It was a hell of a process and I really honestly thought I could not recover from this. So whatever you do just stay out of the bias don't go in the base, there's no need to mess with any of those settings in there. I was only just looking for a way to update the bias. I thought I could go through the BIOS menu and I was wrong because it doesn't want my bias so just out of there and many thanks to whatever from XDA forums, with a tip that he gave me to use the programmer way to use a programmer. That actually worked out quite well for me, but it is still one of the hardest BIOS chips to be able to connect a test clip to to flash it over. I had a huge problem with that anyway, these now other results that people want to see. From. My thermal mod, my simple, cheat quick and easy thermal mod that I did, which involves putting a twenty by twenty millimeter one, a millimeter, thick, copper plate on there shim and what it does has improved thermals greatly at lower temperatures on average about maximum temperature is about 20 degrees 23 degrees. So now it is actually performing when it comes to some of the benchmarks I'm about to show you as good as a surface pro 4 m3, which is what I expected. I mean it's got the same chipset, so you know, I think it was fair that I expected the same performance.

I know the Microsoft has better design. Of course, they have better tweaks and things being their own tablet being a Windows tablet and they do have a huge copper transfer plate in the surface pro 4 and they also have those heat transfer pipes. So here we go, that is the default score and when it came to the ice, storm or one point to score, it increased about 5000 points that is more or less what I got on the surface pro 4. Now when it comes to pushing it even further. I just want to go and show you a couple of things you can do now. I only do this if you've done the thermal mod, because it will give that thermal Headroom to allow you to actually push the power limit. What cube have done? Why it didn't perform as well as the the m3 the surface pro 3 m3 is because of the power limits they had in place. So I have been running in tower x, tu, which is the extreme shooting utility, and this is what I was running into. So you can see – hopefully you can see this on the camera right here. Power limits, Rada lling, what they had done as they set the turbo boost max power by default, is at 7 watts. Now, I think I'm not sure I can't remember anymore, because I don't have a surface pro m3 I've got an i5 one, but they sit on their model.

I think it's around 9 watts, so what I've done is just put that up to 10. It will probably it will never reach 10. I think at least under the the turbo boost max power and also increase the short power max so that's, allowing it to stretch its legs a little more, allowing it to use more power and why cube limited? That is basically because they want to keep the temperatures from touching the getting more close to the t junction max, which i think is a hundred and five degrees, and it gets up to about 88. So, on Q's part that what they did with the heatsink is quite poor. Really they should have put a copper plate in there and a huge thermal transfer pad, and then everything will be fine. Everyone would be happy campers and we didn't have. We don't have to mod this tablet. So when I do the review, I will be reviewing it as stock, not with the mount of course now back to it's sorry to chip temperatures. I know I'm rambling on a little bit but there's quite a bit information. I want to try and give you guys, because I think it's it's helpful, so max temperatures now 65 degrees. That is what these stock power limit in place. Okay, when I increase the Parliament, the temperature is going to increase as you'll see shortly, but anyway, the improvement that I've got from just that thermal mod has now gone from 88 degrees max to 65.

I think, is brilliant. Considering the piece of copper that I used is literally while and I don't know, but like five, not even there, two or three dollars again, why Q couldn't have done something like that. I don't know it just beats me: Cass coding their engineers of following reference designs for Microsoft. Perhaps I don't know anyway. I will now show you what you can do once you increase that power limit you'll see now the kind of scores you can get. So the Parliament has been increased and what that lets us do is push the graphics scores. The only thing that has really changed their live. You ever look at my school they're. The physics school is still the same 25000. 25000, that the graphics score has gone from 47000 now up to 61 thousand, because now it's allowing the power limit increased Parliament is allowing the GPU now to use more wattage needs more power to suck up more power, and there we go so that's a result. That is quite a good score. I think it's not bad at all. So now, with those those changes there, I will test out a quick game of battlefield 4 and see just what kind of difference is going to give us in terms of framerate. Now, if you've seen my surface pro 3 video, I got around 40 friends per second average or around 40 as the max and when I tested it with the stock setup, I only got what I get, I think about 25 or something like that.

Maximum frames per second or 30 around 20 average, not really playable, so let's have a look now: okay, so we're seeing 41 frames per second. Of course, I need to load in well up to 60. Even that is crazy, that's actually better than the surface, but I expect that to probably drop when it starts to heat up the tablet 65. I must say that it's impressive, but we haven't actually loaded all the textures and look at how blurry. That is, I guess: when the textures load and their frame frame rate, they will drop okay, they load in properly long. Okay, now we have loaded in we're, still 50 frames per second let's drop down to 30, a just doing the suicide run here all right. So we can see there that I mean, I think this frame rate is definitely now better than the surface pro m3, which is quite good. Okay, I have tweaked this tablet. I have modified it. I mean that is running quite good, so let's have a look at those thermals here. I don't really want to be pushing the tablet too hard to risk getting far too hot and damaging something so back in now, 2hw info. Where are you okay, so 72 degrees? 74 on the GPU you can see now with the power limit increased. It is definitely getting a lot hotter. So only increase the power in Intel XTU. If you've done the bios smart ass on how the buyers want the thermal mod, otherwise you will damage your tablet.

You'Re, probably right 200 degrees. If you increase that power limit, which is why cube limited it, and really that does all – I can show you for now, so you can see that yet that simple little tweak that I've done and in this here it really has helped out. Thank you for watching this video. I will have more up and coming, and I just want to mention that when I do my review and I do a video review of this tablet, it will be just as it is as stock.