Looking at some gaming here on the cube i7 stylist first up here is dr. now I'm running on the full native resolution in the moment so it's running in 1080p, but on on low settings you can see the frame rates just up here so we're holding around 3040 frames per second, it does have it. Dips does drop down a little bit now on that you can scroll around the map. Bruna really quick, really fast, and it actually does look quite good on the screen running in the native resolution here. So there's no scaling involved whatsoever and with the boxart i'm playing on at the moment here, you can see that it tends to run quite well now, if you play this game online and not against bots it'll, probably run a little bit better because you'll free up More of the cpu, and yet it just seemed to be a lot faster there, because the the bots canted take away a few frames per second, when you're running them so roll the game does seem playable at this resolution. Now, if I do drop the resolution down here a little bit, you can see that it will help the framerate and I'll show you my settings as well. So if I look at my settings here, if this is coming out, okay in this video there's, a bit of reflection on the screen being a tablet, they do tend to reflect a hell of a lot.

You can see a 1080p glare and I'm running in the moment and the settings here that all of these special effects and everything there is off – and I have the shadow quality on the low tech quality on low and the game screen render quality is at 45. There so what I'll do is just adjust the frame rate and set it to 720p. We still want to keep the aspect ratio at 16, 1 9, so it fits the screen correctly. Otherwise, we'll have big borders either size doesn't, look very good, so in about 30 frames per second there, so let's see what difference it makes now, allowing the resolution we're now around 60, so it's made a big difference and it still does look really good. So now it's very fluid down, as you can see there's a little bit of screen tearing there. So if I turn on these thing, that would help with that and moving around the map here, very quick, no crying on so ever so it's probably ideal to right ahead 720p tomorrow. So still an HD and it still looks good so that's a no to to now I'll go on to play a little bit of Counter Strike global Offensive and see how that runs here on the corium okay. So these are the settings I'm going to go with here in counter strike so running everything on low there 720p. I could probably lower the resolution a little bit more, but I try and keep it at HD here at the moment and the see how it runs, but they again against bots and then a game online.

So I've just joined up an online game here at the dust room at all. For some reason, haven't got fraps running, so I just have to correct there. Okay, so still on our last don't, normally last too long at all, so very playable the screen tearing now. I should probably turn off vsync. I cite them dry that around so that's good, so you can see that online gaming playing really good 60 frames per second, so that's that's good group label. We are randomly kill someone through the door here, probably not oh, that I even hit them yeah I'm, not very good at all. Okay let's have a look at that play now with bots, okay, so the same map again but against bots here on medium level. So you can see it is having an impact on the frame right. There just dropped a little bit actually down to 20 frames this thick in there, so it has a huge impact on the frame rate calculating a box okay. So you can see that a cast like is very playable even against bots there it's still playable, the framerate does suffer a little bit they're calculating all the bots that's, not too bad at all. Okay, so now onto some Skyrim now these are the settings I'm going to use 720p everything's on low hope. You can see that on the video now go everything set very small here, because I put the scaling to zero.

Sorry no scaling so it's displayed normally, because sometimes you can run into problems with games like path of Exile. They don't like to have scaling so thats. The reason why i havent had done have any scanning here, so the text looks, will small, so I'll just jump. This go in now and see how it runs. So here we are one of the safe games that I had. I cant extreme ember. What i was doing some sort of quest here. There is fog, in' and everything in a dictionary since we're running alright, the framerate is not bad at all it's keeping above 30, despite all this kind of graphics here and there's, a lot of lighting effects and whatnot so it's doing quite well there with the shadows And everything I'll see if I can find somewhere with a few enemies to do battle, and we can see how the framerate wall depth probably would be fits. The reading of fighting, even here with the snow effect, which can be quite lagging on some systems, is running issue all right here in 720p, still keeping above 30 frames per second, so that's, not too bad. Hopefully, in this dungeon here I will have a few enemies to fight now. Unfortunately, in the dungeon here I can't seem to find a single monster. The fight must have killed them. All I've cleared out most of this game, so unfortunately I can't really show you any fighting, but it seems to run really well without any problems.

