This is the iPlay 10, so let’s got a 1080p screen. Ten point: six inches runs Android six and I believe it is basically a stock rom on their 32 gigabytes of storage, two gigabytes of RAM. You can see from the packaging that this one I picked up from banggood. This is their typical repacked box that they use made out of polystyrene, so it doesn’t get any damaged., So processor, wise, it’s, a mediatek quad core mtk 8163, with a maximum turbo of 1.3 gigahertz and that’s, a Mali T720 GPU that’s got on there. So really that’s. Not going to be a powerhouse of a thing, but it’s selling now for around 99 USD so it’s a cheap tablet., So the battery on this is a six thousand milliamp hours and okay, we do have a charger they’ve thrown in an EU one which is good And it also has wireless in, I think five gigahertz with dual band, but I doubt it will be wireless AC. So just a few instruction things on there, I play manual and quality control check, pass there that’s always good to see. So this will be 5 volts. 2 amps, yes, it is very standard, so your mobile phone charger will be able to charge this and there is a micro USB to cable there. So it looks actually a lot like the cube mixed plus the white front on it. Maybe it is the same 1080p screen a highly data because that’s the old surface to pro screen that 10.

6 inch 1080p one so at 604 grams and it’s, just under 10 millimeters thick so for the price that bill quality feels good it’s, solid, there’s, no real flex. Oh, I can’t hear any creaks where the rear is meeting up with the front plastic of it. So at the top there there is a VGA camera, so that’s only 480 P and they put a 2 megapixel one on the rear, which I would rather have on the front. So this backing here, that’s made out of an alloy and along the top and the rest of it. The frame is made out of plastic the buttons along the top here these are made out of metal. It feels like two men have got a reasonable feel to them. They don’t feel loose so overall good. So far on the right side of the tablet. We’Ve got two stereo speakers, so we’re not going to have any decent stereo separation here, because they’re all coming out of the right side and judging by the looks of it, I doubt they’re going to sound that good, but I’ll test them out in just a minute And on the bottom, there is no Pogo port, so there is no keyboard dock for this didn’t expect it at around 100 us you can’t really. So what about ports are located on the top left and a little surprise here, there’s DC in for charging micro, USB 2 for charging and data, of course, and micro SD card slot, and even micro, HDMI out, which is good to see in this price range and A 3.

5 millimeter headphone jack time to power it up. I hope there’s some battery in here and looks like there is starting up now. It took a little while it did proximately 40 30 seconds so not incredibly fast there, okay and yeah. We do have stock Android. I can see one bloatware application, that’s cubes home first. I want to just check out what exact version we have here so Android version 6.0. The security patches during the first from last year, which isn’t brilliant and have a look at storage, see what kind of free available space we get. Okay, so you’re getting about twenty five gigabytes there and of course we do have that micro SD card slot, which is great there now first impressions of the screen. It doesn’t actually look to be a bad panel, of course, yeah there’s, massive bezels on here and it’s. Not fully laminated – and I just wanted to see also to that. Well, someone looks like they’ve gone through tested some things here that probably the factory you can see the view sound recorder, they’ve got into the file manager and gallery. They have run something. It looks like there are some demo files here, just the typical things here to show off that screen now. Normally this price range and value entry level tablet would normally have a 720p screen on there. So getting a 1080p one isn’t bad at all, and so far of course, these images are extra vibrant to make it look even better than a probably real closer look at the gap we get between the touch digitizer glass, which, by the way, is crystal clear, which Is good to see and then the IPS panel below you can see the gap, I would estimate to be around 1.

5 or one millimeter it’s, quite obvious, as you can see there. If I touch the screen you can see, there is a gap there, of course. So we have the screen on maximum brightness. It came out of the box like this. If I tweak it down, you can see just how dull it will get. Hmm it’s not the dullest there, but that should be OK for nighttime use with burning out your retinas and you can see the lower applications we have on there. So there are approximately. What are we looking at? Okay, FM radio is actually on there, which is another bonus to have hardware FM radio we’ve got three that I can see and they should be able to be uninstalled. Hopefully I can just go and trash that and install the app. I do believe we can normally with cube roms. You can get rid of all of that bloat, where they put on there I’m connected up to the Internet, now I’m going to check to see if there are any wireless updates. Well, I already have actually there aren’t a system is currently up to date, so I don’t think we’re ever going to see a patch, and I highly doubt it that this will suddenly be updated to Android seven, not in this price range. If you’re wondering where the microphone is, if it has one it’s located right here at that tiny little gap there to let sound in so looking at the camera very briefly here, you can see that actually the view finders doing all right here – it’s not lagging shutter Rate seems alright, got bright, studio lights on, of course, at the moment, the front facing camera well VGA.

What can you expect? It looks quite bad and a little leggy too there, so your mobile phone will definitely take a much better image than this brief. Look at the default browser performance, so I haven’t installed Chrome here you can see that is really laggy well. My website is very image heavy as you can see, but even so I did expect that to be a little bit faster and smoother, but I guess we can’t speak too much from this chipset, but basic kind of things like that. I think it’s going to be right, let’s see how it loads in this first web page. So that was quite quick. This doesn’t have as many images on it. It does have an embedded YouTube video, so hopefully that’s going to load in okay didn’t seem to be too bad to turn those speakers up to 100 and we’ll have a listen to how it sounds. I decided then, to do. I think was around to the role of the gaming, yes to a thirty minute gaming non stop on it just so. The speakers don’t sound too bad. That was playing that at the moment it’s in HD, but I did see a few little stutters there. You could pick up on that, hopefully it just wasn’t quite 100 fluid and smooth. So it is placed 128 gigabyte Samsung a micro SD card in here, and it was detected and works. Fine, as you can see, it can be used because it’s Android 6, as the portable storage or you can even use that as the internal storage for the whole tablet.

I just ran and – and you can see yes a very low score as I’d – expect from an old quad core MediaTek chipset, you can see the lowest part. There is the 3d performance, so I will chest out a game just one to see how it does perform at gaming. So this is modern, combat 5 and as expected, it is running quite slow, quite laggy. So this is not really a tablet. I would want to be gaming on, I mean sure you can play games, but it looks to me like it’s, dipping down to about 15 or 10 frames per second at time, making gameplay a little difficult aiming moving around while yeah that is slow. So I thought it wouldn’t support GPS and it turns out. I was correct here so no GPS to put on those ones. You can’t use it as a navigation tool or inside a car as a dash mount or anything like that, all right, so that’s all I’m going to spend on the cube I plate in here. I filled it for the price you’re, getting a very good, build quality. A really nice 1080p panel it’s very vibrant it’s, accurate to touch and it is covered with glass, not plastic, okay, it’s non laminated, but you kind of expect that the ROM it’s light you can uninstall’ that bloatware. That was on there there’s about three applications. I think it was very easy to remove those, so the real problem with this tablet is their performance.

So if you’re a gamer, you want to play the latest greatest and newest Android games, then really. I would not even attempt it on this tablet because, as you can see, the performance modern combat 5 was just far too slow to be enjoyable, frustrating at times. Other titles that are older, I think, will be playable on this tablet and if you just want to do light tasks like ebooks and internet browsing sure it’s going to be OK for that so it’s more of a tablet, I feel for someone that just wants basically Light tasks and perhaps someone’s introduction to Android tablets, for example, you’ve got a six year old child that wants their first tablet and they’re young. They can easily drop it and you feel well. I don’t want to spend a lot of money so I’m just going to give them something cheap to start out with see if they like it. So it will be good for watching movies and things like that.