Remember that my particular unit here has the copper heat sig mod that I applied and they also tweaked the power limit and Intel X. T? U so it could add these settings I'm using an Xbox 360 controller too, by the way so I'm going to run it on 800 x, 600 resolution DirectX 10 and everything is on the the lowest. Basically that you can get to keep that framerate up. I will actually just tweak that vsync setting and turn it off so let's have a look and see how it runs also just to show you that it's definitely running on the system. It'S not streaming, you can see their CPU is 100 cent Grand Theft, Auto 5, and you also see down here. The social club UI is running there, so no streaming whatsoever. This is running on the system. I'Ll move over to story mode now and, of course, the frame rate and temperature is right up here. Okay, so hovering it around 30 40 frames per second indoors. Let'S have a look normally it chokes when we go outdoors 33, not too bad, actually, not bad. At all, considering this is a a fan, less tablet, just disable that music case. It gives me any copyright problems so down to 24 frames per second they're a little choppy. Definitely, this is performing a lot better than other corium tablets. I'Ve tested out due to the the tweak that I have applied with the power limits: okay, so driving here quickly can see there's quite a few stutters coming in unfortunately, but no guns on me Wow a campaign he just froze up there and again, okay to turn The music off it's doing a little bit of roading.

So right I mean it looks Sydney playable. Obviously, we really love it to be running over 30 frames per second the whole time, but there are some scripts out there that can actually tweak the settings, even though what they do is they disable some of the other graphics options that we can't, like the shadows And the draw distance and things like that to be tweaked to boost things up, but over, I think I mean this is running not bad at all again, considering the fact that it's only its own 4.5 watt, CPU and it's fanless. So this is brilliant. Really now the temperatures look to be ok. It definitely is starting to get quite warm, though just around the back here, because I've got a large thermal pad on there transferring some of the heat away from the chipset onto the back metal housing there. So if you're interested in how to actually apply the mods that I did, do the copper heatsink mod and then the thermal, the power limit, tweak there's a link to that. In the description of this video.