But for someone that doesn't have any experience opening tablets, I still don't recommend you do this at all. So we have T four Torx screws. There are six of them on the back just under the kickstand remove all of those and then what I did with the front of the tablet is. I started around this area right here. I can get the camera to focus, so that is where the power on buttons are and the volume rocker. So I used a guitar perk and just went around poked it in the winter out and the whole top unclipped. Then I went down each of these sides and pried it off by pushing the back cover down and then out, and it came off without too much of a problem. It wasn't really that difficult, so there's the back cover there. You can see that does, as I suspected have contact with a thermal pad on the back of this alloy rear of it, so it's transferring heat away from that. They have used a relatively small thermal pad there right here, which is transferring the heat over and the rest of the tablet here has the same setup as they have they used in the cube I seven stylus, so they just used an aluminium heat spreader here. That goes all around. This has probably no doubt got contact, just maybe just with the the core m3 below it, or it could also have a couple of thermal pads there.

I imagine it probably does actually in contact with the RAM as well to keep that cool. Now what's interesting to note, as I suspected that slot I was correct, that has the tape over in a bit of plastic in it that little slot there is indeed for the SIM card. That'S there is space there for a m2. You see right there that's that slot there, which connects up here, though so the summit reader, is actually that's right. There they've got some tape over it because they don't want you putting any sim cards in there and right here is the m2. The slot you can see 4G marked on the motherboard might not be actually be able to see that and then SSD. So yes, the SSD is user replaceable. You can simply just lift up this shielding tape here, move that out of the way undo that screw here and you'll be able to insert your own one in there. If you wanted to put our 256 or 512 gigabyte one, you could do that back up. All the drivers, of course you have to do reinstall windows and everything like that, but it is possible now I do not know – and I probably it probably won't – actually work. If you put another m2 SSD and this light, will they give you two drives. I highly doubt there because the ballast is probably only configured to be running just the SSD and then the LTE card from that there now I'm, not gon na pull this off on my own unit I'm, not going to touch any of that, because I want things To remain like stock here for my benchmarks: well, I already bench: mag did all his stock anyway, so the only thing I'm going to do.

If I do do anything, I might put some larger thermal pads on the back here to see. If I can transport for even more heat away from the the core m3 under there overall, the build quality looks reasonably good so that the front is it's a plastic. Another thing to point out too: they have screwed the battery is wrapped and does have a plastic frame around it, and it is screwed on to the frame which is good to see, because a lot of these Chinese companies will put them together and they only use Double sided tape to keep the battery in place, which normally nine out of ten times is fine. But if you do travel a lot, a lot of movement and vibrations and things can listen then off and what happens is the battery will slide around inside here? Damage the ribbon connectors and cause all sorts of havoc. I have seen it happen before in older tablets a long time ago, but it can happen and the the motherboard and everything so need the motherboards just that whole urea there, the rest of its the screen and the battery packs, who sells their, which 5000 million our Batteries, so in total we have 10000 milliamp hours there. I think they cooked up in series. I think – and we have a lot of SD look at the speakers that's one of the speakers there. Now these speakers aren't actually too bad. They sound reasonably good.

Do be careful when you're out opening it not to damage this thin metal they're put over the top of the speaker there. You have to be careful with that and there's the USB 3 port, the type C port here and the charger jack has a screw right. Next to it, so I don't see that breaking off or anything so overall I mean it's put together. I think quite well considering the price there. Okay, I'll just add this into the video after I recorded the first video decide that, while I'm here anyway, what am i doing. I need to pull off the heat spreader and have a look at it. So there's the core m3 right here and they have used Samsung RAM, which is good to see now be very careful when pulling this off, because it's actually connected than tape on the top of it. On top of where the keys are on the top, not the keys but the buttons it says slide key, but those are your power on buttons, so be very careful that very thin ribbon there. So I decided not to pull that off, because I didn't want damage it and I just flipped it up like that. So that is the tape right there. So extra careful lots of caution with that, and ideally what I should have done as well as remove to the battery there. You should probably actually just remove that connector and just connect the battery there.

So then you have no risk of it powering on and causing you to short something out very sensitive electronics around here. So you want to make sure your earthed ideally be very careful. I will not accept any responsibilities, as someone comes, and here does this decides to do a heatsink, mod and completely stuffs that up that's on you, not me I'm, not an expert at this. I have opened and modified tablets any times before, but just to warn you there that if you don't know what you're doing never done this before just stay away from here, so what I'm thinking I'm doing, I may replace I'm, not really too sure at this stage. They have used what looks to be pretty decent they're more pad they're. On top. Now you can see it at the top of the video right there right here, so they used affinity since then will pad and contact on there. It doesn't seem to be on. I think I might use a bit of I act, a silver five that I have laying around put some of that on there use a larger thermal pad on top of the area, see if that does anything for the thermals that's not going to affect any of My official review because I'm going to review it and use the benchmarks, as is completely how it comes out of the factory. This is just a little extra I'm doing myself personally here and I know there are a lot of what you could say.

What enthusiasts that like to do this kind of thing as well, to get the absolute best out of their tablet and along the bottom they have glued in some metal here magnets, they seem quite powerful. I can even feel like following my stylus here. I have as a pointer towards it these main that's there. Of course they are for the keyboard dock case, which I don't have at the moment, but I'm expecting to get that soon. So, all in all, I think yes it's relatively easy to open concerning the fact that if you do have something like a Microsoft Surface pro, you can't even open that up that mean without ripping the screen apart damaging it. This thing at least you can pretty much open this up and have zero damage, replace that and for those about you either really need 4G, maybe perhaps put a Huawei 4G modem in there, but we don't have any antennas, but you could route an antenna through the Best place buddy as a top along here. Actually would you want to put it with a wireless antenna will be somewhere around there where the camera there should be space. For that I don't imagine this one already installed so under here. That is the antenna, but that's only for wireless to think I don't really want to go digging around too much into that, but it is possible. I think you cured we put 4G LTE in there. Thank you for watching this video hope.

You see you back in the channel.