Now I bought this one here from gearbest, but it looks like they've used a document courier, so I got it really quick, which is good. I didn't have to wait like a month. It takes normally to come from China. Well, it can take a month sometimes but yeah not really too happy about that. No original box – and I hope, it's not damaged because it's only just in a single layer of bubble, wrap pretty much there. So let's get it open and have a look at it and try not to scratch the keyboard up either. Okay, it has got a thin, tiny piece of like wrap around it, but that this doesn't offer really any protection all right, so let's say top cover style keyboard that you could say is copying the microsoft surface and you see there that it's had a few knocks. So not good, hopefully, no damage, okay, so there it is actually looks a lot better than what I thought it would be. This is very similar to the surface pro 3 keyboard. The way it looks the size of it, because if you are familiar with the surface pro type cover for keyboard this one right here, they change things they increase the trackpad made it a lot larger, but this track bad. The size of it does definitely reminds me of the surface pro 3 and the way the keyboard size is. We can see it has the first metal bar along the top to clip onto the keyboard.

Just a game like the surface and there's. The pogo pin connector right there and it has the same fabric kind of finish to it. Just like the surface type covers, so they have tiffin tlie copied that reverse engineered it, because you can actually get the surface series the surface 3 as well. You can get one that's in that kind of dark navy, blue color, but I'll also check out and see how much it weighs 340 grams. If we compare that to the surface, one also forgot to mention that the surface one, of course, is back. Let this cube type cover isn't, but I mean hey this it's, what you get for the price and I think it's quite good – what it is: that's three hundred and nine grams surface one and have a look at the thickness as well, and the combined weight so It'S not actually that thick at all of us, it's, quite good, so about fifty five point: five millimeters there and I think the surface is around five millimeters as well. So there we go five, so not bad at all and just clip them both together, whoops wrong way around ok, so both of them together, that is 1.33 kilos for the whole package, which is a little heavy for a tablet there. But I mean again, I don't actually think it's too bad and the total thickness of both keyboard and tablet together is 17. Millimeters let's have a look at how it docks into the queue by nine here should just clip in, and it does so that's the first level when it's flat, and then this should just clip up which it does there.

You go and you'll see there so that's. The first angle that I have the x 98 and then you can drop it down to the preferred angle. For me, personally, is this one here, when you're sitting at a desk it's pretty much the perfect angle to look at the screen there and then closing that up it becomes a relatively neat package, not bad considering this keyboard was about and it cost me about. 45. Us tour 46. I think it was a few things there it's not perfect, but at least didn't get any damage. I put that up again now. More importantly, let's have a look and see just how it functions the trackpad, if it's, good or not, and quite a bit of key travel actually, which is good, see if there's a bit of bounce to it. You get the balance on the Microsoft covers as well. So it's really something you can't avoid on a keyboard. That is this then, but we do have at least function keys up here and screen brightness adjustment to which is good to see on that. What? If we can disable the trackpad, though you know what I can't? Actually see it, I can't see the button for it: I'll have to there. It is, if 11, so that is good to see. So how was the trackpad um yeah that actually feels? Alright, it supports Windows, 10 gestures there and does actual Hardware left and right mouse button buttons there, which is good because I hate it when it's just gestures only I used, I think it was the first model, the queue by seven.

That keyboard was just a hundred percent gestures. There were no actual physical buttons. You had to do the double tap thing and I should still get a double tap and drag yes, I can do that right, click there and have a look now and quickly, just type something up. Okay, so so why not bring up notepad hello? This is a test it's, actually not too bad at all typing on that you see that's the surface, one again, of course, it's a superior keyboard, but it also costs costs twice as much. I think, overall, for what you're getting the materials that plasticky washable kind of finish to it. The materials almost seem identical. There are very good. I think I like the size of the keys to so far. I mean this is just an initial unboxing. My first impression of this keyboard is definitely I'm liking, this as a surface pro user myself. This is definitely very similar to the surface pro 3 ones. Okay, the key Styles a little bit different there, but tell me I've wrong, quite good, and I do like the way how that has the two levels there as well. So if you like, typing completely flat, if you want the better ergonomics – and you just clip it up like that and having it clipped up and it's a little harder actually to reach and touch their screen down here, so that was a problem to on the on The Microsoft so going down here to touch no pad okay, a little more difficult, ok, so that is the type cover there for the cube by nine.

Thank you for watching this video.