This is the cube. I9 I've been waiting a long time to get my hands on this model because of a stuff up from the seller on Aliexpress was meant to send this DHL and said they sent it with Singapore PO. So it took forever to arrive, but it's now, finally, here so I'm going to unbox this one and go through it. If you're unaware of this model, the cube i9 is the first court m3 sky light powered tablet out of China and it's also the first to have a kickstand on it and as a design. That is basically copying the surface pro 4. So let's have a look at it, so it seems to be fairly well wrapped up here with padding, underneath I can feel underneath the plastic bag. Now what happened with this seller that was so cubed. I think they are actually the official one of the officially licensed retailers for cube. I had an arrangement with them to send it DHL and they took a few days to answer me. I said: okay where's, the DHL shipping you're going to send a DHL and they were yes. Yes, yes, gon na go DHL. Okay, okay letter: they sent me a message saying sorry: it's already gone out with Singapore post, so that was that not cool, but Aliexpress is like that and honestly it's, hitting this lately I'm trying to avoid Aliexpress. If you're familiar with my channel, you see that I mostly stick with banggood and gearbest comm, because they both support PayPal, and it just makes things easier and you don't get lied to like you do with some of these Aliexpress sellers.

You also need a lot of patience too, when dealing with buying buying from Aliexpress and China in general me even from being good and the others alrighty see if we can get into this. Hopefully there is a no damage, but I can see the boxes. A little bit beat up I'm, not good to see you look at that there's, a big crease there, so hopefully ooh squished in as well I'm hoping this is going to be okay, so it has already been opened on one side that is that's normal. They only do open them up, make sure it's in English, okay, so I'll start out with the accessories first, the boring part. Okay, so they've included a EU power adapter for us to EU there. For me, which is good, so we have a few instruction manuals. All squished up and crushed up in there, and that is actually just the other it's the warranty card, all in Chinese VIP thing and our quality control past one. So it has passed quality control and the tower depta. So the power adapter is 12 volts. Two and a half amps, and if you want to see what the plug size is, it looks to be I'm guessing here: okay, 2.5 millimeters, I would say – and you can see there, that the positive is in the inside negative on the outside. For those looking for replacements there, we go all right. The tablet itself funny enough. There is no adapters in there.

We don't have a type C, adapter and, of course, no keyboard. Underneath that was not part of the deal they didn't have a keyboard at the time. I do have the keyboard coming in a few days for those interested and seeing what that looks like alright, so let's get the tablet out of the plastic, wrap there, okay good to see that the bezels aren't any larger than what we've seen in the photos and The promotional material, sometimes that happens their promotional material – they do a little bit of Photoshop there and make these bezels there's a little bit smaller, which is very annoying tik, lasts quite bad at doing that, and so is onder I think, is another one that does that. Alright, so on the bottom there you can see, we have the five Pogo pin connector. This is for the type cover style, docking keyboard. There is Windows Home button right here on the right hand, side a front facing to make a pixel camera that's, not actually centered. Right in the center there, you can see it's just off to one side, probably because of the rear facing camera on the back there, and we have a look on the right side. We do have a speaker port speaker gap there, so that speakers there move around to their back there. We can see there's a five megapixel rear facing camera. That is an auto focus unit, so we will be able to focus on to text and things is what looks to be a reset button for the BIOS it's, always good to see and the volume up and down and power on buttons.

Of course, either the build of it seems quite solid. You can see it's got that typical blueish paint job that cube have, and so like a matte finish to it, so it shouldn't be picking up any fingerprints. Of course, it's got plastic protectors on at the moment. Now from experience, this paint job is very easy to scratch, at least from the i7 stylus on the i7 I've noticed that it is very, very easy to have to be a bit careful with that. So here we have the DC for the power microsd card slot. Full size, USB 3 port and the types e 3.1 port there, which also acts as of course display out for us, so we should be able to use docks in there. They contain another, USB port and also output, HDMI and charge. At the same time, I will be checking that out and goes through that completely. There will be a video of that up shortly soon. When I do that and then we of course have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, so there's a screen protector already pre applied. We can see that and the kickstand has, according to the press, material to positions, so let's have a look so that's the first business position, they're, giving us quite a steep angle there and then the second one. So it's it's, not you don't get the full range. Like you do on the surface pro 4 and to check the weight and thickness of the i 9 to have a look so it's, nine hundred and ninety one grams, just shy there of one kilo and they compare that to the Microsoft Surface pro 4 to the I 5 model it's a quite a bit lighter there.

Now the thickness to the look. There is no real thickest part. I think it all seems to be about the same. So just have a quick look. No, there is no thickest part really. So the thickness is ten point: five millimeters. I just have a look now at the size of it. Compared to my surface pro 4 see they're very similar, actually and slice and their surface pro 4 looks to be a little smaller, but it is taller. You see there now. The surface profile also comes with the same configuration being that of the core m36 y 34 gigabytes of ram so very similar there, but in terms of build there's there's. Just no con no contest here, because the the surface pro 4. It definitely has a much better finish and less bezels and, of course, a super high resolution display compared to the q by 9. Here so we'll be testing out these speakers on both of them here just to compare them, because the surface pro 4 does have one of the better speakers as well put them side by side. So because i have a whole range of angles. I can angle the surface pro 4 out, but there they are slide by side, a large difference in price to between these two I roll the build seems okay, there we can see here what looked to be a SIM card slot like that of maybe the surface. Three that you could put a sim in there, maybe for LTE support.

