Nothing special doesn't, look pretty at all. As you can see, I've pulled this heatsink off. It would have stayed on there, but I've pulled it off because I needed access to the EP ROM. I was trying to flash a bias to it, which I can't. I have brick this tablet because I went into one of the menus and the BIOS that said flash update. Now I expected there to be a secondary menu in there and it just went ahead and completely wiped my bias, so don't mess with the bus anyway. So what my mod consists of is a a copper shim, a small piece of copper. Now the dimensions of this that I used is 20 millimeters by 20 millimeters. Now I used a thermal adhesive, nothing flash pasted it on this. I didn't want it to move around. Then I used another bit of a thermal paste there. You can see just too cheap thermal paste this time round. On the top there. I went a little bit overboard with the paste. As you can see. I just put like a rice sized piece of thermal paste on the the die there, but um as you can see, it was too much it didn't spill out into any of the surrounding circuitry around the components and things which is good, but it was too much Anyway, this works just fine, so using that okay, the actual diameter. So at the time it said the width of it is only one millimeter, so it's, one millimeter thick sorry by 20, millimeters by 20 millimeters is the dimensions of it so that will fit on there.

Perfectly fine and actually doesn't cause any pressure on the screen and the backing plate. I changed the original thermal pad on the back. You could probably actually just leave that, but I used a one millimeter thick thermal pad down the back. This is a slightly better thermal pad than the stock one that they used. Now you could probably actually put a huge one over the top here. You could probably make a huge thermal pad like that to give them all to the back, but I can't show you proof now of the temperature improvements that it did give me, but it wasn't bad at all. It definitely improved maxima. Tensions with temperatures were 88 degrees. With this mod I saw 87 maximum, so yt6. I think it was sorry 67. What am I saying? I'M very tired at the moment, I'm. 66 to 67 degrees with the maximum temperature. Instead of about 88, so that's about a 20, you will get at 20 to 21 degree improvement just from this tiny little mod here. So something to think about. But unfortunately my unit is, did I am highly pissed off at my own stupidity of going into that menu, but also annoyed that there wasn't a secondary menu there's, no failsafe. It just went to flash. What I was trying to do was update the bias to fix the micro SD card issue, because I can't use any of my 64 gigabyte micro SD cards. So I found a BIOS on the cube forums that was newer than my current one, and I had loaded that onto a flash drive that I'd formatted fat32 that I had right and the USB 3 port there and I assumed that flash menu might already had a Flashing system built into them, some of them do but anyway he just wiped the virus.

It killed. My tablet and learned from my super expensive mistake that don't go there, but the thermal mount does work well, so yeah think about doing that, but don't open the tablet. If you don't have any experience doing this bin don't go there and please this is on you, okay, if something goes wrong. I'M, not responsible for this. Thank you for watching this video sorry I've rambled on a little bit there I'm just tired and very annoyed at breaking this. Thank you for watching, see you back in the channel with Maya Pande coming on other tablets, the notthis cube.