to the keyboard. The exact same keyboard, as I mentioned, as the i7 stylus now I don't – actually have the keyboard with me at the moment, but there is a link in the description of the video to the keyboards. You can check that out because I did review that with the i7 stylus and on the right hand, side. We have a small little slot here for the speaker and the second speaker up on the top so it's exactly like i7 stylus. Both the speakers are on the right side. Unfortunately, I would have liked to have one on either sides a bit of stereo separation there.

So you don't get a stereo separation and, along the top, nothing along Kherson supply. Stick for the wireless antennas there's, the rear, 5 megapixel autofocus camera, and just along the top. We have our volume up and down power on and there's a little rubber button there for the reset which hopefully is connected up and on the left side is where all the action is. So we 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, a mini HDMI, not micro, but many, and then we have the micro SD card slot that takes up to 128 gigabytes of cards and our USB 3 micro, USB 3 and the DC jack and for charging of course. Now the housing is exactly the same, so that metal that met Balu finish now did find that this paint job is actually quite easy to scratch. So you do have to be a little bit careful with it. It'S not very scratch resistant, but it doesn't tend to show up any fingerprints which is good and the other overall build quality of it is quite solid. There is basically no flex or anything like that. It is well put together and it doesn't feel too bad at all. So the front has that 2 megapixel camera – and here we have the iWork 11 they're, just a couple of promo things on there. So just going to pull this off because we won't be needing that and have a quick look here at the screen. So this panel is a 1080p screen in there it's a pls it's, a Samsung and, in fact, it's the same panel that was used in the Microsoft Surface pro I think it is.

The pro will the pro 2 and if you have a look along here, there's a bit of a gap there so it's a non laminated display and of course this does have the Wacom digitizer support and supports the stylus. I do have the stylus a little bit and I will quickly check out that and see how it works later. In this video, there is also a small gap that I'll point out here: that's, actually, where the microphone is so there's a front facing microphone right there and see what is included in the box, and here is nothing there's, a small user manual, which is all I Actually know it's, not all in Chinese, so half chinese and the second half in english just good to see and and this box right here should be l power supply and a few other things in here – maybe there's an adapter, no no adapter. Well, there should be the adapter for USB 3. There we go so sell, OTG jab this. This goes from micro, USB 3 to full sized standard, USB 3 port there and the power supply 2 prong u.s. style, and that is rated to 5 volts. Two and a half amps so I'm just going to weigh the tablet now and see how much it weighs and how thick it is. So it comes in at 689 grams and I'll just have a look at thickness. It'S, not the slimmest tablet run about 11 11 millimeters they're, using my little gauge so hopefully there's some battery life still left in the tablet seems serious, that's good.

Now there is a haptic motor in here because it just vibrated when I turned that on so there's a bit of haptic feedback, which is good know that that'll happen when you press the Windows Home button there, the same with the i7, a stylus used to do That, okay, so the tablet booted up – and I did connect to my wireless network – just off camera there and well – can see how much free space we have available. So we have 46.6 gigabytes free. I think Windows is doing something in the background starting to install its updates already and I roll. The screen is quite sharp. The sharpness of the 1080p panel isn't too bad, I think, for a 10 point. 6 inch screen 1080p still looks fine and the viewing angles. Don'T seem to be too bad at all. Now I've got the brightness set to 100, but it probably doesn't look very bright because of my lighting I have on at the moment is quite strong, so it's a hundred percent 25 tons right down and so far the tablet does seem responsive. I will just check out system quickly and we can see that's running Windows 10 Pro I didn't actually speak to see that I would thought it would. History run Windows home. It is according to this activator, which is good to see it's connected up activated now there's, something funny going on here. Look at that installed memory, four gigabytes! Yes, we expected that, but two point: nine two gigabytes useable 32 bit operating system; hmm, they didn't go with 64 bit, which is really strange because the 32 bit processor operating system – sorry can only address up to three gigabytes needs to be 64 bit to address over That amount so it's very strange.

Why they've done that now? Maybe it's got something to do with the licensing from Windows. Perhaps they could only get the pro license as a 32 bit for a little bit cheaper, but apparently the chui HR I 10 I've also heard has that same issue. They'Ve decided to just go with a 32 bit operating system and it's a little unusual. So maybe we can back up all the drivers on this and then install 64 bit version and get the key off the tablet. That'S included in the bias hope it's going to activate that as well and not be a problem, so those that want to run their PaintShop 64 bit or other 64 bit applications. Then you're, pretty gon na have to go along those lines there so that's. Just a very quick hands on and a look there with the unboxing now, if you do want to see benchmarks, I'll go and run through everything here, I'll test out the stylus as well, and all that in another up and coming video. I have those videos out. Hopefully, within a few days at least the ones with the benchmarks just to see how well this performs and so far it doesn't seem to be too bad at all, so be good to see just how this compares I'll check out thermals as well everything I can Think of in my normal videos of these tablets. Thank you for watching and hopefully see you back in the playlists of the cube.