There I'm pretty sure that fighting with ya they drop the framerate down a little bit as you can see how I'm just attacking my minion here, which we publish going to be doing and it does drop down a little bit, but definitely very playable there. You could lower the resolution to increase the framerate now some left 4 dead here. These are the settings I'm using so 720p. Again, this demo 9 widescreen ratio, of course – and everything else is on the lowest here – I'm, not very well: I'm dead, I'm getting revised. So that's, okay, so you can set us down, run fine online man. That'S kicking about 60 frames per second, so that's really fast said: oh firewall came up, okay, so well, let's see it'll fucking, dead, they're lifted it sorry and how the Walking Dead. It just reminds me of it so now, on to Team Fortress 2 I've shown my settings I'm going to use for this Chester for 720p. Everything on low course. You can tweak this innings and increase the quality, visual quality of the game. So here we go in a game here. The game seems to have good frame rates here, but this map doesn't look that intensive for the GPU it's dropping down a little bit. We have 26 players on the server right thing: 24. Actually, crazy matters, fun let's get another slow down; they're, definitely dropping like that framerate. So it might pay to love the resolution a little bit oops brand new fire okay.

So this map is sticking a little bit laggy there. Okay, that's enough of team butchers they're, putting pay too low the spring resolution to help the framerate right. Now, a quick look at civilization, 5. Here now we get that same issue with the scaling on window. So we have this massive borders either side because I've loved the resolution down here – 1366 by 768, mostly medium quality settings here and see how that runs. Now, if anyone knows how to fix this problem, please do post in the comments how we can get the Intel graphics driver to scale correctly on some games, because this is this, you know it would be. Nice avoid scale up and fit the whole screen. So you can see even with those settings, the framerate is still quite low there at 18 frames per second and moving around the map. Isn'T the fastest, now just start of the game here, I'm. Fortunately, I don't have a save so country. You again, that's been going for a while should probably be a lot slower there and the time between turns when there's a lot of other CPU players. There will probably quite slow okay, so let's say you quick, look there at civilization five. Now some part of exile here this is the awakening. This is the latest update patch from them. I just logged in because of the patch of lost of my passive skills, so I've got to go through and redo all of that something like you're going to do.

That in the video of course, you can see the game, it seems to run pretty well there around 30 frames per second it's running in 720p, again I've selected 720p to try, keep things looking nice and still have a kind of playable framerate there without it. Looking too quickly, it does scale correctly, which is good, so the setting says so shadow qualities on low and analysing soft medium texture, quality trading, air filtering and, as I said, 720p yeah vsync is on just to stop near that screen tearing. I don't think a frame rates going to get high enough that it's going to be limited to 60 here, probably not so I've got. None of my skills are said, so completely is kind of sitting back to square one here on the game. Massive amount less firm here that this game has in the channel. Thank you off the chat there. Okay, so I'm, just going to move around a little bit kissed up another one of the waypoints here, so I've just gone into a dungeon here, I'm. Putting the die really quick, but you can see the frame. Eight nails a lot better here. Almost sixty frames per second – and it still actually looks quite good. Then I can run around for dying – is if she's sticking around sixty almost there and it's dropping down now. So I'm just going to die. How long will that last, okay, so a lot of enemies on the screen you can see it is dropping down a little bit, but it still seems definitely playable to me.

Even on this 720p resolution, you could lower it down a little bit to help the frame rate. It seems pretty good, okay, so that's perfect, so finally, I'm just going to test out some League of Legends. Unfortunately, League of Legends is not playing ball. It just won't update properly for me keeps stopping them thirty, two percent here, so you can see so I'm going to have to reset my system and see if I can try and get it to work. If not, I have to record another video with League of Legends. Sorry about that. Before I do do the reset. You can see the temperatures down here. Hopefully that's coming it on the video that the CPU got up to 76 degrees and the package right down here. 83 degrees, so it did get quite hot it's, very quite around this area here and I will have a look at the temperatures. If I can just get this game to work and I'll show you the actual temperatures of the surface of the back of the tablet. Here around the metal, housing and the back data does get quite warm for around about 41 degrees. So a hundred and something fahrenheit there, okay, so I did do a reboot and unfortunately, I still can't get League of Legends to I don't know what's going on. I have some unspecified error occurred. Please check the logs for more information, and I don't have enough time at the moment to be mucking around with that.

So I'll, try and come back later for League of Legends fans want to see how this works in the system. I will try to play that game. Thank you for watching the video and do check out my playlist. If you are interested in this tablet, I have a lot more upcoming videos of the specific model here, thanks for watching – and one last thing you can see here that Windows 10 upgrade will work on the system. I know a couple of people have asked me and sent me messages on the forum saying: will it be able to upgrade to Windows 10? The answer is yes. I can do that it's asking me to go through that process right now. All you have to do is just keep running the Windows, Update and eventually you'll get this popup and you can register it and on the 29th after the 29th of July, then you can upgrade to Windows 10.