Hopefully, USB 3 and display out I'm gon na try again. This is going to be. I think my third time trying and that's gon na be the last time I'm gon na try and attempt this, because I tried the Dell type C dock and that didn't actually give me any display out, but it it charged at a phenomenal rate of about 14 15 watts, which is really good, so I picked up a few things here from Amazon, and this is the Evolver. I think how you pronounce it: power supply that can output type C to type C and up to 60 watts. So it can charge things like the the MacBook Air, the 2015 model, and it can also charge things like the pixels see I'm hoping. This will allow me to be able to charge now. I'Ve got a cable here that is Type C to type C and I've. Also picked up a a Yuki, I think, that's, how you pronounce it type C dot which I'll show you so this one here, it's actually 75 watts in total. I think someone pointed this out to me on the tick tablets comm forum, so we've got the figure. Eight style plug and smart charger, so this output 2.5 amps – if I remember off the top of my head correctly and there's, our charging type C. So this is this – is the port. I want to hopefully work. So I bought a cable which I'm hoping again that it's gon na be harder to keep up with the current in charge.

This is a Cho Cho II, tick, premium, USBC, cable, so it's USB type c to type C, and I think it's reasonably long, but it's it's saying the compatibility. You see there if the camera will focus that it's supporting a lot of devices there. So there, the Chromebook, pixel Apple MacBook, and you see the cable that doesn't look too bad. The quality of that seems, okay to me so type C to type C and finally, the the main part. The key ingredient to all we'll. Be this right here, which is an au key hub now a Yuki actually contacted contacted me and see what I like to review this and I see yes, I would like to try it and they were going to send me one and then they just went all Quiet so thank you very much. I had to go and buy this one myself, not that I'm complaining, but you know don't, offer to send me one and then certainly bail out when you realize I'm living in Europe and you have to post it from your. Where so, wherever okay see, if I can get into this, so this hub is really the key to the whole thing. If it's going to work properly, an army to output HDMI correctly so let's have a quick look at it, it does have a status LED there. There'S, the type c full size, HDMI and the input so that type type see, of course, for charging there and 2 USB 3 ports on that side and another two on the right side so for USB 3 ports, so I'm, now gon na plug it all in Plug it into my cue by 9 and see if it works.

Ok, so I can report that it is actually working. I have display out that HDMI is running my monitor now. At 1440p 60 Hertz there's, no flicker there's, no problems. It seems stable for now. I'Ve. Only been testing just for about 5 minutes or so and I've plugged. In my USB extreme flash drive here, I've been able to transfer files onto my desktop on my cue by 9 and that's. Given me, 200 read, speeds transfer, speed, so that's good, so that's definitely working the USB 3 ports and the main thing is it charging? Yes, it is charging, but only just it's, fluctuating at the moment, it's charging at about 5 watts according to battery bar here. So that's again I'll try and get the camera to focus on that 5 watts. Now, when I plugged in the USB Drive, it was at 8 watts as soon as I plugged in the USB Drive, obviously running more external hard drives, and things like that is going to take, have an impact on the the charging rate there. I think problem is my Cheol. Tick. Cable, probably is too long, so I'm I'm losing some of that current, because the length of the cable seems to be about up. I think it's about a meter or so so you probably want a different type C to type c cable, something that's a lot shorter, I would imagine, would be better, but so far so good. I do have my one cable, docking solution, which is what I wanted with a type c, USB type c.

Three point: one is to be able to just pick up my my tablet here. Go downstairs, come back up and just plug it in and have it start to charge and then run my desktop, so I can use it as a desktop, so the components you need to do this is an au, tick hub, the type C hub. There would do four USB 3 ports on it, and the main component probably would be this, which is the I've over 75 watt or 60 watt type C charger. This is outputting and the cable is a choatic, but, as just mentioned, probably get it'd be better to get a shorter cable or a better quality. One. Thanks for watching this video here, hopefully we've seen some more high output type C hubs coming out in the near future, because it's relatively new tech and that, with a DES doc, I tried from Dell. Obviously this works really more on Dell products, so that's, why? I ran into problems here but good to see that this is finally working for me personally now I have a solution.