This is a new model that's running on the same core m 5y10, that the i7 head from cube as 4 gigabytes of ram and a 64 gigabyte full SSD drive. So not an emmc drive but a proper SSD. So I look at the tablet here now. The box was actually stood up and everything so hopefully it's not gon na boot up and Chinese or anything like that. It should hopefully be in English for me, so I roll dust feeling the tablet now it does feel quite actually quite light compared to the i7 at least so you can see at the bottom. We do have a docking port connector. Here we have the Windows Home button and if I look on the left side here, we have two speakers so they're not on either side of the tablet they're both on the left. Here wonder why they've done that, obviously for design purposes or reasons that they didn't have room? Maybe, but I saw the same on the i7 remix that both the speakers are on the left side here. So we have a a rear, 5 megapixel camera right here and the back of it is this metal finish here, which is the same. A blue kind of dark blue matte paint job that they've used on the i6, the i7 it's pretty much the same stall, but Cube's sticking with now and that's, quite it's, quite good, so around on the right hand. Side here we have a DC 12 volt input.

There for charging, we have a micro USB 3 port. We have your micro SD card slot there and a mini HDMI port here, not the micro HDMI port that we commonly see on these tablets out of China, 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. I will test that to see if there's any interference over it and, on the top left hand corner. We have here what looks to be a microphone just here and we have the power on volume up and down on the front. We do have a 2 megapixel camera here and they have pre applied a screen protector, which is very common. This tablet does not have Gorilla Glass it's, a tempered glass they use, but it's, not as stretch resistant as you find from the cornering Gorilla Glass that you get now this tablet. I got this one here from actually from the cube store from Aliexpress. Now I don't have the keyboard at the moment to show you, but hopefully in the box of this check, that out now they have included the stylus for me, which is a Wacom stylus that has 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity there. So they'll be interesting to check out, but before I do that or just going to have a look at the thickness of the tablet and it's white. So it does seem a little bit. Thicker well I've just been using the I sevens remix from Q, and this comes in at almost just over 10 millimeters, almost actually 11 millimeters there of thickness.

So you know it's, not the thinnest tablet, but it does have that powerful khorium in there, which is you know, definitely a hell of a lot faster than the atom chips that you commonly get in these tablets. So weight wise or just power on the scales here and have a look now at the weight before I get into what else is in the packet? Okay, so it's 703 grams there. That is still quite a well it's, a heavier tablet there, but that is lighter than the the i7 the original model so moving on here to the box with the accessories. I hope that these stylus is included in the box. Let'S see what we have so this is obviously the power adapter. So if you're living in the u.s. you won't need an adapter. Therefore the plug, because that's the two prong u.s. doll and their rating of it is 12 volts. Two point: five milliamps there and it looks to be the three 2.5, maybe bigger, no it's bigger than that plug there. I'Ll find out about that later. So let's have a look and see what else we have in the box here. A couple of warranty cards here, it's a VIP 4 cube, and that, of course, was all in Chinese. This looks like a 10 D quality pass, so that's good to see that hope. If someone has checked it for any faults, more information leaflets Chinese and user guide. It does have English there, you go so that's good there's, a little bit there of just basically layout and whatnot of the tablet, so that's good to see some instructions that are in Chinese and English there, which is good for international buyers like myself.

So there is nothing else in there and now onto this packet right here, which is the official starter from cube so it's, the C ep01 stylus. You can see there that it has preserved sensitive pen with their 1024 pressure points compatible with acute i7 stylus. Of course, any wycombe supported stylus will work on the tablet because they are all compatible or they should be its own told so have a look and seeing what they have in here that we got here. Ok, so this is the tool there for removing the nips there for the pin and I've included quite a few here for you just in case you feel real stylus user and you're going to need, maybe a few more then they can. I mean we've got here. Then you can change them so they've, given us five there that we can change over later if you do end up wearing those notes down. So these data sets up let's have a look and see what the actual quality of it is like. Now the keyboard and the stylus are an editor. They are not included pretty much like what Microsoft does. If you want the key warner, you want the stylus. You have to pay extra, because not everyone needs the stylus. At least I mean the keyboard programming. Most people would want a keyboard and I have actually got that a moment. What I do have is the i7 keyboard which I can try out sorry about the focus there.