There is in fact nothing there. Now there is some plastic blocking that off, but I think that's for future expansion, possibly they will add, maybe an LTE modem or something in there. So you could slot a micro, SIM card or your SIM card in there and not sure, but so far that has absolutely no use whatsoever. So there's a closer look at the hinge I'm. Definitely not up to the quality of the likes of you'd, see on the surface pro 4. I will compare this to my surface pro 4 shortly there's one screw and then it just needs to be screwed on, but overall I mean for the price. This is selling for approximately 500 us it's it's, not too bad. I mean the finish is definitely not as premium of that of the surface. But overall it looks reasonably good to me. We'Ve seen some of the the corner, there doesn't quite line up perfectly there's there's a little bit of a gap there in the manufacturing process, but overall it's not too bad. So let's get the thing powered on enough talking already, hopefully there's some battery life. On this there we go now. This has a 1200 p screen, so it's a nineteen eighty by 1200 12.2 inches, and it is not fully laminated so screen. Brightness at the moment is fully percent and a huge amount of reflections due to my lighting and also the screen protector that's on there, that I will miss all these that's 100 brightness.

That actually seems okay. Now a closer look at the screen. Little hard to see there, the gap between the digitizer glass and the IPS panel below seems quite reasonable, actually it's, not as bad as I have seen. This is I'd say approximately one millimeters that's, quite good. It doesn't. Look that bad it's, not as distracting as some models. Okay, never quick! Look at the free available storage. This, of course, is powered by the the new skylake core m3, which should be in theory faster than the previous core m 5y10 and the i7 stylist. So it's system and CF windows is already pre activated or not. So I need to connect to the internet to activate sorry about that. I just fix this focus, so four gigabytes of RAM 64 bit operating system and there is the 6 Y 30 listed there. So the device manager – and we have a quick look at this network adapters. It is the realtek, unfortunately, not dual band AC wireless, which would be really nice to see at least a dual band on there, but it's only single band, and that is 150 megabits per second it's super common Wireless chipset that also handles Bluetooth 4. By the way. So the disk drive it's a 4 C 128 gigabyte SSD. That will be an into one, so that'll be twenty two by 42 millimeters and the free available space. We have is 160 gigabytes there, which isn't too bad now I'll be fully benchmarking, the internal storage.

I will be testing the type c port. I will run through a lot of games on this benchmarks and everything like that so do stay tuned to the playlist, where all the videos will be uploaded on this particular model and there is actually some haptic feedback there. I can just hear the buzz of a motor there, which is a nice little touch now. The microphone will not pick that up but that's. Definitely there so have a quick look at the on screen. Keyboard doesn't take advantage of the whole size there. Just there screen brightness is looking a little dull, but I will take a look and see if they have the display, saving and abled power saving enabled here in the Intel panel, which they normally do by default, actually sorry wrong menu. Okay, there are no display options. There I think, it's due to the screen protector and my lighting day at the moment, right I've just dimmed the lighting a little to have a closer look at the screen. So is 1920 by 1200, a deal breaker or not. On a time, point 2 inch screen. I'M, not really sure it's going to depend on personal preference. I think now being a surface pro for own. I can definitely notice the difference in sharpness. There you're not going to have any problems when it comes to windows. Scaling. Are you because this is actually pretty? I think running just 100 percent when it comes to the scaling, it's a keep running 125 percent, but you could probably even get away with running 100 percent there and not have any scaling issues in applications like, for example, Photoshop, cs5 or cs6 programs that don't support Windows, 10 or Windows 8.

1 scaling properly. Then yeah that's not actually going to be a problem. You can see the pixels. If you look close enough. It certainly is not as good as the surface pro 4 screen in brightness as well. This is a lot duller now. We'Ll be knowing full test. I will test out this and actually measure the brightness of the screen later on in the review, but I mean it's it's, not too bad I'll. Give you a close up here of the windows logo, so you can see just how much well, if you can see if any pixels on that existing or jagged edges a little there on the actual window windows logo there. But I personally don't think that it's going to be a deal breaker. The screen resolution short would be nice to at least have a much higher resolution in this or a 1440p display. But overall I think most people will be happy with this. The sharpness, I think yet is it's personal preference really isn't it. Of course, some people must have a Retina display, then must have over a hundred 250 PPI. Then obviously, this is going to be the display for you, okay, so that is just the initial first unboxing of the tablet. As I said, I will be back with a lot of videos and a lot more information on this, as well as a full written review. Will be up on tech tablets, calm. Thank you.