So this is a good look here at the stylus, so we have a there's a button at the top. Hopefully there maybe that one would launch OneNote I'm, not really too sure or maybe that's for the that's for their razor isn't it so whew yeah. I think if you use WAP that around you can erase things on the screen. So when you're, using paint or Photoshop – and here we have the button one button on there – D now – here's just the one button and of course thin up there so I'm going to turn on the tablet now and just boot. It up to see how much free space we have in Windows and just use the pen a little bit and have a look at that. I will do a lot of benchmarks and various other tests, including gaming and some up and coming video. So do keep an eye out for those, so here goes I'm going to turn on the tablet, and hopefully it has a enough battery and B I've list, not all in Chinese, and I have to install the language pack. I did it dead start it up. Quite quick there, alright, it looks like it has windows pro. One here says window on ok windows being in the bottom corner there so I'm, just gon na have a close look at the screen here and see if we can have all up and see that it's. My camera is having some trouble here.

Sorry about that, so we can see that it's Windows 8.1 with Bing and that's, not a fully laminated screen. There is a gap there. I don't know if you can pick that up here, but you can see that the IPS panels below 1080p IPS screen and we have the glass digitizer panel on the top there and you can see that there is a gap there. So it's kind of like the first generation iPad air with that gap and it's quite common on these tablets, it might have something to do with the the the pen that we have the digital. It has to be like that or down to costs, cutting – probably maybe cost cutting for the tablet. So I never look a few other things here in Windows and see what the available spaces okay. So we have 45 point 1 gigabytes free and there is 53 in sis here, so we obviously have that recovery partition here with Windows that will be on there and just over look at another couple of things to see. If pin is working. Ok, you can see just holding above the screen now it's detecting it, and that is good and I wan na see now if it has pom rejection there. It does seem to do that because I kind of as soon as it detects the stylus yeah there we go. I can't select anything on the screen, so just using it now it doesn't she seem a reasonably accurate I'll.

Do some more tests on the stylus keep in mind that so I'm, not actually an artist? So if I do anything, it's going to be quite basically and I'm not going to get like an huge portrait or something I'm going to paint using paint shop with the stylus. But I will do some tests. And if you want to see something tested out that I can maybe test for you, please post that in the comments and I'll see if I can get that, but it does seem to work quite good. So there is palm rejection here and later on. I will have some other videos, so I will use one note. I think it is a support. Spins quite well – and I know that some users mentioned that Windows 10 now with and the actual edge browser you can write on the screen too, so it might be handy to have the pin so I'm gon na have a look at the device manager now I'll. Just use the pen to to see how well that works. It seems to be quite good now. The touch response to the screen, I'll just check that now. That is also I mean it seems quite fluid here. Doesn'T seem to be any lag of any sauce with the touch and keep in mind. They still have the spring predictor honor. What we removed that shortly and all the clay there is a bit of haptic feedback there. So there's a vibration touching the home button.

You can hear that so device manager have a look and see what we have on board here and I will benchmark the disk drive and the USB 3 port and see if it has any issues like the original qi7, which wouldn't run faster than 40 megawatts per. Second, on the USB 3 port, the micro USB 3 port, so 4 C, 64 gigabyte, SSD and well after we have under sensors, we have a so we have the orientation sensor, they're all the standard stuff. Now networking probably is just the usual incidence it's a real ticked rip there connect to that provider USB 2, so that doesn't actually support it's, not wireless AC, which is a shame. I'Ll be good to see some of these tablets now trying to have a wireless AC, because it must have now literally all of them either have this or the Broadcom chipset handling the wireless and Bluetooth the general 11 chips hit there. So if there's anything else to have a look at here, so we do have, of course, that CPU, which is the 5 way tin from Intel and that will be even listed under here – CPUs it's. Nothing really much there to look at so integrated cameras under USB and when else to display touches across with the Intel HD. This is the 5300, and here are processors there, so it's a dual core with four threads and the base. Speed is just 800 megahertz there, but it can to have up to 200 and I won't test it out there more throttling.

If there is any and benchmark can push the system really hard just to find any problems or anything there. So far so before we finish this video, I will just kick out the keyboard. Even that's, not the official one. For this model it's a cube keyboard. I have the i7, which should fit according to the spacing here of the dock. At the bottom, song is going to test it out now so in front of me here now is the q i7 it's a 11.6 inch keyboard for the original, the first i7 model, but it would and should, but this which okay yeah it does. You can see there that now it's hooked up and it is to everybody, because we've got a half an inch here and about half an inch on the other side there so it's too wide. But it looks like it's gon na work definitely mean the touchpad is. Is working there and the keyboard your windows keys working, so the keyboard works there. Fine of course, it's, probably not gon na actually set down properly docking, and I said no in because look at that. I mean that there's just too big, so hopefully well enough obvious. We'Re gon na take too long. It is on the slow boat, which is the keyboard different keyboard for us, which I will update a video review of the key, more difficult keyboard for the cube by sevens fathers here so that's, the initial unboxing your hands on.

As I said, do check out and given out for becoming videos here of benchmarks, gaming everything I can think of the test on the nur 7 starter sphere.